Polimia [07-11-2018] [Fruktoza]

Polimia [07-11-2018] [Fruktoza] Polimia [07-11-2018] [Fruktoza] Polimia [07-11-2018] [Fruktoza] Polimia [07-11-2018] [Fruktoza] Polimia [07-11-2018] [Fruktoza] Polimia [07-11-2018] [Fruktoza]
As of now, there’s nothing really worth mentioning – speaking of some kind of story and such. It’s just a.. simulator of some kind, I guess? Pretty sure that @Izzi can tell you more about it!​
Updated: 07/11/2018
Developer/Publisher: Fruktoza
Censorship: Nope
Version: 07/11/2018
OS: Windows
Language: English
Female Protagonist, Lesbian, 3D Game, Animated, Vaginal Sex, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Handjob, Futa/Shemale Change-Log:
I set low graphics settings, for quick start of the game.
2) Increased FPS.
3) Replaced some textures&meshes.
4) About "The Black Screen", just wait a while, let the game load. It takes from a few seconds to 2-3 minutes, all from your pc.02/11/2018
Animation-Added 92 Animations.BUT anim are divided into two packs.
The first pack is available in this build.AnimPack#1
Categories of animations:
Twosome – 17 anim
Threesome – 12 anim
Foursome – 13 anim2)You can freely rotate the camera during animation3)Cheat Menu-Press "Z" for access to Cheat Menu4)The protagonist is changed(model)5)Important Info-movement restrictions, this is for future builds.-!!For the correct work, use the New Game!!-Dialogues is stupid&unnecessary, so you can just ignore them12/09/2018
-added animation Shemale/Male
-fixed F/M anim(kinda)2) Landscape is rebuilded3)Optimization:
-small increase of FPS4)New features:
-Quest System
-Dialogue System:
possibility of conversation /w NPC tree of choice quick convo is also added 5)Settings Menu:
-fixed bug with remembering selected options
-extended options menu03/09/2018
– Fixed bug, when you close the animation menu.02/09/2018
**Polimia Public_Test_build_1
**Animations-Female/Male-Female/Female-Female/Solo**One island is now available (location)**Four playable characters