Sugar Daddies [Ep. 3 Beta 1] [Warped Animation]

Sugar Daddies [Ep. 3 Beta 1] [Warped Animation] Sugar Daddies [Ep. 3 Beta 1] [Warped Animation] Sugar Daddies [Ep. 3 Beta 1] [Warped Animation] Sugar Daddies [Ep. 3 Beta 1] [Warped Animation] Sugar Daddies [Ep. 3 Beta 1] [Warped Animation]
It is the story of a group of young girls who are supported by sugar daddies. The story takes place on "Auro Digger Island." "Auro" is the Samoan word for gold. You will play as the third party Master of Ceremonies, and make decisions for most of the characters in the game. Those decisions will directly impact the routes that the game follows. The central character is a girl named, "Dawn." The player can edit this name to suit their own tastes. The player’s decisions will directly influence the actions of the various potential Sugar Daddies, and how "Dawn" evolves. It may very well also impact other Sugar Daddy relationships within the game.​
Thread Updated: 2020-04-06
Release Date: 2020-04-05
Developer: Warped Animation PatreonSubscribeStarF95Zone
Censored: No
Version: Episode 3 Beta
OS: Windows, Linux, Android
Language: English
3DCG, Handjob, Big tits, Sex toys, Mobile game, Animated, Voyeurism, Old-Young, Girl-Girl, Incest, Strippers, Cam Girls, Multiple Protagonist
Sugar Daddies – Episode 3 – Beta
* Fixed bugs in Episode 2 (requires replaying Episode 2 before playing Episode 3)
* Revamped job selection game play. 1) If Dawn turns down the offer of doing the party, she will enter the job choice code.
She will be eligible for all the way through porn star. 2) However, if Dawn has not done the photo shoot, and Wankle
wanted a kiss, she will now be able to go as far as doing porn modeling.
* In the neighborhood of 900 new renders
* 17 new animations
* Introduction of new potential Sugar Daddy (from talent search)
* Introduction of two new Sugar Babies
* Introduction of random chance aspect to the results of certain game choices.
* Added Completion of Bobby/Dee fuck scene from end of Episode2 (includes animations)
* Added Dawn morning swim scene
* Added Dawn/Jake pickup scene
* Added Dawn/Wankle pickup scene
* Added Dawn/Jake drinks scenes
* Added Dawn/Wankle drinks scenes
* Added Dawn/Wankle "nightcaps" scenes
* Added Dawn "Adult Product" commercial scene
* Added Dawn Softcore Porn photo shoot scene
* Added Dawn Porn Model photo shoot "Fluffers" scenes (includes animations)
* Added Dawn Porn Model photo shoot scene (includes animations)
* Added Dawn Porn Movie scene (includes animations)
* Added Norman/Lena fuck scene
* Added Lena cum play scene
* Added Wankle "Creeper" scene (with animation)Sugar Daddies – Episode 2 – Beta2
* Fixed Tattoo/Non-Tattoo mismatches
* Fixed Dee Bio-Page Stage Name alignment issue
* Touched up various renders
* Fixed Dee/Jake office bugs
* Re-rendered a couple of images
Sugar Daddies – Episode 2 – Beta
* 850 new renders
* Added ability to change Dawn’s "Stage Name."
* Added Model Info pages for the Sugar Daddy characters.
* Fixed End of Game scoring bug.
* Introduction of new potential Sugar Daddy
* Introduction of two recurring female characters
* Introduction of new character control feature (Master of Ceremonies now will have occasional opportunities to accelerate Dawn’s downward spiral).
* Introduction of "Sluttiness" points relative to Dawn
* Small extension of Photo Shoot scene from Episode 1
* Small extension of Dawn hotel scene from Episode 1 (When she met with Jake, but said, "No").
* Added Dawn fingering scene (including animation)
* Added Dawn DP dildo scene (including 2 animations)
* Added Dawn/Wankle threesome scene (including 2 animations)
* Added Denise/Wankle meeting
* Added brief scene where Dawn showers and preps for a meeting
* Added Dawn/Wankle pool meeting scene
* Added Dawn/Natasha scene
* Added Shanna/Wankle scene
* Added Dawn/Jake office meeting (all paths except Episode 1 EOG path)
* Added Dawn nude beach scene
* Added Dawn/Bobby scene (including 1 animation/two different versions for all paths except EOG)
* Added Dawn "Decision Time" scene
Sugar Daddies – Episode 1
* Initial Release
In light of the developer stating that he will take down links shared for new versions, if you have a new version please open a support ticket instead of posting it publicly.