Lateshifter [v1.0.4] [Oko]

Lateshifter [v1.0.4] [Oko] Lateshifter [v1.0.4] [Oko] Lateshifter [v1.0.4] [Oko] Lateshifter [v1.0.4] [Oko]
"Unable to travel freely, young, hopeless people are confined to Mega Cities, commonly falling into casual substance abuse to wake around ever-changing contracts."​
Updated: 2018-01-18
Developer/Publisher: Oko | Blog
Censorship: No
Version: 1.0.4
OS: Win/Mac/Linux
Language: English
Puzzle, Cyberpunk, Consensual, Blackmail, Voyeur
Change-Log:​ 1.0.0 Release
I’ve rebranded it to 1.0.0 for simplicity and to set it apart from the demo versioning system which was as poorly thought out as the structure of the demo, itself.This is episode 1’s first release, so it’ll be 1.0.0.Featuring:
4 Romanceable characters
1+ hours of gameplay (first playthrough)
39,000 x Words of dialogue and story
35 x Minutes of new music
508 x New sound effects
10 x H-Scenes* (3 are Deluxe, with multiple angles / acts)v0.1.2a
– Fixed that one ending that didn’t run
– Made chair placement a little more reliable
– Removed on-the-fly Save + Load, as they broke scripts more often than they were useful
– Minor spelling corrections
– Fixed a door locking bug
– Fixed obscure defunct sprite loading bug on saving
– Made blackmail route require more deliberate action to reach
– Added 2 opportunities to turn away from the blackmail route and stay on the consensual path
– Added some optional Bern chat​