Lustful Desires [v0.19.0] [Hyao]

Lustful Desires [v0.19.0] [Hyao] Lustful Desires [v0.19.0] [Hyao] Lustful Desires [v0.19.0] [Hyao] Lustful Desires [v0.19.0] [Hyao] Lustful Desires [v0.19.0] [Hyao]
It’s an adult text-based game with rpg mechanics, inspired by titles like “Flexible Survival” or “Trials in Tainted Space".
: Features -Narrative system: Your choices often have consequences. People like to talk so think how you want to be seen in towns.
-Quest system: Talk with NPCs, some of them may have an additional job for you.
-Day/Night Cycle: Maybe you should check some places later?
-Battle system: Fight or Tease? It all depends on what you want.
-Statuses: Pay attention, some of the attacks may leave you with additional effects. If you won’t sleep or you drink too much it will have affect on you as well.
-Opponents: Each group of opponents has their own attitude. Defeat a lot of them and they will be angry, submit to them and they will look at you with gracious eye.
-Crafting system: Learn new recipes, collect resources, makes a wide variety of potions.
-Equipment system: Take your favorite weapon and armor with you.
-Variety: This world is inhabited not only by humans. Expect to find other species, different beasts and animals. If you are looking for naughty times, you will find scenes between all the genders.
-Themes: M/M, M/F, F/F, fantasy creature (lizardman, werewolf, etc)
Thread Updated: 2020-05-01
Release Date: 2020-01-31
Developer: Hyao
Censored: No
Version: 0.19.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Text based, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Character creation, Fantasy, Furry, Turn based Combat, Urination, Oral sex, Bestiality, Handjob, Gay, Male domination, Masturbation, RPG, 2DCG, Monster, Monster girl, Vaginal sex, Creampie, Tentacles, Anal sex, Spanking, Group sex
Because of that the game may be glitched after the first load. I put this information in game, so you won’t forget about it, but be sure to get back to the map to refresh all the assets and variables. Don’t click on ‘eye icon’, don’t start new conversations, don’t explore, just go back to the main map and that should make everything work smoothly (Or at least most things ^^’).If you have issues with save not loading or being crazy then go back to version 0.15, move to different location (Preferably save somewhere where you don’t have decision menu), save and then try again with 0.16.Old saves will not look good on the load screen – they still have smaller thumbs, saves made in this update will have normal size adjusted to new resolution.Sorry for the troubles, I couldn’t avoid issues when doing all the changes.PART 1: CONTENT
New Item/Recipe:
Muscle Ointment Few more recipes Monster:
Male Bandit (New dominating/submitting variation) Home:
Korg (Sore muscles – can be repeated daily, Visiting Bareshade – after Bernard visit) Ruins:
Roushk (Visiting Bareshade – good ending only.) Bareshade:
Rumor about the beasts, starting with Bernard then most of the important people in Bareshade have something to say. Then back at home (Journal found in the abandoned hut, first search done with Logan / bottom Logan route. This story will be more complex in his normal route though) Arion / Hayden quest River’s Cave:
Vicoria’s new prisoner (Only a teaser for now. Made by Wisdom) PART 2: VISUAL ASPECTSThose things were my main focus in January update. It took most of the time this month to switch to higher resolution.
Resolution changed to 1920×1080 GUI adapted to new resolution, lot of the screens changed Gavel’s background updated to new resolution. Night forest background have a small animation. PART 3: BUG FIXES AND CHANGES
Frame at the bottom of the screen – if you see something like that, go to your home and name one of your animals. It should get rid of it.
New Enemy:

Corrupted lizard (Underground)
Roushk (Boss Fight)
Game over scene that can happen after both of those fights.
New Potions/Recipes:
Corrupted Lust Potion
Corrupted Health Potion
New Items:
Harness – chance to get it after submitting or dominating fat bandit
Glasses – can be bought from tailor
Leather Chaps, Fishnet Shirt – can be bought from tailor after certain conversation
Harem Pants – can be bought from tailor, but only after bringing tufts of hair from big rats or wererats. It can also be washed with 3 soaps or 1
cleansing water
Antique Blade – can be bought from merchant on the river’s bank
Othra (New conversation options)
Rhot (New conversation options)
Corrupted Lake (More interactions)
Bernard (Day at shop – It’s not a date, so don’t count on more hearts, but some more time with him. At least one date must be done for this to be unlocked, also it’s happening only before 12. It can be repeated every day.)
Arion (Sex scenes – you need to have at least one heart)
Dot between corrupted lake and small cavern with random encounter
Lizardman Warrior, Lizardman Acolyte (Prison)
Bandit’s Camp:
Bribe (Give some coins to Jester to improve morale)
Home upgrades:

Big garden gives three additional slots to garden
Prison is a place where you can keep tamed opponents who are not beasts
Storeroom is a place where you can leave items you don’t need with you
For those to appear you need to save and then load the game
Art made by ZoroJ, Background made by Gavel:
Background: Track
Name of strong potions are changed. For example Health Potion (Strong).
Lizardman Warrior and Lizardman Acolyte can be tamed by using Reptile’s Lure. Prison must be build.
Lizardman Warrior behavior should be different (I think it wasn’t working as intended). He also can be encountered in a slightly stronger form (Blue one).
Restrain Potion Quest for Priestess is available from the start, but it can’t be accepted if the player don’t know the recipe for Restrain Potion.
Lost Acolytes Quest have some additional information while talking to priestess when the quest is active.
Lust Potion / Enhanced Lust Potion are weaker. Lust Potion decreased amount of lust from 40 to 30, Enhanced from 60 to 45. Corrupted Lust Potion
will increase lust by 60. In old saves description may not be updated.
Lust Potion works weaker on demons (Victoria for example).
Warning Screen – It’s not showing often, but it appears when there is a important decision to made.
Added background for Swamp (Made again by Gavel)
Fixed a bug that prevented from making an Enhanced Lust Potion
Fixed a bug that occurred during the fight with lizardman acolyte
Anoley and Angel Leaf can be bough from the witch (Day), Nymph’s Hair can also be bough from the witch (Night)
I hope I didn’t break anything else in the process ^^’Version 0.12.3
Fixed a bug which make finishing quest for witch ippossible
Swamp Mash couldn’t be made because of the typo in the name, it’s fixed now tooVersion 0.12.2
Some small bug fixes, not many of them thoughVersion 0.12.1
Conversation with Priestess should be available
Swamp mash shouldn’t be giving an exception anymore
Raptor attitude rise after submitting to him
The problem with loading the game shouldn’t happening anymore
Probably some other things I don’t remember
PART 1: CONTENTNew Locations:Forest Path (A small linking location, the longer you explore the bigger chances for wolves/werewolves to attack)
Forest Bridge
River’s Bank (There’s not much here yet, it will be expanded in the future)
Northcrest’s Caves (Mostly empty place for now, it’ll be expanded in the future)New Enemy:
Troll (If sanity drops to 0 there’s a game over scene with him)
New Quests:Bar entertainment (Bareshade / Bar)
Supplies for camp (Bandit Camp)
Bitch for the thugs (Bandit Camp)New Items:
Energy Drink (Cures tired status)
Strong Energy Drink (Cures exhausted status)Bandit’s Camp:
Consequences (Sparing is for those who still wants to fight with bandits from time to time. Those are the same fights as previous encounters.)Bareshade:
Consequences (A few conversation options with different people)
Bottom Logan (Sawmill, Night – Only if he was encouraged to visit the camp)
Fat bandit in the bar (Bar. If Player submitted to Scar there is also a new scene with bartender)
Bath with Hayden (Hot Spring. Submissive female version)
More conversation options with Hayden (Hot Spring. You can ask him about shopkeeper and blacksmith, he is more talkative if he likes the player. Also some backstory if his liking level is at least 35.)Track:
Consequences (The bandits won’t be attacking anymore, unless morale drops below 25)PART 2: MECHANICS
Morale (It’s important in certain areas. After dealing with Scar bandits will act differently and with high morale they won’t be attacking. I have something else planned for lizardman tribe)PART 3: VISUAL ASPECTS
Scene: Wererat and Young ManThose three will be added soon, for now I can only add sketches as the final art aren’t ready yet:
Fat Bandit
Price for sleeping in the bar is lowered.
Scene with femboy fixed
Blacksmith name is no longer replaced by Hayden name. Also it shows up correctly in the mine.
Crash happening because of the bruises during the fight with Tank no longer occur.
After finishing the fight with Scar the battle is no longer repeatable. Now Jester really visit you back at your home.
"Invisible enemies" shouldn’t be appearing anymore.
The conversation with bartender about the guard is now available from the beginning.
Linux version
Knowing me I produced some more bugs! ^^’
New Enemy:Scar (Boss Fight)
To make him horny you need to use other methods than typical teasing. New kind of mechanic in battle against him.This fight is not repeatable. The story progress depends on the result of the battle.Tank (Boss Fight)
He have three different sets of attacks. One for when he is not horny, one for when he is in his berserk state and one for when he is horny.To progress to another fight you need to win the fight, dominate or submit (The last option only works if your character is expert in ass/pussy or endurance is higher than 16).New Quest:Staying sane (Ruins, Priestess)
Bareshades Fortification (Sawmill if you discouraged Logan to go to the bandit camp)
The scene have two variations. One for higher intellect, the other for higher strength. Its not a big change, only slightly different dialogues. Also if Bernard likeness is at least 50 he will have a short appearance. It cant be repeated.More fun in hot spring (Hot Spring)
Drunkard Male submissive, Female dominant. Femboy Male dominant, different version depends which fame is higherChores for Hayden (Hot Spring)
There are four chores, you can do one per day and the next one its different. Later it start from the first one.Bandit Camp:Infiltration
New Items and Recipes:Sanity Potion (Restore the sanity)
Battle helpers. For now its used only in the fight against Scar, but Ill probably use it in the future too.
Losing a fight against jelly monster now lowers sanity. It can be replenish by new potion or by sleeping. If sanity drops to 0 it means game over with a special scene.
Small adjustment to the GUI (Different color on the libido/health orbs and bars, frames and some buttons a little bit tidier, scrolls are not bright red anymore, new icon in reinforcement screen for garden and animal screens)
All art made by ZoroJPART 4: BUG FIXES
Bareshade/Bar: Renting a room after midnight is not longer skipping the day
Corrected text when being restrained in a fight against two bandits
Attacks that leads to being restrained have cooldown now
Items in bag and crafting screen are now sorted. Names of berries and pulps changed so they are listed next to each other.
Blessed Lizards Piercing should work properly now.
Some other small fixes
I suggest keeping a save from before the update, just in case you encounter bugs. v0.8.2
Updated artwork More bug fixes (Gay/Straight Potion crash, Leaving the mine, Conversation about hot spring, Guard name, There’s no instant event after the ""Guard’s Secret" event, Some other small fixes) I can only hope I didn’t break anything else while fixing those ^^’ v0.8.1
Some bug fixes (Mines, Relationship Screen) Unlocked Jester fun section PART 1: CONTENT
New Enemy:
Fat Bandit (Track) New Quest:More diabosite (Bareshade / Forge) Bareshade:Public bath, dominant scene with Drunkard (Hot Spring, only male) Bath with Bernard (Hot Spring) Bottoming to Hayden (Hot Spring, only male) Conversation with Logan (Sawmill) Conversation with Bartender (Bar) Conversation with Blacksmith (Forge) Young man and wererat (Bar / Basement) Mine (Bar / Basement) Bandit Camp:Fun with Jester Logan in trouble (Only if you encouraged him to do something with bandits, it may have consequences later.) Tank’s anger Other:Hunting with Bernard, small addition (Forest, Abandoned Hut) Guard’s Secret (Track) New Items and Recipes:Straight Potion, Gay Potion (A quick way to change the orientation) New weapons (Available in the forge after finishing a quest) Shoes (Because apparently walking barefoot all the time is weird) PART 2: MECHANICS
Fertilizer is in the shop in Bareshade. Now you can build the Small Garden and plant berries. PART 3: VISUAL ASPECTS
Bandit’s masturbation scene (Bandit Camp) Lizardman Warrior – not final version Scar – not final version Tank – not final version v0.7.2
Fixed error with teasing wererat Fixed error with love potion on certain enemies Unfortunately there’s not much I can do about training dog. If anyone started training him in the update 0.6 then it won’t be working properly with that save. You have to load a save from before update 0.6 or start from the beginning. It’s not really important right now, it’s just a small feature. Thanks Ray Law and LeoZodiacz for helping me with checking this bug. v0.7.1
White Berries can be bought from Witch Alternative picture of bandit shows earlier Regen Potion (And other new potions) should be working fine now Relationship with Logan and Hayden should be visible in the relationship screen (There’s not much with them for now, but you can see the bars) At least few errors messages fixed Part 1: ContentNew Enemies:
Lizardman Acolyte Huge Rat Wererat New Quests:
Noises in the basement (Bareshade / Bar) Rats! (Bareshade / Bar) Extra resources (Bandit’s Camp / Jester) New Options:
Hunting with Bernard

First you need to ask him about the hunting in the shop. Occurs every Friday evening. With the like at least 40 there’s an option which moves the relationship on the next level. Click to expand…

Outdoor fun (Bareshade) Conversation with Jester (Bandit’s Camp) More topics with NPC’s (Bareshade) More scenes (Bareshade / Hot Springs)

Dominant (Male), Submissive (Female), bath with Hayden Click to expand…

Werewolf (Forest)

Dominant (Male) Click to expand…

New Items:
Regen Powder, Lust-Regen Powder, Erogenous Powder (All of those items can be found after defeating the acolyte. With item in your inventory you can do some study back at home to learn new recipes). Nut Mash (Check the ‘old book’ in your house) Part 2: Mechanic
Relationship Screen:

I decided to make those numbers visible, so now it’s easier to see how much certain people likes you. Talk Screen:
The previous system was mostly rng, so to get all the talks sometimes there was need to repeat the same action over and over again. Now in certain places there’s a special window with the list of topics you can ask the other person (It also shows which topics are new). Animal training screen:
It’s only dog for now, but it’s easier to see how the animal likes you, also how much energy it have (Which is needed to learn new tricks). Dog can also be taught “Search” command now. It’ll bring back a random resource. Part 3: Visual Aspect
Bandit (Third version) Lumberjack Werewolf v0.6.1
A small bug fixing patch.
"A person to rent" should be available for hero fame too. In "A person to rent" sometimes the names of the characters were showed wrong, it should be fixed now. Time to reaper of quests in the bar is shorter. In some cases after making a recipe, it didn’t show in the learned section. It should work fine now. Some other small changes. Part 1: Content
New Event:Attack on Bareshade (Day 20, Sawmill unlocked) New Location:
Bandit Camp New Area:
Hot Spring (Bareshade) New Quest:
Soap Delivery (Bareshade / Hot Srping) Lotion Delivery (Bareshade / Hot Spring) A person to rent (Bareshade / Bar) "A person to rent" quest was supposed to be a short one, but at the end I made a lot of different situations, also depend on the dominance level of character. 6 options in total (1 only for top, 1 only for bottom, some of the rest can have different results which depend on how dominant you are). Maybe I’ll add something more in the future updates.New Item:
Submissive Potion, Dominant Potion Few other items and recipes Part 2: Mechanic
Random encounterThere’s a 5% chance that you will be stopped by bandits on the crossroad, pick your route carefully. Not a single one, but a pair of them. Part 3: Balance
Love Potion: It can be used on the enemies now. It have slightly different effect though. It improve greatly their attitude towards you. Small adjustments here and there. v0.5.5
New Options:
– Troublemaker quest (Bareshade) – Give some hard punishment after taking him outside (Tops)
– Bartender (Bareshade) – Renting a room
– Shopkeeper (Bareshade) – Conversation (Shop)
– Love Potion (Shop) – Have in mind that using it on him makes him like you less.
– Bar Meeting PART 2: MECHANICS
New Construction Options:- Planks can be bought from Lumberjack. For now it’s the main material. It can be used to improve defense of your house, but also to build some improvements. Animals:- You can tame the dog in Bareshade and take it back to your house. With a proper training he may be very helpful. PART 3: VISUAL ASPECTS
More variation of Shopkeeper (Naked) PART 4: BALANCE
More items will appear in the shop in Bareshade while the game progress. Witch during the night will have some bombs to sell. PART 5: BUG FIXES
Wolf Repel – Not usable anymore during the battle like intended Werewolf – Enemy attack while character was struggled