Osake Riesz [Guardian Angel]

Osake Riesz [Guardian Angel] Osake Riesz [Guardian Angel] Osake Riesz [Guardian Angel]
This is a touchy-feely FLASH game where you make the heroine of "seiken d*nsetsu 3"
drink liquors and get her drunk in order to do H things to her.
: Features * A Pixel Art Work *
The heroine’s cuteness is excellently conveyed by
sharp and vivid expressions peculiar to pixel art style.
This game has two separated parts: a game part that
seems bright and healthy and an H part portrayed
in a much shady mood to add dirty tastes.* She Moves and Moans *
Let’s push lots of alcohols onto her in a mini-game!
Riesz will show her pretty responses with her blushed face!When she falls asleep, it is the time to bring her to bed.
Then you pat her head, strip her off and……
Do you wake her up? Or do you keep her in a sleep?
… Maybe it would be fun to bukkake onto her face and breasts!Sex scenes are fully animated!
Plus two different cross-sectional view windows are also animated!
Thrust in and out while groping her tits… You can also cover her mouth up
with your tongue. When you feel tired you can get ‘relaxed with her’ for a while.Let’s cuddle up and flirt with Riesz in "Osake Riesz"!You will get medals when you meet some conditions in the mini-game.
Please enjoy challenging yourself… Oops.
"Collect 20 medals dechi!" Developer/Publisher: Guardian Angel
Censorship: Yes (mosaic)
Version: Final (1.13)
OS: Windows
Language: English
Japanese Game, Vaginal Sex, Creampie, Titfuck, Internal View, Rape, Fantasy, Animated, Bukkake