Star Maidens [Ch. 2 v0.2] [Banana Juice]

Star Maidens [Ch. 2 v0.2] [Banana Juice] Star Maidens [Ch. 2 v0.2] [Banana Juice] Star Maidens [Ch. 2 v0.2] [Banana Juice] Star Maidens [Ch. 2 v0.2] [Banana Juice] Star Maidens [Ch. 2 v0.2] [Banana Juice] Star Maidens [Ch. 2 v0.2] [Banana Juice] Star Maidens [Ch. 2 v0.2] [Banana Juice]
About the game
The name of our game is Star Maidens. It is a visual novel with a deep extensive storyline, well – developed characters and a role – play possibility. We put an emphasis on creating an interesting setting and a high – quality script. When working on the game, we were looking for the inspiration in some old-school iconic works: The X-Files, Star Wars, Lovecraft, Stephen King and others.
If you missed the interesting stories and look for some adventure – this game is just for you!
: Extended Plot
Since the beginning of time, Star Maidens have maintained the universe harmony. Hiding from the mysterious cult followers, they live on remote planets in various parts of the universe. The heiress of the ruling dynasty on one of these planets is blessed with the Star Maiden gift. During the ceremony dedicated to her reaching the age of majority, the world of the princess is attacked by the evil cult. Hiding from the invaders, the princess makes an unsuccessful jump through space and becomes a prisoner of the mysterious astral world. Jack, a teenager boy, who is the main character can’t even imagine, that he is the only one who can save the princess and the whole universe from imminent death.
Thread Updated: 2019-08-09
Release Date: 2019-08-09
Developer: Banana JuiceDiscord
Censored: No
Version: Chapter 2 v0.2
OS: Windows / MacOS / Linux
Language: English / Russian
3dcg, Visual novel, Male protagonist, Milf, Romance, Rpg, School setting, Sci-fi, Stripping, Voyeurism, Big tits, Handjob, Blowjob, Vaginal sex
2019-09-05 – Chapter 2 v0.2 reliase.
2019-08-09 – Chapter 2 v0.1 translation hotfix.
2019-08-09 – Chapter 2 v0.1 reliase.2019-07-20 – Chapter 1 v2 Linux reliase.2019-07-18 – Chapter 1 v2 Release.
– You can now use skip functionality. To skip, press ‘F’ or the "fast forward" icon in the textbox menu. Also in the settings menu, you can perform further customization. You can turn on the skip of unfinished scenes, and you can also turn on the skip after selecting an option from the menu.
– You can now go back to the previous checkpoint in current session. To do this, press ‘R’ or the "rewind" icon in the textbox menu.
– You can now view all the images you have seen in the gallery. You can open the gallery in the main menu by clicking on the icon in the lower right corner. In the game you can open the gallery from the menu or by pressing ‘G’. P.S. If you have already completed the game in the previous release and you have a save of the last scene, the gallery will be filled automatically.
– You can now hide the interface by pressing ‘H’.
– Now you can read the history of all messages in current session. To do this, press ‘J’. The History is cleared when the save is loaded or when you return to the previous checkpoint.
– Now you can change the name of the main character. Fill the Main character name input in settings menu and press ‘OK’.
– You can now disable the particle system in the settings menu. P.S. This will help to improve performance on low-performance computers.
– You can now turn off flash effects in the settings menu.
– Now if there is more than one character in the scene, the portrait of speaking character will be highlighted.
– Automatic and manual saves are now divided into two groups. You can switch between these groups by clicking the ‘Manual’ or ‘Auto’ button in load menu.
– To see hotkeys press ‘I’ or click on the question mark in the textbox menu.Changing the story:
– Some players complained about the lack of freedom in making decisions in hot scenes with girls. Well, we’ve added the ability to change that. (The changes affected the last scenes).
– Now you can skip the basketball game. In this case your team will win, you will improve relations with characters and open arts.Bug fixes:
– Reduced spinner animation time to half a second before images are displayed.
– Fixed a bug where no points were scored in basketball in one of the variants.
– Fixed save list behavior where you could not scroll down using the mouse wheel.
– Removed almost all delays.
– Increased speed of scene loading.2019-07-08 – Chapter 1 Release.
Mac Fix:
In Finder: RightClick the game and select: ‘ Show Package Contents’ and
dig down in the game’s hierarchy:
… Contents/MacOS/Star Maidens Chapter 2 v.0.2 mac
Now open the Terminal (found in Utilities) you need administrator permissions
— You will have to type a few times ‘space’ in the Terminal, I replaced those for clarity with ‘_’ underscore here for clarity —The Terminal window will open with a short line of text:
‘Name-ComputerModel:~_ UserName$_’
now we will go inside the MacOS folder
behind the ‘UserName$_’ mentioned above above you type now: cd_
next, you drag and drop the folder ‘MacOS’ from the finder window right
behind ‘cd_’ in the Terminal window and push Enter.The next line opens different: ‘Name-ComputerModel:_MacOS UserName$_’
now we will look at the permissions set for the game, type: ls_-al_
drag and drop the file ‘Star Maidens Chapter 2 v.0.2 mac’ behind ‘ls_-al_’ and
push Enter. The next line started in my game with: -rw-r–r–@
(this is the error, the game will not work like this)So we will correct this to ‘[email protected]’, push Enter for a new line, this starts as
follows: ‘Name-ComputerModel:_MacOS UserName$_’
now type: chmod_+rwxr_
drag and drop the file ‘Star Maidens Chapter 2 v.0.2 mac’ behind ‘rwxr_’
and push Enter. (yes, really, believe me it works like this)
That’s it, close the terminal and off you go, enjoy!