Rewrite: A Village Life [v0.2.5] [EmptySet]

Rewrite: A Village Life [v0.2.5] [EmptySet] Rewrite: A Village Life [v0.2.5] [EmptySet] Rewrite: A Village Life [v0.2.5] [EmptySet]
A farming game where you can have sex with your villagers and your animals.
Thread Updated: 2020-04-09
Release Date: 2020-03-02
Developer: EmptySet Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.5
OS: Windows
Language: English
2D game, 2DCG, Male protagonist, Fantasy, RPG, Animated, Adventure, Simulator, Monster girl
Version 0.2.5Character Design Improvements Layla Katherine Cat Marga Scenes Samantha Sex Scene Katherine Blowjob Rework Layla Sex Scene Rework Improvements Update stores schedule Seed Shop (Closed on Saturday) Animal Shop (Closed on Wednesday) Update character schedule Layla Katherine Update Likes and Dislikes of the characters Layla Katherine Samantha Karen Beatrice Hazel Change Cheat Codes Increased Maximum Stamina from 250 to 300. Buying Stamina Power up increased stamina from 50 to 100. Reduced Tilling and Watering stamina cost. Harvesting plants and foraging doesn’t cost stamina. Increased Affection gained on giving gifts Unlocking the Dog and Cat doesn’t need 100 affection anymore. (but still, you need to build their houses) v0.2.4
Version 0.2.4New Map

– Mines Click to expand…


– Witch Click to expand…

– Hunter Click to expand…

Houses (Interior)

– Blacksmith’s House Click to expand…

– Witch’s House Click to expand…

– Hunter’s House Click to expand…

– Technician’s House Click to expand…

New Scenes

– Witch Sex Scene Click to expand…

– Witch Tit job Scene Click to expand…

– Samantha Blowjob Scene Click to expand…

Mining System Items

– Copper Ore Click to expand…

– Iron Ore Click to expand…

– Gold Ore Click to expand…

– Diamond Ore Click to expand…

2 New Request

– Hazel Request Click to expand…

– Samantha Request Click to expand…

Add info in Fishing Controls Add Pop Up Text on Gaining Energy Change Main Character Design Ability to eat v0.2.0
· Title Screen· Credits Section· Add more text for some characters· Tasks· Map UI· New Decorations in Mayors House· Rework Characters

o Mayor (Done) Click to expand…

o Richmond (Done) Click to expand…

· Rework Scenes

o Katherine Click to expand…

– Shower Scene Rework Click to expand…

o Layla Click to expand…

– Hand Job Scene Rework Click to expand…

– Shower Scene Rework Click to expand…

· Raining· Fishing Rework· Reworked Fish Icons· Radio for Weather Announcement· Ability to Read Books to past time.· Confirmation Menu· Improve Barn Design· Add Prices beside the Item name in the Inventory· Add Rain SFX· Added Exit to Title Button on the Menu (Fixed the bug in the buttons)· Added more hotkeys

o Menu (Press 1 for Profile, 2 for Inventory and so on…) Click to expand…

o Intro Scene (Esc Button) Click to expand…

o Shower Scene (Space Button) Click to expand…

· Fixed the bug spawning stones and woods in the dirt tile· Hopefully fix the crash bug when characters disappears/change scene.Thanks!, v0.1.8
Summer Seeds
– Corn
– Radish
– Pineapple
– Carrots
– Tomato
Carpenter Shop UIBuildings to construct:
– Doghouse
– Cathouse
Functional Chest
Functional Calendar
Shipment UI
New Characters:
– Cat
– Dog
– Carpenter
Rework Character
– Player
New Scenes
– Dog Sex Scene
– Cat Sex Scene
– Karen Bathroom Scene
New Cheats for Patrons
WASD / Arrow Keys – Move
1-8 – Switch Equip
Mouse / Space bar – Action or Interact
Shift – Sprint
E – Open Inventory

Thanks for cheats Galeno!GETRICH – Give 5000 G
EXTRASTA – Extra stamina
CLOCKUP – Increase time by 1 hour
CLOCKDOWN – Decrease time by 1 hour
BATHTIME – Change time to evening (6PM)
QUESTCHANGE – Change quest on request board
QUESTDONE – Complete all quest
SEASONCHANGE- Change season
BUILDALL – Build all (Cathouse & Doghouse)
GIVEMATS – Get 50 woods and stones
LETITRAIN – Summons rain
SENDLOVE – Increase affection for all villagers and animals
LOVEALL – Full affection for all villagers and animalsTo use them, go to inventory and click on the Gear icon(settings), put in cheat in the cheat box and press enter.