Slave Archipelago Royale [v0.1.0a] [SeiuRose]

Slave Archipelago Royale [v0.1.0a] [SeiuRose] Slave Archipelago Royale [v0.1.0a] [SeiuRose] Slave Archipelago Royale [v0.1.0a] [SeiuRose] Slave Archipelago Royale [v0.1.0a] [SeiuRose] Slave Archipelago Royale [v0.1.0a] [SeiuRose] Slave Archipelago Royale [v0.1.0a] [SeiuRose]
Slave Archipelago Royale
Into a post apocalyptic world countries are no longer and the groups of people don’t have enaught power in order to help those fallen in sin. Instead of sending them to prison with the scope to reintegrate them in society they either kill them or send them away to a island. There are multiple islands, but based on their age and committed by each person an appropriate island is selected.
The person which is sent there is marked with an active gps tatto. If the person accomplishes an escape from that archipelago mercenaries are sent to deal with the issue.
The lifestyle into these bad islands is very rough, most of the teens and old people which are sent here don’t survive for long. Even if they do survive they must live their lives into a battle royale day after day due the resouces on the islands are limited.
Even if initially they are sent on separate islands in function of their age and crime level, they can find ways in order to travel from a island to another. But instead that most of them just try to create a settlement there or to settle into one cave.
In order to survive/evolve on the islands the criminals are using this resources: stone, wood, water, food (for example fishes, vegetables, meat and many other types), influence and most important their own energy.
Also some resources for example water can be generated via a man created fountain, but in order to generate those resources humans will need other resources, but take in mind that at some point with more advanced buildings person with the right job and events at some point this can offer a profit.
On this islands humans are organized into groups of maximum 8 persons, they can carry multiple types of jobs which will affect many things in their life on island. In general after one human entered into a group he will exit only dead due safety reasons.
Each human from a group is simplified with this statistics: job, allegiance, sex, age, vitality, attack, defence, loyalty, discipline. All of this statistics are self explanatory. The average of them for all humans in a grup define the group. What kind of actions they are able to do, where they are able to go and many other things.
The locations into which the group may be traveling can have a great influence on their statistics for example a higher ground location will always be better then one into muds, but it will require more vitality in order to get to it.
A location is defined by one hex. One location may hold multiple buildings and may have multiple types of resources on it. Locations may be occupied by other groups. Also when player moves from one location to another it may deliver a random event.
Each group has a limited vitality which is provided by the person in the group with the smallest vitality. Also no matter how much vitality a grop has, it can’t make more then 5 moves per week (turn). Some locations may be or not accessible in function of multiple specifications of the group like jobs, vitality, persons, ages etc.
A move of a group can’t be bigger than 2 locations, also for places like water some items/jobs are needed in order to go on it. The places with green after group selection are the one where you can move, and the one in red are enemies which can be selected.
After you select an enemy close accessible from your location you will be able to attack, siege, surrender, propose alliance or see more details about that enemy.
Take into consideration that criminals never forgive into this lands, so if you make yourself one enemy group he will follow you with one location per week tracking your moves and intentions. So sooner or later one of the above options will be a must if you have an enemy.
All interactions with a person from your group will be done after selecting his/her name from the group details. In function of the location into which you are, group statistics and that invidual statstics you will be able or not to have some kinds of actions. Also this actions may be triggered after each week (turn) or move.
Thread Updated: 2020-01-05
Release Date: 2020-01-05
Developer: SeiuRose Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.0a
OS: Windows
Language: English
2DCG, Male protagonist, Male domination, Graphic violence, MILF, BDSM, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Turn base, Strategy, Slave, Sex toys (Dildo)
First Release
Developer Notes:
This is my first porn game created like ever and it’s also my first post here, I’ve decided to publish the game exclusively here for the community at least this version.
If you encounter ANY errors, feel free to contact me and I will fix it. Any kind of feedback is HUGELY appreciated. There are extra animations to be added, so keep that it mind, also the storyline is not yet set since I’m planning to decide it with patreons, all the "engine" work is done at this moment.This is only a demo of the technology which is going to be used into the game please do not troll, the content isn’t that much, you can see this game as a trailer, more about this and about the motivation of this demo you can find in the patreon page
Use either wasd/arrows or click on scroll to move the camera. For zoom use the scroll up and scroll down. For selecting anything use right click.