My New Roommate [v1.1] [Iceridlah]

My New Roommate [v1.1] [Iceridlah] My New Roommate [v1.1] [Iceridlah] My New Roommate [v1.1] [Iceridlah] My New Roommate [v1.1] [Iceridlah]
You are a twenty-something construction worker moving out of his parent’s house. After seeing an advertisement for someone wanting a roommate you decide to check it out. The would be roommate reveals to you that she is a lesbian, but what else is there to learn about her? What was that sound you heard coming from her bedroom? You’ll find out when you move in.
Thread Updated: 2019-02-15
Release Date: 2019-02-15
Developer: Iceridlah
Censorship: None
Version: 1.1
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Lesbian, Exhibitionism
* Colored background added to day display for better visibility.
* Fixed a mistake triggering the wrong outcomes for Day 10. It should be working as intended now.
* Typos and mistake fixed. (Probably missed some.)
* Some dialogue rewritten. Additional dialogue added.
* 61 images replaced with new images.Day 1- Replaced image of Eliza with her arm inside her body opening the door.
Day 2- Eliza on the phone with Margo is now posed better and actually has a phone instead of a purple soap dish.
Eliza doing downward and upward dog yoga moves are now posed better and with a better camera angle.
Day 6- Replaced two images in the laptop webcam show of the guy touching Eliza. Better hand/arm positioning.
Day 9- All of the coffee shop images have been replaced. New images have better lighting. Eliza actually has a phone in her hand now.Two images have been replaced for the Eliza on top scenes. Better lighting.
Four images including the guy finishing on someone’s back have been replaced. The lamp was meant to be off. It mattered more in the finishing scene because it made the finish more difficult to see.
Day 1, 5, 6, 7, and 10 All images in the days containing Saul have been replaced. The man is dark. It makes lighting him difficult.v1.0
*Chapter 1 has been almost completely rewritten
*Dialogue changes through out
*New images for Chapters 1
*Images for Chapters 1 to 5 have been updated to fit better with later Chapters
*Save files should still work
*Added Chapters 10 and 11
*Gallery layout has been updated
*Added 7 new videos that can be unlocked
*Added the help button back and should function properly now.v0.09
* Removed days entirely from chapter title screens. Replaced them with a day indicator in the top left corner of the screen.
*Improved chapter and day transitions
*Minor dialogue and image changes through out.
*Chapter 9 Added
*Gallery now has a page 1 and a page 2 in addition to 7 new videos to unlock.v0.08
*Changed trust lost in Chapters 6 and 7 for certain actions.
*Added a new potential dialogue and gameover in Chapter 7. This and the above change were possibly added in 0.07.2 but I forgot to add them to that changelog.
*Added Chapter 8
*Changed the title screens of some chapters to better reflect the time frame of those chapters I.E. Days 11 & 12 instead of Day 11
*Fixed Gallery showing the wrong video
*Added text to make it clear a default player name is available.
*Removed Help button it was being more annoying that helpful. May be added back in a later update.
*Fixed and rewrote dialogue through out.