New Coral City [v1.0] [HoneyGames]

New Coral City [v1.0] [HoneyGames] New Coral City [v1.0] [HoneyGames] New Coral City [v1.0] [HoneyGames] New Coral City [v1.0] [HoneyGames] New Coral City [v1.0] [HoneyGames] New Coral City [v1.0] [HoneyGames] New Coral City [v1.0] [HoneyGames] New Coral City [v1.0] [HoneyGames] New Coral City [v1.0] [HoneyGames] New Coral City [v1.0] [HoneyGames] New Coral City [v1.0] [HoneyGames] New Coral City [v1.0] [HoneyGames] New Coral City [v1.0] [HoneyGames] New Coral City [v1.0] [HoneyGames] New Coral City [v1.0] [HoneyGames] New Coral City [v1.0] [HoneyGames] New Coral City [v1.0] [HoneyGames]
This is the Story of Anthony. He’s reach his brother in New Coral City and he try to get a life. At the begin of the game Anthony live in his brother’s house and will work in a pizzeria to get some money… but his dream is to become a Photographer a New Coral City is full of "wannabe Models"… so..​
Thread Updated: 2020-04-19
Release Date: 2020-04-18
Developer: HoneyGames Patreon
Prequel: Follower
Censored: No
Version: 1.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
3DCG, Male protagonist, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Interracial, Creampie, Lesbian, Sex toys, Handjob, Exhibitionism, Female domination, Male Domination, Milf
N/A0.7 Reboot
N/A v1.1
IRENE: Her storyline continue, some news about her and a new sex events. (it can happen in 2 different ways, it depend by your decision and relationship)
KIRSTEN: Not so much but if she owe you the video you can see it…
REBECCA: If you’ve chosen one of two paths regarding finding his Blowjob Video or photographing Boris with Jennifer… well, there will be the events that bring those paths to an end, there may be decisions about it and in 1.2 there will be the consequences to all that situation
MELISSA: YOu could have your first time with her… but the event it’s related to another event in the past, if you didn’t trigger it it will not possible to get the scene yet… you’ll have to wait… don’t worry the pat event will return in this release and you can trigger it for next release… then some new things happen to her…
DAVID… your relation with David it will be important in this release. you can mess up everything… or… I mean… There are some events related by your relation with him
LUANA: As usual she’s in the routine, there are some new dialogue during event with her. and news abbout San Matthews Fashion Week..
YVETTE: New events in Girlfriend routine. No new sex scenes but I’m slowly introducing a storyline where she’ll be involved.
ADELE / LARA. Yeah, there will be the events you choose in 1.0: so there are basically 3 paths about her and Lara. each path will bring you to different final scenario… you’ll discover the consequence of what you did in 1,2… and there is a new path about Elita magazine. Situation get really interesting but I don’t want to spoil, we’ll talk about it after you play this release
KEESHA She’s involved in some storylines. You can get some promise from her, she could owe you favor, che can give you a lot of money… I mean, her character will be important for some things related to Rebecca and Adele…Stop poiling
RAIN She’s back in town… with her boyfriend. Discover what happened and take some decision…
PINKY and PORN CAREER: A new photoshooting for her patreon page… for porn career there will be a new scene with another female character.
MICHELLE: Okay. a lot of things with her (if you don’t messed up everything in 1.0). There is a COMPLETE SEX SCENE with all the position… then: new events in Girlfriend routine (with a little sexy scene extra) with some interesting chat(maybe you’ll be able to see the chat in 1.2 if youdon’t get it here. I mean there are so many different stories and probably the last chat I’ve write it’s difficult to be triggered if you have other path active, don’t worry, youl’ll meet her early in 1.2 and there will be that same chat if you didn’t get it in 1.1. She’ll be involved in 2 new strylines with other characters
ASHLEY. There is a COMPLETE SEX SCENE with all the position and she’s related to some other event…plus a couple of event in Girlfriend routine.
TATIANNA Okay, Story going on. I think we’re near to the final of her first storyline, all the card will be on the table… Your decision in the past will influence the scenario. in 1.2 there will be a big resume and you’ll be able to take decisions…
ANDREA MADELYNE Nothing new… but in 1.2 I’ll unlock their story again. I need to go on and I know everybody want to get rid of YOshi…
RILEY Her storyline going on too… you’ll meet againg "DrunkRiley" yeah… it’ll be funny… in 1.2 you’ll get some other revelation and you’ll be ready to get your decisions…
VANESSA and RICHARD plus ROBERTA: okay…first of all ROBERTA is leaving NCC you can decide to keep in touch… for Vanessa and RIchard I’m setting the base for the events in 1.2… Their storyline is about to get started…
KATANA unfortunately you had a reallly busy week ad you won’t be able to meet her yet…but don’t worry…
MIKAELA… who is Mikaela? you’ll discover it soon… and SHYLA? who is Shyla? you’ll discover this soon too
HARLEY…if you play the Drug dealer path you’ll get the COMPLETE SEX SCENE with her… and you’ll discover a lot of things about other characters… it could be really interesting
ZOE okay, finally you or David will fuck her with COMPLETE SEX SCENE If you bet you can lose or win the bet… So in next release the will be more devopments if you want
CATHERINE be careful with her, she could be involved in different ways in ADELE LARA and GARY storyline…
BELEN and JENNIFER… they could be involved in Bikini swinwear campaign… and you’ll have some dialogue with Jennifer,,, and sure…Jennifer and Boris…
MARTINA if you’re playing the Girlfriend path you know she becoming fast an "high stakes girl"… so treat her good and you’ll have your rewards… and you’ll be able to trigger a sex events you didn’t trigger if you’re not playing the domination paths. No news in domination paths
YANMEI. Okay. You have to try to keep her away from Terence. It will not be difficult. basically she prefer you… but don’t neglect her too much or in the next releases somethings could happens
ELSA and LEONARD… yeah. you’ll meet them and a storyline about them is starting… it will be really really interesting
PATRICIA… Big things coming in Elita Magazine… in this release you’ll get all the info and you can start to take your position, in next release you’ll have to take a final decision probably
HANNA… she’s the girl you can shot the porn scene… or maybe you can shot pics for Elita… anyway the path you choose for her will exclude the other one… so you’ll have to decide if you need a model or if you need a pornostar for your roster… v1.0
The first 14 days of the New Coral City rebuild season2 are ready.
By Friday I will be publishing the 21days version and will continue to provide UPDATE every week, adding a week of play.
As you know, I reconstructed the game from the beginning, giving it a more linear plot and making it a visual novel.
But don’t be afraid, you’ll still have plenty of options that will open up different scenarios. Each answer you give will help to define the character of the main character and the type of relationship that will have with all the other characters
At the end of each week there will be a summary that will show you at what point of the game and the relationships you are
Probably from the next releases I will add a page from which you can check your stats at any time and a summary of everything you have achieved and what you missed However, in some important moments of the game you will be pointed out if your choices have led you to miss particularly important events.v3.0
-I add Rain Storyline.
-Pinky Storyline with the begin of PornManager paths. You can choose some scenes, In next release the structure will be completely ready
-A new Michelle Event
-Ashley Girlfriend routine paths
-Andrea/Yoshi/Madelyne storylinev2.5
New storylines for Irene, Meadow, Rebecca, Melissa, Luana and Yvette. ( for Yvette is available also the "Girlfriend path)
For Luana there is the St. Matthew Fashion Week event ( a 3days event… so interesting).
In the next days I’ll complete Michelle, Yoshi, Rain, Kirsten and Pinky ( with all the pornstar manager path and some new "pornstar") storylines