Slavers Edition! [v3.3] [Dashrainbow]

Slavers Edition! [v3.3] [Dashrainbow] Slavers Edition! [v3.3] [Dashrainbow] Slavers Edition! [v3.3] [Dashrainbow] Slavers Edition! [v3.3] [Dashrainbow] Slavers Edition! [v3.3] [Dashrainbow]
You play as the lucky hero of our story insert name here who just wanted to apply for a job at MC corp. Instead he finds himself kidnapped by them and offered another job. Go out and use their new invention to enslave the people of the recently discovered Kitar Region and turn them into Slavemon.​
Developer/Publisher: Dashrainbow
Censorship: none
Version: 3.3
OS: Windows
Language: English
Male Protagonist, Mind Control, Pokemon Clone, RPG Maker XP Change-Log:
-6 New slavemon to capture for a total of 9 new Slaves to catch.
-Sex scenes for Nurses, Gym Leaders, and starter.
-A Mystery gift for those of you who find the mystery gift man, the first time it will be easy to find him but it will get harder each time.(To clarify there will be at least one mystery gift in each update.)
-A new Gym to take on.
-A pokedex exclusively for slavemon.
-Small fix for the intersection between route 1 & 2.V2.1
-I believe I have fixed the Elsa glitch in Rook city where she continues to battle you after the first time.
-Upped the encounter rate of the shinx on route 1.
-Fixed the Pokedex not working with Slavemon.
-Modified Nikitas description in the pokedex to say she was from Rook city and not Litten Town.
-Thanks to Tort In regards to images not displaying correctly on different window sizes I can tell you that changing the window size and changing it back should fix the images, so thank you for the heads up on that Tort.
-Fixed the cutscene in front of the second gym so it should only play once(you may have to play it once to get it it to stop though).
-The sex scenes for Rikki should now play the appropriate scene.
-Added a quicksave function just hit F8 and you should see a save icon pop up in the top left corner which will indicate that it has saved.
-Lastly you are now able to customize key bindings by interacting with the book shelf closest to the nurses in the poke centers and with the phone in your room.V2.2
-Buffed the Nurse’s Stats
-Abella Sex scene added
-Added Paralysis heal to Rook city store.
-Fixed typo in Alektra’s pokedex entry.
-All slavemon are on the fastest leveling path and should very quickly level up.
-During intro you can change keybindings.
-(side note: The mailman that the mystery man refers to is the guy who appears after