KoboldKare [v0.13.5] [Naelstrof]

KoboldKare [v0.13.5] [Naelstrof] KoboldKare [v0.13.5] [Naelstrof] KoboldKare [v0.13.5] [Naelstrof] KoboldKare [v0.13.5] [Naelstrof] KoboldKare [v0.13.5] [Naelstrof] KoboldKare [v0.13.5] [Naelstrof] KoboldKare [v0.13.5] [Naelstrof] KoboldKare [v0.13.5] [Naelstrof]
KoboldKare is a farming game where you can buy, grow, and sell cute kobolds.​
Thread Updated: 2020-03-20
Release Date: 2020-03-10
Developer: Naelstrof PatreonDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.13.5
OS: Windows
Language: English
3DCG, 3D game, Point of view, Furry, Graphic violence, SandboxBreast expansion, Inflation
Added basic quality settings for lower-end hardware. Male kobolds can be jerked off now by left clicking on their dick. Male kobolds can cum, and their cum amount depends on their dick size. The grab system was reworked a bit to be less buggy. There’s still a few known bugs that should be ironed out for the Steam release. I accidentally reduced the max speed when bhopping, it’ll be faster when I release on Steam. Build 10:
• Completely reworked pretty much all code to be more modular, in the future this will allow for intricate machines and pipes.
• Added Advanced Interaction, you can now intricately manipulate objects, press buttons, and not accidentally pick up a bunch of stuff (kinda).
• Multi-core IK system for all Kobolds, this is really heavy CPU stuff in order to dynamically IK every character. If you got CPU cores, the game is going to use them.
• Fluid streams are super neat looking now, and are less buggy when transferring fluids.
• Kobolds can spawn as either sex, males are pretty non-functional right now and are permanently excited.
• Atmospherics/Volumetric lighting, as well as tree/brush optimizations. Looks cool and is more optimized.
• Added a shop-keep that currently yawns and has their jaw permanently open as of now.
• Fixed a lot of character controller stuff involving crouching or walking over tiny obstacles.
• Added a much more detailed home, still is a WIP though.
• You can attach nozzles to things like boobs, not much purpose yet but it’s pretty funny.
• I broke blood decals, will fix later.
• Added tons of menus and general polish.
• Almost everything uses buttons/switches to operate now. Need to figure out how to make a button the bed make sense to sleep.
• Buffed the crap out of money and starting money, there shouldn’t be any reason to grind.
Build 8:
Added saving and loading. (hit escape) Tons of optimization from reducing tick-rate, optimizing allocations, switching from deferred to forward, to adding a jiggle budget. Added a new stand-in for milkers instead of a bunch of unity cubes. Added a deathbarrier below the map. Adjusted some money formulas so that milking is more worth it.(The tupperware gives a 1.5x fluid sale bonus, while kobolds only give a 0.3x sale bonus for fluids) Grinder now outputs it’s entire contents within around 20 seconds. Fixed player physics from being fps dependent. Fixed kobold models deformation on large breasts from having a vertex sticking out the back. Probably some other things I forgot about.
Build 7:
This build has milking machines, some game juice, and bug fixes!
Build 5:
First Release
WASD to move, hold left click to grab, right click to activate/throw, and E to use.Q also kills you.
Important Notes:
– The graphic violence tag was added because your character explodes into pieces and blood if you press the Q key. : Trailer