King of Queendoms [King Key Games]

King of Queendoms [King Key Games] King of Queendoms [King Key Games] King of Queendoms [King Key Games] King of Queendoms [King Key Games]
Once upon a time in a continent far away existed a land where it is the women, not the men, who were the dominant gender. Despite this land’s fruitful fields and robust resources, it was constantly in conflict as there was a great rivalry between the three most powerful Queens.
The rivalry was so heated and intense that the scent of war constantly loomed over all the lands. For this reason a great and wise mage called Elvira has come up with an ingenious plan to bring peace to the entire continent and for this plan to work she needs a young and strong knight.
Will you be that knight?
Will you offer her your sword?
Will you rise up to the occasion?
Will you find a wonderful waifu along the way?
Only you can find out! Play King of Queendoms!
King of Queendoms is a comedic adult visual novel set in a magical fantasy land. Play as a knight quested to bring order and peace to the rising political and diplomatic tensions across the lands. : Key Features • Epic fantasy Story
• Ethereal orchestral soundtrack
• Many Waifu Queens and Maidens
• Vivid and energetic CGs
• Rich anime character and background artwork
• No DRM
Thread Updated: 2019-04-10
Release Date: 2018-02-08
Developer: King Key Games
Censored: No
Version: Full
OS: Windows
Language: English
Fantasy, Kinky, Magic, Witch, Corruption, Femdom, Hardcore Sex,