Jikage Rising [v0.12c] [Smiling Dog]

Jikage Rising [v0.12c] [Smiling Dog] Jikage Rising [v0.12c] [Smiling Dog] Jikage Rising [v0.12c] [Smiling Dog] Jikage Rising [v0.12c] [Smiling Dog] Jikage Rising [v0.12c] [Smiling Dog] Jikage Rising [v0.12c] [Smiling Dog] Jikage Rising [v0.12c] [Smiling Dog]
Never having achieved much in Konoha, you suddenly find yourself back to the past. With the help of the mysterious Saru, you unlocked the power of your clan and gained the ability to turn others into your followers. You will have have to track down and indoctrinate key kunoichi that will be useful in your quest to revive your clan.​
Thread Updated: 2020-05-24
Release Date: 2020-05-02
Developer: Smiling Dog PatreonSubscribeStarDiscord
Artist: Jiisuri
Censored: No
Version: 0.12c
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Other Game: Nano-control
2D game, 2DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, BDSM, Parody, Mind control, Corruption, Impregnation, Footjob, Harem, Oral sex
Shizune Lv 2
Tsunade Lv 1
Hinata x Tenten v0.11a
-Hinata lvl 5
-Hinata lvl 5 outfit
-Sakura x Hinata scene
-Ino x Hinata scene
-Ino secret outfit in stadium lootbox
-Updated outfit gallery while checking girls status
-Kurenai control event
-Kurenai scene 1
-Minor bug fixes
-Couple of things I probably forgot I didv0.10d
-Tenten lvl 5 event
-Bonus girl 1 second scene
-Sakura x Tenten scene
-Ino x Tenten scene
-Fixed some issues with the the item screen
-Updated some UI issues
-Made the options at night neater
-Added passive lust gain, making her unable to cum will reflect it
-Updated images in the girl’s status, their level 5 outfit will be shown with the right expression now
-Fixed some issues with the names of items in the general store
-Increased drop rate of leather as per feedback
-Added Tenten’s outfit event
-Fixed error with 50 foot Tenten in Hinata’s night intro scene
-Bonus girl no.1
-Ayame Blowjob scene
-Ayame sex scene
-Hinata level 4 scene
-Added more healing items
-Added crafting for Sakura
-You can now buy dyes from Ino
-Aphrodisiacs added
-New skill can be obtained from bonus girl no.1
-Fixed some bugs previously encountered by some players
-Re-adjusted Sakura’s chat menu
-Added dialogue for the first time the girls show up at your house at nightv0.08a:
-Ino level 5 event
-Hinata level 4 event
-Tenten level 4 scene
-Sakura x Ino scene
-UI update
-New updated artwork for lvl 5 events
-Artwork added for Sakura’s, Ino’s, Tenten’s, Hinata’s lvl 4 event
-Ino’s corrupted outfit added
-Hinata’s lvl 4 outfit addedv0.07d:
-Tenten lvl 3 animations
-Sakura lvl 4 animations
-Lvl 4 outfit for Tenten and Ino added
-GUI updatesv0.07:
-Sakura control 5 event
-Ino control 4 event
-Ino control 4 scene
-Battle system update
-10~ new missions
-New materials and drops added
-Bunny outfit and swimsuit added for the girls
-Tenten control 4 event
-Hinata sex scene art redone
-Hinata sex scene animation added
-Hinata boobjob animation addedv0.06:
-Sakura level 4 event added
-Sakura level 4 scene added
-Tenten level 3 event added
-Tenten level 3 scene added
-Outfit system added
-Sakura’s nurse outfit added
-Sakura, Ino, Tenten and Hinata’s School Uniform outfit added (More outfits soon)
-New Ayame menu itemv0.05f:
Inventory crash bugfixv0.05:
-Hinata lvl 2 scene added
-Hinata lvl 2 event added
-Hinata lvl 3 scene added
-Hinata lvl 3 event added
-Quest log added
-Status UI updated
-Inventory UI updated
-Outfit viewer added
-Town UI updated (You can click on labels to travel now!)
-Tweaked sounds
-Bug fixesv0.4e
-Added Tenten’s level 1 event
-Added Tenten’s level 2 event
-Added bedroom scenes for Tenten in level 1 and level 2 events
-Added a scene for Ayame
-Added dialogue for all the girls that changes with levels
-Added Icon for game exev0.3
-Foundations for new submission system implemented
-Sakura’s updated scenes
-Ino’s updated scenes
-Hinata’s level 1 event
-Ino’s level 3 event
-Ayame added to the game
-New submission system implemented
-Lust system implementedv0.2e
-Sakura level 3 scene
-Sakura level 3 event
-Ino’s level 2 scene
-Ino’s level 2 event
-New menu UI
-Upgraded girl’s status
-Upgraded map
-Upgraded battle system
-Improved animations for battles, should show the characters attack and knocked out if they lose now.
-Upgraded some UI images
-Changed version names to reduce confusion
-Changed the names of some variables
-Some bug fixesv0.1.1
-Added Ino’s anal beads scene
-Added Sakura’s footjob scene
-Updated the hypno look of the girls
-Sex scenes now all have an expressionless variant that you can trigger
-Updated and changed the intro
-Updated map UI
-Added background music
-Added battle sprites for Sakura and Ino
-Added a strip scene due to popular request
-Added a Sakura’s first control increment quest
-Changed the way sex scenes work
-Fixed a lot of bugs
Developer Notes:
Commonly asked questions:
Is the art stolen?
No, specific instructions were given to the artist to have the art as close to the original source as possible!
Will *insert character name* be in the game?
Chances are if she’s a somewhat prominent character, she will be in the game haha.
It should have been made with Shippuden characters instead
Well, technically that’s not a question, but still; they will have their Shippuden versions, I’m planning to have the game to span the game into four arcs with each dealing with a different era.
Arc 1 would be done in the shounen era
Arc 2 will be done in the Shippuden era
Arc 3 will be done in "The last" or Shippuden era, whichever fits the story more.
Arc 4 will be done in the Boruto era
How can I help?
Well, getting more funds to get more resources would definitely help haha. However, other than that you can help out by letting me know about any bugs, spelling or grammar mistakes you find in the game!
It would also help the game if more people were aware that it existed, even by just recommending the game (if you think it’s good enough) would help out the game a lot!
Plans for the game:
Plan for the game:
The game will be split into 4 arcs, with each arc being a different era and each having a different objective that you would need to complete to move one step closer to your goal of reviving your clan.Arc 1:
This arc will take place in the shounen era of Naruto, in this arc, you will need to turn Sakura, Ino, Tenten and Hinata into your followers before finally taking Tsunade on for control of the village.Arc 2:
Maybe the most anticipated arc of all, this arc will take place in the Shippuden Era, where after controlling the key Kunoichi of the village, you set your sights on targets from other villages.Arc 3 and 4 will be revealed at a later date to avoid s.
Arc 1
You will need to gain complete control over Sakura, Ino, Tenten and Hinata. You will need to gain their trust to find openings to use the jutsu on them and turn them into your loyal thralls. You will then use their abilities and connections to ultimately control Tsunade and use her power to further your agenda.Arc 2
It has been a few years after you made Tsunade your loyal servant, you have improved upon your technique and now look towards gaining the support of other villages to start your own. This time, your targets will be the various girls from the other villages…Arc 3
Will be disclosed in the future