Monster Girl Quest Fan Remake [v0.21] [Unknown Developer]

Monster Girl Quest Fan Remake [v0.21] [Unknown Developer] Monster Girl Quest Fan Remake [v0.21] [Unknown Developer] Monster Girl Quest Fan Remake [v0.21] [Unknown Developer] Monster Girl Quest Fan Remake [v0.21] [Unknown Developer] Monster Girl Quest Fan Remake [v0.21] [Unknown Developer] Monster Girl Quest Fan Remake [v0.21] [Unknown Developer]
This is a remake in RPG Maker of the visual novel Monster Girl Quest made by Torotoro (not to be confused with Paradox).
In a world in which a war between Humans and Monster Girls exist since the begining of time, Luka, a human Hero apprendice, meets a strange monster girl fallen from the sky on the day of his baptims in the name of the Goddess Ilias, her name is Alice, after that he fails in receive his baptism because the Goddess didn’t appear to do it. After being crushed by depression, Alice, convinces him to go on his journey to defeat the Monster Lord (the leader of the Monster Girls) even without Illias’s protection. On his journey he will find many lustiful monster girls who will rape him again and again if they manage to defeat him.Enjoy plenty of reverse rape with monster girls and this epic tale in a new engine with much more gameplay than the original Visual novel.
Version 0.2 goes until you get Sylph. The encounter was revamped, so if that annoyed you, please try again now.
Thread Updated: 2019-08-04
Release Date: 2019-08-03
Developer: Unknown Developer
Censorship: Yes (mosaic)
Version: 0.21
OS: Windows
Language: English
Male Protagonist, Rape (more Reverse Rape than anything), Vaginal Sex, Creampie, Monster Girl, Oral Sex, Tentacles, Vore (optional), Death By Sex (optional), Fantasy, Censored, RPG, Adventure
Fixed a few bugs, including one game breaking, but nothing much else.v0.2.0Finally, after so much time, all of the Southern Region, aka Natalia Region, was added. The game will go until get Sylph and face chimera dryad. Chimera dryad sprite is placeholder, keep it in mind and use your imagination. And you will need to start a new game. I’m really sorry about this, but there was no other way. I believe this kind of problem won’t happen in the future, but I can never be certain. Save anywhere now is optional chosen at the begining of the game. Luka can now sleep in his bed, It should be like this from the begining, I just forgot about that because I never needed. Increase the number of items in Luka’s chests. I never needed more, but after seeing a guy making a gameplay i decided to easy things a little more at the beginning by increasing the number of initial items. Output of crafting Attack Booster D increase from 1 to 3 and ingredients also increase except for Mandragora Root which will still be one. Instead of 1 HP, Luka will comeback with the amount of health he had when touched the savepoint. All Science Labs will sell all the ingredients (Except Anrider for quest reasons). Changed number of tiers for state malus items from 5 to 3. now this items will have a chance of 50, 100, 150% of chance to cause the state, so the last, can easily cause the state even in who have resistance. Changed enemy attack patterns. Now they will have a normal attack that gives them SP and most other attacks will take SP to use, usually 5-20. I realised that some attacks even being strong and having lower priority sometimes kept being used over and over. Now the enemies will fight more like you do, attacking to gain SP and then realising powerfull attacks. Some attack have increased the damage output a little to compensate. Also, reduced the SP cost of Healing items to the enemy from 50 SP to 20 (or else they would never store enough SP to use them), but gave them a MP cost depending on the potency, and their priority are kept being lowest, so they shouldn’t keep using them over and over. Reduced power blow cost from 45 SP to 40 SP and increased the damage a little Horny reduced sensibility de 200% to 150% Crafting rethinked. Starting items changed to Wind and Earth ones, It was supposed to be since the first simplification of the crafting, but I forgot. Mandragora roots reworked now you must face mandragora before getting them. Mandragora scene added. Sex elemental attacks will bypass your defense. Which means your armor can’t defend you against them, and they are never negated. Names of Parpy and Gobu were changed back to Papi and Gob. Also removed the names Tanya and Patrice for the bandits. I still disagree with the tranlation, but those names are already estabilished, so, I will leave it like this. I blame Sacred Guard for this. Yes I saw your videos, and my translation of the names isn’t wrong, in fact, I’m not even sure if they actually have names in Paradox, for what I could find, it’s more probable that Dargoth made those names based on how they are called Doragonpapii became Papi, and so on. But, you wasn’t the only to be too used to Paradox and complain about this, but I still blame you. Thanks for covering this game, by the way. Increased cost for skills, increased their functionality. Thunder Thrust now cancel prepared attacks (those which make the ATB spin reverse) and lost the ability to make the enemy lose time, and Demon Decaptation now causes enemy to lose time and had its damage output increase by 3 times your magic attack (not much really) also it can’t miss, but it’s very expensive requiring 42 SP to use. Increased ATB Speed. Anastacia name changed to Mia Included an animation to Alma Elma battle cutscene. I’m thinking about making that cutscene with the sprites instead of the battle. But I leave that for later. Included Marie Portrait. Thanks Júnior Plus. Included missing h-scenes for slimes, slug, harpies and others. Ilias will always tell you if there is another scene available in the evaluations. Thanks Chiron. Completed the cut CGs of the harpies from Paradox used in those new scenes. Again thanks Júnior Plus. Luka’s facesheet removed from rape scenes (except when his expressions are necessary) Inclusion of the Aftermath system prototype. Only for Frederika now. More details later. Revamped the maps of Ilias Island. Replaced the Random Encounter in Dungeons for a On Map Encounter system. You gonna see the monster girl sprite and if you get too close, she will chase after you, if she gets you, the battle will start. World map still have random encounters however. The game will get harder with time, but no grinding is needed, just a clever use of the items is enough to beat it. You should be about level 20 by the end of this version. Just don’t run away from fights and you will have more than enough exp to finish. Beating everyone once, you can easily get to 22 – 23 by the end of this version.
Save anywhere removed. typo on titlescreen fixed as well 363 typos. Fixed Monsterpedia portraits Removed some unused assets reducing size a little. Fixed bug of residential district alert misplaced on Iliasburg Edited states. Poison reduced damage to 8% to you and 3% to enemies. Burning reduced damage to 15% to you and 10% to enemies. Monster more susceptible to negative states Fixed bug of NPCs entering doors and being able to be interacted Adjusted frequency of moviment of every NPC that moves around, now they don’t wait before each step. Edited Ilias Intro Edited states system a little bit. Fixed crashing bug when you look into an attack item on the item menu screen Crafting restructured, less item and bigger quantity. Monsterpedia fixed; Volumes adjusted Hints restructured to reflect changes Some enemies can use items now (a item like skill, identic to what you use). Don’t worry, it will cost a lot of SP to use, have low priority and they will always be of smaller tiers than what you should be using. Right now only Healing Salves can be used by them. they can use antidotes and other state removal items as well. Evaluations edited to reflect changes and now they will tell you if there is a second h-scene to be seen. Second scene of Vanilla included (sorry i completely forgot about it). Increased itens drops Removed Kill count of monsterpedia because of a bug when interacting with post battle screen Edited title screen increased items damage a little Some dialogs edited
First version