Kamesutra: DBZ Erogame [v0.03] [Naughty Turtle]

Kamesutra: DBZ Erogame [v0.03] [Naughty Turtle] Kamesutra: DBZ Erogame [v0.03] [Naughty Turtle] Kamesutra: DBZ Erogame [v0.03] [Naughty Turtle] Kamesutra: DBZ Erogame [v0.03] [Naughty Turtle] Kamesutra: DBZ Erogame [v0.03] [Naughty Turtle] Kamesutra: DBZ Erogame [v0.03] [Naughty Turtle] Kamesutra: DBZ Erogame [v0.03] [Naughty Turtle] Kamesutra: DBZ Erogame [v0.03] [Naughty Turtle] Kamesutra: DBZ Erogame [v0.03] [Naughty Turtle] Kamesutra: DBZ Erogame [v0.03] [Naughty Turtle] Kamesutra: DBZ Erogame [v0.03] [Naughty Turtle] Kamesutra: DBZ Erogame [v0.03] [Naughty Turtle] Kamesutra: DBZ Erogame [v0.03] [Naughty Turtle]
Kamesutra is a free RPG erogame where you can play as the biggest pervert of all time: Master Roshi!
Play cards and join Strip Poker parties, grope girls, fap and explore de Dragonball world by searching the Dragon Balls.​
Thread Updated: 2020-05-23
Release Date: 2020-05-03
Developer: Naughty Turtle YoutubeFacebookPatreon
Censored: No
Version: Alpha V0.03
OS: Windows
Language: English
2DCG, 2D game, Adventure, Animated, Fan service, Exhibitionism, Big tits, Big ass, Groping, Humor, Masturbation, Milf, Voyeurism, Fantasy, Age gap, Sandbox, Parody, Male protagonist, Oral sex, Prostitution, Stripping, Vaginal sex

▪Fixed Kami’s dialog about the Dragon Ball.
▪Added a message that you can’t transform Bulma in bunny suit during the strip poker.
▪Added Strip Poker texte indication during Strip Poker
▪Fixed Strip Poker.
▪Added Bulma naked skin.WEST CITY
▪Fixed Raped victim path way.
▪Added paralax to Victim House.
▪Fixed Happy Easter Quest.CAPSULE CORP
▪Improved Golden Capsule Quest.KAMI’S LOOKOUT
▪Added fix "white tint screen" to Mr Popo.
▪Added fix Baba stats so you can see how many things you missed.DISTRICT 439
▪Fixed Chi-Chi bunny disappearing.
▪Fixed Ox’-king’s favor quest bug.BULMA’S SHIP
▪Fixed Bulma bunny picture face during quick travel.MISCELLEANOUS
▪Fixed Golden Capsules journal Quest.
▪Added number of "Memories" in the Save menu.
▪Added achievement "Carrots !"
▪Fixed transform girls into rabbit with only action button.
▪Improved the Scouter scan interactions.
▪Added a text message when you already have found all the Quests (Baba).
▪Added Game collectibles in Baba’s stats menu.
▪Removed Controls when pressing L to make it a "skill" button.
▪Fixed Yamcha’s card.
▪Added Patreon menu (Main menu).
▪Added Credits menu for patron supporters (Main menu).
▪Added "Controls" text file in the game’s folder.GAMEPLAY
▪You can use Bulma’s watch without having it equiped (Press SHIFT or Triangle or Y)V0.02
▪Fixed the Phone.
▪You can now recover HP / MP while sleeping (night).
▪Added missing sounds effects to tutorial pictures.WEST CITY
▪Fixed the Shops (no crash anymore).
▪You can sell your cards to make money at Zmart.
▪Dr Brief gives more informations about Bulma’s watch.KAMI’S LOOKOUT
▪Fixed Kami’s dialogs to help find the Dragon Balls.
▪Fixed Krillin’s walking pathway.
▪Popo can help you to debug problems.WORLDMAP
▪Added Dragon Balls available on the quick map (when you have the Dragon Radar).DISTRICT 439
▪Removed Chi-Chi’s groceries quest.
▪Modified Willy’s position when Chi-Chi is drying clothes.
▪Chi-Chi drying clothes s now interacteable.
▪You can now see Chi-Chi’s current job (if she got one).
▪Removed Babby sitter job for fixing.BULMA’S SHIP
▪Deleted "remove top" option when look on Bulma.
▪Added Quick Travel option to travel faster.UNDERWORLD
▪Fixed Yanma bug card match quest.
▪Changed Yanma cards.MISCELLEANOUS
▪Deleted unecessary objects or events for the demo.
▪Added a yellow mark on minimap to where you can enter or not.
▪You earn money when you win a card match and lose money when you lose.
▪Reordered Baba’s tutorial options to be more clear. She can now help you to find new Quests.
▪Fixed Oolong’s bug when chichi become a model.V0.01
▪Prologue and introduction
▪Saiyan saga (unfinished)
▪Master Roshi playable
▪14 quests
▪Strip Poker (Bulma only)
▪4 Dragon Balls to find
▪12 gallery images
▪Naughty 2D animations
▪Easter event (Zmart in West City)
▪Famous girls: Bulma, Chichi, Mrs Brief,
▪10 locations: World map, Kamehouse, Chichi’s house, West city, Capsule Corp, Kami’s lookout, Time Chamber, Korin Tower, World Tournament, Underworld.
▪Some achievements
▪Estimated playtime: for a dialogue reader about 3-4 hours
▪Can’t play strip poker against Bulma after duel 1 (fixed in V0.04)
▪Baba tells you don’t have enough money to play strip poker (fixed in V0.04)
Will old saves be compatible with new versions ?
Unfortunately not, there will be bugs conflicts. However completed saves will be available for patreons at each new updates to avoid that problem and get back all the progression done in previous versions.Will there be an android version ?
Not for now.
Developer Notes:
There are still unfinished drawings and features but I guess it’s enough to get a first preview. I will be realeasing some walkthroughs videos for each quest for those who have troubles to finish them.If you find some bugs, please let me know and I’ll try to fix them for the next update.
I hope you will like it and I’m waiting for your feedbacks to improve it. HAVE FUN!
Final Goal Features:
√ 6 playable characters (Roshi / Bulma / Chichi / Oolong / Satan / Pilaf
√ 5 sagas (Piccolo / Saiyans / Garlic JR / Cell / Buu)
√ Hentai drawings and animations
√ Multiple side quests
√ Mini games (Quizz / Card game / Strip Poker)
√ Music from the original anime
√ Multiple maps to explore
√ Legacy of Goku graphics
Fan Signature:Actual content:
Dragon Balls : 4
Quests : 13
Playable characters : 1
Strip poker : Bulma
Gallery images : 8
Animations : 17
Golden Capsules : 9
Memories : 5
Locations : 10
Unique cards :
Jobs : 3
Chichi’s photos : 2
▪Invite Bulma to the Strip Poker : Video
▪The card game is inspired by Final Fantasy, here are the rules : Rules
▪Complete Happy Easter quest : Video