Lord of Desires [Ch. 1 v0.1b Extra] [Dragon Cake]

Lord of Desires [Ch. 1 v0.1b Extra] [Dragon Cake] Lord of Desires [Ch. 1 v0.1b Extra] [Dragon Cake] Lord of Desires [Ch. 1 v0.1b Extra] [Dragon Cake] Lord of Desires [Ch. 1 v0.1b Extra] [Dragon Cake] Lord of Desires [Ch. 1 v0.1b Extra] [Dragon Cake] Lord of Desires [Ch. 1 v0.1b Extra] [Dragon Cake] Lord of Desires [Ch. 1 v0.1b Extra] [Dragon Cake] Lord of Desires [Ch. 1 v0.1b Extra] [Dragon Cake] Lord of Desires [Ch. 1 v0.1b Extra] [Dragon Cake] Lord of Desires [Ch. 1 v0.1b Extra] [Dragon Cake] Lord of Desires [Ch. 1 v0.1b Extra] [Dragon Cake] Lord of Desires [Ch. 1 v0.1b Extra] [Dragon Cake] Lord of Desires [Ch. 1 v0.1b Extra] [Dragon Cake]
The game tells the story of a guy who returned from a summer camp for IT geniuses to his house in which his relatives "neighbors" are waiting for him. During the summer, various events took place with each of them that had a dramatic impact on life and our main character will have to deal with all the strange events that await him in the city.Use modern and interesting gadgets, play new interactive games, decide how you will be a person – you will become the dominant and bloodthirsty bastard or you will be a loving and protective guy.​
Thread Updated: 2020-04-24
Release Date: 2020-04-24
Developer: Dragon Cake PatreonDiscord
Censored: No
Version:Chapter 1 Part 1b (0.138.73) Extra
: Windows, Android
Language: English, Russian
3DCG, Male protagonist, Handjob, Incest, Oral sex, Anal sex, Vaginal sex, Lesbian, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Big tits, Teasing, Sex toys, Romance, Creampie, Mobile gameOptional: Blackmail, Rape, Cheating
Chapter 1 Part 1b (0.138.73) Extra
N/AChapter 1 Part 1b (0.138.73)
Fixed —————————————
Fixed game optimization, now it will not load the GPU 100%
NTR-like content REMOVED from the game. it can be installed through patches .
– Added +250 plot images!
– Added / Modified scenes at the end of Nicole’s storyline mission, the Jacob character has been replaced with a new Susan character who will have her own story arch (Jacob will return in the future)Chapter 1 Part 1a (0.136.71)
Fixed —————————————
– Fixed bug with crash of the game on the Android version during animations
– Fixed Resolution Settings interface
– Slightly changed translation in English
Added —————————————
– Slightly improved some frames
– Updated phone, namely:
New overall phone design
New Clicker Mini-Game Design
New Design Tasks
New SMS design (Russian will be added soon)
Added a little functionality for the futureChapter 1 Part 1 (0.134.68)
Fixed —————————————
– Contacts in the phone will be added as they open
– Girls for masturbation (room MC) will open as they open
– Places on the map will be added as they open
– Alerts are now a little animated
– Details about the characters have become animated and more informative.
– The scene with Kate in the shower was returned to the game!
– Added control tips to the pause menuAdded —————————————
– Added Chapter 1 Part 1 – Nicole! (+350 pics and 15260 words!)
– Android port decreased in size by 3 times! 2gb -> 660mb
– Added a new mini-game for money – Clicker! (test)
For every 100 clicks, you can output $10!
– Added small dialogs to SMS
– Added: Howard, Emily, Jessica, Otto to the Patreon Cheat Menu – Change Relations
– Now in Patreon Cheat Menu you can choose how much money you want to add to yourself
– Now your position in the rooms is saved (before loading was only in My Room)
– A Skip (test) and Settings! Button has been added to the dialog box.
– Dialog History added to the pause menu! (Test)
– Added contextual prompts
– Redesigned masturbation interface in bedv0.123.61
Fixed —————————————
– Fixed a bug with inactive arrows on the keyboard in the Platformer game
– Fixed a bug where it was possible to open the (RMB) dialog box, being in the menu (Esc)
– In Prologue, the same settings were added as in the whole game (earlier they were trimmed)
– The canteen is temporarily removed from the office
– Temporarily removed the Upgrade interface in the MC room (while it will be in development)
– Fixed a bug when the current room did not stand out in the navigator in the Office, Club and School
– Now in the phone all the elements are added dynamically, which means that the convenience for scrolling has returnedAdded —————————————
– Now moving MC between rooms is incredibly fast! (but loading different locations from map mode takes longer: p)
– Now in the Platformer game, the arrows on the screen disappear on PC devices and appear on Android
– Now interactive elements have appeared on the scenes!
(I left the buttons on the side so far, so you can click on both the objects themselves and their buttons in the interface)
(sprites may move a little on small or very stretched formats, this will be fixed in future versions)
– Now you can change the time of day in the Patreon Cheat Interface!
– Added a new location – Industrial Lane
– New types of alerts – Howard Effect and Money
– Added a new location – Writer Housev0.116.54
Added —————————————
– New bathroom!
– The prologue (kitchen and shower) is re-rendered and added a little! (+50 pictures)v0.114.54
Fixed —————————————
– Fixed a bug with Russian text in the English version when talking in the kitchen
– Fixed some bugs with the phone
– Fixed interface position on screens with 4:3 resolution
– Fixed some localization errors in English
– Fixed a bug with displaying the Russian name MC in the statistics window
– Removed the event on the middle mouse button (previously crookedly hid the interface and displayed a watermark)
– Alerts about the mood, achievements and type of root are now hiding much faster
– Fixed a bug when SMS alerts were removed when switching between scenes!
– Rendered some scenes from PrologueAdded —————————————
– Now the inventory has become 3 times larger! Use the pointers on the sides of the briefcase to change the page.
– Completely redesigned the design of the windows on the computer in the MC room (but so far none of them are ready )
– Task log, SMS interface, Statistics interface, and names in dialogs are now available in RussianThis version of the game will be posted as soon as the rendering of some frames is over and some replicas are translated.v0.111.45
Fixed —————————————
– Now the game runs on 32-bit systems (PC x86)!
– Fixed a bug with the game freezing at the end of the scene with Kate in the bathroom
– Fixed a bug with the name
– Slightly changed plot details:
1) MC was in the camp not for 3 months, but 1 year
2) option 3, after love and domination is optional and is aimed at various fetishes, not just NTR
– Now the dialogue can be read not only through LMB, but also using the Space and Enter buttons
– Now when you click, during a dialogue, on RMB, the dialogue window will disappear and become inactive
– Now when you open the menu during the dialogue, the text window and the selection menu are hidden and become inactive
– Fixed multiple menu calls in the bathroom
– Now many places have a normal name in the interface (top left, near the map)
– Fixed curve design of save and load cells, as well as date format year.month.day -> month.day.yearAdded —————————————
– Added watching porn on the TV in the living room (test) –
1) login / password – keks / 12345 (in future builds it will be changed and hidden)
2) While you can not be caught.v0.110.35
Fixed —————————————
– More accelerated logo
– The "Warning" window now does not require confirmation, but simply warns you
– Slightly reduced interface icons
– Some scenes that will be included in the next new demo have been re-rendered
– The "Snooze" function has been removed from the bed due to its uselessness
– Fixed important bugs with SMS on the phone
– Even more optimization and reducing the weight of the game (apk has become smaller, but still too big, I’m working on it: C)Added —————————————
– Now in the settings you can select the screen resolution and game window mode! (Test)
– 2 new products were added to the store: Viagra and Aphrodisiac
– Now, if you want to skip the time that is not included during the operation of your location, you will be thrown out onto the street (map) and you will have to choose an active location for this time of day
– Now the achievements (gallery) has an alert function and works as it should!
– Improved task system on the phonev1.81.16
– The system of saveings and variables has been redone! Now there should be no bugs.
– Lock picks removed from the store.
– Wine removed from the store.
– Added 20+ new images!
– Added gadget upgrade interface! (While the test, scenes using gadgets in the render)
– Added new skills to the protagonist (in fact they will be used in the following chapters, there is no way to improve in the demo yet):
– Improvement Skill – you can increase the value of this skill for upgrading gadgets or completing a soldering course in a computer
– Massage Skill – you can increase the value of this skill by taking courses on a computer
– Hacking Skill – you can increase the value of this skill in the future, for a mini-game (in progress), it will allow you to hack computers, cameras, etc.
– Chance to lose temper – in some situations you will have a chance to lose your temper, which will open more aggressive scenes not only in fights, but also in sex
– Endurance – your endurance, allows you to open some additional scenes, to increase this value there will be a gym (in the future)
– Strength is your strength, it allows you to open some additional scenes, to increase this value there will be a gym (in the future)
– A car has been added to the store to stop time, but so far there are no scenes with it
– X-ray glasses were added to the store, a mini-game will be associated with them in which you can move the glasses on the screen, but there are no scenes with them
Developer Notes:
GAMEPLAYAt your disposal is the whole city, filled with various locations in each of which there may still be sublocations (by the type of rooms in the house). In each active location there are interactive objects, secret, plot, mini-games.
Each girl has at least 3 main statistics fields: love, domination and mood.Love includes the positive interest of the girls to you, if it is high, then pretty and sincere scenes are unlocked.Domination includes the submissiveness of the girls in front of you, with each of the characters you can implement various fetishes, this indicator indicates how far they are ready to go for your sake.The mood speaks about, surprise, the mood of the girl! If the mood is low, some actions in relation to this character will be blocked for you. Each girls has its own mood boosting option, look for clues inside the game!Also, since our protagonist made friends from the camp and he is a good engineer himself, you will have the opportunity to use various gadgets, such as spy cameras, drones, goggles, hacked programs, etc.
Sometimes your friend from the camp will make games for you for your PC, do not forget to check them sometimes to get money for passing the next level (with each update I will try to add new levels, you can see the games themselves in the screenshots)!**NTR and ‘family content’ have been removed. However, you can still install them through patches.​