Stranded [Brokenwings255]

Stranded [Brokenwings255] Stranded [Brokenwings255] Stranded [Brokenwings255] Stranded [Brokenwings255]
The protagonist enters a reality t.v show in the hope of aquiring …"Fame and fortune".
But it goes quite badly wrong.​
Personal note:
This is a mind control/corruption game from TFGameSite. I’m not sure the game is officially on abandonned status, but the dev hasn’t made any update since July, 2015. It includes a decent amount of various Gifs/Imgs and has a lot of RNG.
You have 35 days before the game ends. The downside is that there’s no save features included on this game, which can turn out a bit frustrating as the RNG can be a pain at some point.
Intro should at least been played once, since you have an easter egg while playing the intro which allows you to get a bonus 20 votes, a specific name alongside with a specific title if you manage to get the related ending (see the walkthrough for further info).​
Updated: Jul 15, 2018
Developer/Publisher: Brokenwings255 / TFGamesSite.Com – Login
Censorship: None
Version: 1
OS: PC – Browser based game
Language: English
Genre: Transformation, Bimbofication, multiple endings, corruption, mind controlInstallation:
1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "Stranded (Final).html" to start playing.
Added additional content – 03/02/151 new housemate.Polished some text.Help/hint system – clearer progression.2 "hidden" optional events.Update 04/2/15Updated pictures, to now use 3 images, to reflect changes.Added 2 Optional hypnosis events.Cleaned up some text and reduced plot-holes.You can now talk to girls regardless of their location…Unless you are "Spying".Update 05/2/15Very minor bugfix – No new content.Talking to Sarah before you grow boobs, no longer reduces actions by 2.Name no-longer resets/upgrades to wrong level upon completion of intro.Update 5/7/15Game now continues after tf.Too many changes to list.In game time limit for demo, as some of the later content is not yet in place.Update 012/07/15Fixed a few bugs, Incuding the infamous Amy clothing bug.Emma now gives you a random face..Ability to buy back starting-girl face in the shop.Reduced overall vote generation, But you now receve Votes every day for the different stages of roomates hypno.Added 5 more days. to a total of 35.