Satiriisaac [v0.1] [BoneBerry]

Satiriisaac [v0.1] [BoneBerry] Satiriisaac [v0.1] [BoneBerry] Satiriisaac [v0.1] [BoneBerry] Satiriisaac [v0.1] [BoneBerry] Satiriisaac [v0.1] [BoneBerry]


According to the story, the main character Isaac is sick with satyriasis – an increased desire for sex without the possibility of full satisfaction and striving for new and new connection. Isaac learns from a psychologist about his illness. Attempts to cure the disease were unsuccessful, but they still managed to find out that Isaac fell ill in the past. To find out what happened, Isaac decided to practice lucid dreams, but ran into a serious problem: the illness affects his dreams, and the power of his desire reflects those he meets there.
Holding on is not easy, but orgasm will be his.​About the project:
The demo version of the game is a concept, rather than the first part of the scene. I am a perfectionist, that’s why I will improve the script and change the existing location to a more pleasant one. I’m a fan of works about dreams and schizophrenia, like Paprika, Inception, Alice Madness Returns, a lot of other things that I do not remember, but they are in my head, because I’ve seen them somewhere or even in my dreams. Dreams have a number of interesting features, starting with the logic of sleep and ending with a clock that always shows the impossible time. In the end, there will be a similar gameplay. I plan to improve the graphic part of the game, both the world and the characters (I’ll add support for nvidia hairworks or tressfx for realistic hair and nvidia clothing for clothes with physics), add realistic dynamic lighting, make more beautiful animations, body physics, sounds and ambience, VR support, performance optimization, and a lot of nice little things like the opening animation of the door, strange dialogues suitable for dreams and so on.
Updates will be published regularly on modeling the world, creating characters and game code, and also improving my skills. I’ll add screenshots of modeled content for the game from time to time, but I don’t really recommend browsing them so as not to spoil the playthrough experience.
: BoneBerry
Censorship: None
Version: PoC Demo
OS: PC/Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3D Animated, Adventure, First Person, Faphero Concept