Meritocracy of the Oni & Blade [ONEONE1]

Meritocracy of the Oni & Blade [ONEONE1] Meritocracy of the Oni & Blade [ONEONE1] Meritocracy of the Oni & Blade [ONEONE1] Meritocracy of the Oni & Blade [ONEONE1] Meritocracy of the Oni & Blade [ONEONE1] Meritocracy of the Oni & Blade [ONEONE1] Meritocracy of the Oni & Blade [ONEONE1] Meritocracy of the Oni & Blade [ONEONE1] Meritocracy of the Oni & Blade [ONEONE1] Meritocracy of the Oni & Blade [ONEONE1] Meritocracy of the Oni & Blade [ONEONE1]
Her home town burned to ground and her parents killed by the abrupt appearance of the "Red Demon", Aika Amagami was left orphaned and alone, to fend for herself in this brutal world. Aika was born with a special power named [BRAVE] and noticing her potential an educational institution by the name of Hououin Academy scouts her. It would seem that at this academy, there are other young men and woman like herself, [BRAVERS], who are ardently honing their skills in rivalry. In order to grow stronger and exact her revenge on the "Red Demon", Aika enrolls at Hououin Academy…
Updated: 2018-10-03
Developer/Publisher: ONEONE1
Censorship: Yes (Mosaic)
Version: 1.02/October 3rd
OS: Windows
Subtitle: English, Chinese
Audio: Japanese
Store: Steam
2D Game, 2DCG, Ahegao, Anal Sex, Big Tits, Combat, Corruption, Female Protagonist, Humiliation, Japanese Game, Lactation, Monster, Multiple Endings, Pregnancy, Prostitution, Rape, RPG, School Setting, Sex Toys, Sexual Harassment, Urination, Voiced, Virgin, Fantasy, Graphic Violence, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Group Sex, Bukkake, Exhibitionism, Titfuck.
– Minor bug fixes -1.02
– Route bug has been fixed, as well as other minor fixes -1.02/October 3rd
– Correctly applied translated text where it had not been –
– Fixed a display failure on the save / load screen –
– Removed "Naked conversation" from H Experience –
Additional Notes and FAQ:
1) This is the Steam version of the game. The latest official bug fix, 1.02, has been added, as well as the Adult patch (28th September 2018). I cracked it. The community still reports bugs. One route might be unavailable until it gets fixed (Getting expelled from school bug may still be present). As the Steam version continues being updated with patches and bug fixes, I will update the links here.2) It’s possible that your old saves won’t work with this version. I’m not 100% sure about that but I recommend starting a new game just to be safe.3) User Ghostrun has informed me that the game gives you the code ‘aooniakaoni’ when you finish it and that it might be relevant for future updates. I’m posting it here just in case. EDIT: It’s apparently the password for the CG archive.4) People on STEAM are reporting that the "Getting expelled from school" bug has been fixed by the 1.02 update. but only if starting a new game. Old saves (1.00 & 1.01) won’t work. (Bug is fixed. Confirmed.)5) When you start the game you will be greeted by ONEONE1’s logo. It will be a white background with their logo on it. You have to press ENTER or perhaps the ‘Z’ key in order to proceed because if you don’t, it will just stay like that forever. Some people have complained about getting stuck there (although I can’t believe they didn’t think about trying to press ENTER) so that’s why I’m adding this note.6) The translation is pretty decent this time. An actual person was hired to translate this by ONEONE1 themselves. Quite a shocker.7) For those of you who are having the issue of the game starting in windowed mode and being too small, you can try the following:Option 1 – Start the game, press F1 and make sure the the option ‘Launch in Full Screen’ is selected. Close the game and start it again.Option 2 – Hold the ALT key and then press the ENTER key.8) Those of you who want to change the language of the game from English to Chinese or Simplified Chinese, delete the ‘language.rvdata’ file and start the game. The language select screen should show up first.9) This game is not linear not is it very straight forward. There are a lot of little things you can do to influence the unlocking of all events, depending on the choices you make in the story and the events you partake it. If you were unable to unlock a desired feature "Loosing virginity, getting pregnant etc." it’s most likely due to you not doing the things those features require to unlock .10) When a walkthrough for this game turns up I will post it here.11) A walkthrough has turned up. However, it’s fully in Japanese. If and when an English version becomes available I will upload it here.12) There are too many replies now for me to answer all of them. Don’t be mad if you don’t receive an answer.13) To activate the pregnancy feature you first have to fail 3 missions which will get you kicked out of school and transferred to a new school. Then, you need to fail 3 more missions and the pregnancy feature will become unlocked. NOTE: The MC can only get pregnant with monster characters. Outside of some bad endings, getting pregnant with human NPCs is impossible.14) It’s impossible to max-out the H-parameters in a single chapter. You have to progress the story for them to keep increasing. It’s not only about how many times you repeated or done an H-scene.15) All of the links have been updated with the 1.02/October 3rd patch, which is the latest one.16) The file size of the 1.02/October 3rd version is around 500MB smaller compared to the previous upload. That’s because I removed the ‘Wallpaper’ and ‘CG Images’ folders from the game folder and will be uploading those separately under the "EXTRAS" category.17) You will find several comments from uninformed people claiming that the STEAM version of this game (which is uploaded here) and the DLSite version are different. However, that is not the case. Both versions have identical content and the APPENDED DLC images. Please ignore all the comments claiming that this version I have uploaded here is somehow inferior. It isn’t.
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