Mad●Paradox [Queen Soft]

Mad●Paradox [Queen Soft] Mad●Paradox [Queen Soft] Mad●Paradox [Queen Soft] Mad●Paradox [Queen Soft] Mad●Paradox [Queen Soft] Mad●Paradox [Queen Soft] Mad●Paradox [Queen Soft] Mad●Paradox [Queen Soft]
A man named Gorgus has killed your father, and you have to find the villain and to avenge your father’s death. Moving around your hero through towns and dungeons in top-down view, you must fight (in turn-based combat style) many monsters, gather experience points, and collect items. The game also features some scenes with naked women, and many sub-quests involve saving girls and then enjoying their anime-style pictures.Despite being an orphan, Mash lives a relatively peaceful and happy life in the village of Dorah. This all changes, however, on a day in his 17th year. Ol’ Samos, his guardian, calls him in for a talk about Mash’s long dead parents.You see, Mash’s father and mother were the benevolent rulers of Dorah, and would’ve continued acting as such, if not for a mysterious stranger named Gorgus. Gorgus was by no means an ordinary fellow; he possessed the ability to command fire. For apparently only evil reasons, Gorgus killed Mash’s parents.
: More Overview Now, Mash is out for revenge, but that’s not all. Samos told Mash he must look for a girl with a symbol on her body. Why? Samos didn’t know anything more about her… what purpose does she serve?Mad Paradox is a linear RPG that runs in DOS. The only control device it requires is a keyboard. As Mash, you begin in Dorah, complete a task, and then move onto the next town, where you complete a task, and move onto the next town. Repeat until you finally face off against Gorgus and beat the game. The battle system is strictly turn based, like other old school RPGs.
Thread Updated: 2020-04-20
Release Date: 1992-08-28
Original Title: マッド パラドクス
Aliases: Maddo paradokusu
Developer: Queen Soft VNDB
Publisher: Samourai
Censored: Yes
Version: Final
Language: English
Length: 2-10hrs
Voices: Japanese
bdsm, rpg, male protagonist, oral sex, stripping, vaginal sex, top, anime, turn based.