Pulp Circle [v0.5.1] [Koblas]

Pulp Circle [v0.5.1] [Koblas] Pulp Circle [v0.5.1] [Koblas] Pulp Circle [v0.5.1] [Koblas] Pulp Circle [v0.5.1] [Koblas] Pulp Circle [v0.5.1] [Koblas] Pulp Circle [v0.5.1] [Koblas] Pulp Circle [v0.5.1] [Koblas] Pulp Circle [v0.5.1] [Koblas]
In this game you are a normal guy that is usually bullied from others. The game’s biggest strength is the wide variety of situations and contexts : Note from dev I’m sorry that I couldn’t continue my previous game (A femdom adventure), but that project was somehow bugged ( Every time I tried to start it, it said "unload file x…", so I needed to restart everything). I changed the main theme of the game because I want to create other situations, like school, jobs etc.. . You can continue the "Femdom adventure", I’ve planned to put it in this game as a secondary story. I’m already working on the 0.2 that I will release on patreon by some weeks. Hope you will enjoy the game. Updated: 2018-11-18
Developer/Publisher: Koblas – PatreonF95
Censorship: None
Version: 0.5.1
OS: Windows
Language: English
2DCG, Male Protagonist, Oral sex, Handjob, Footjob, BDSM, Vaginal Sex, Female Domination
-New building is available
-New scene with the step-mother v0.2
-New enemy in the castle (Still Work in progress but you can already fight her)
-New step-Mum scenes
-New step-sister scenes (You can talk to her during the night)
-New building is openedv0.1
first release