Iragon [v0.31] [Repulse]

Iragon [v0.31] [Repulse] Iragon [v0.31] [Repulse] Iragon [v0.31] [Repulse] Iragon [v0.31] [Repulse] Iragon [v0.31] [Repulse] Iragon [v0.31] [Repulse] Iragon [v0.31] [Repulse] Iragon [v0.31] [Repulse] Iragon [v0.31] [Repulse] Iragon [v0.31] [Repulse] Iragon [v0.31] [Repulse]
A world on the brink of another devastating war.

Amidst the chaos, a young nobody will rise to the occasion.
The race for Iragon begins here, and the only thing that could prevent the darkness from taking over is you.‘Iragon’ is an RPG adventure, inspired by some of the greatest fantasy epics in anime and film. The game will take you on a daring quest through the dangerous lands of Balmoros. Along the way you will meet many and various companions – with the right approach, they would gladly fulfill your deepest intimate desires.So wonder no more, jump in and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime.
​ : More info We’ve been making VR games for three years now. When we finished our previous project, the question came up. What if we could bring what we love most about fantasy anime to a full interactive VR experience?Gameplay:
The world of ‘Iragon’ is challenging and dangerous. To complete your missions you will face hordes of supernatural beings and treacherous enemies. The more you progress, the more your skills will grow through unlocking new weapons and enhancements, as well as learning powerful spells.Put your skills to use, and impress the ladies.
The women of ‘Iragon’ vary in terms of looks and character, but they all have something in common. If you treat them well and make the right choices, they’d be more than happy to please you and accompany you on your journey.Features:
Weather you play in VR or not, you can expect of us to deliver:
Compelling story with rewarding quests; Multiple love interests to play with; Nudity and sexual content; A dynamic combat system that features both magic and melee; Difficult, but exciting boss fights; Destructible environments; Equipment and collectibles; A choice system that keeps track of your decisions. Story:
The fabled lands of Balmoros keep many secrets.
Lost relics of old carry the memory of a mystical power the world has not seen in decades. An artifact known as the armor of Iragon has been rumored to be powerful enough to end the wars between Balmoros and the neighbouring Empire once and for all. Many have lost their lives searching for the armor and its secrets. Many more will.A secret invasion threatens the stability of Balmoros, a new war looms over the horizon, and caught in the crossfire will be Darick, a young hero in the making whose only agenda is to protect those he cares about the most. Little does he know that a fateful meeting with a gorgeous mysterious girl will alter the course of his life forever.Together, they will face the many dangers of this world, as well as their own demons and desires. Who will tame the forces within the armor of Iragon? Will Balmoros crumble under the heavy fist of the Empire? Join Darick and his companions on their adventure, and discover the answers yourself.
IMPORTANT! There will be adult content in future builds. Everything shown thus far is subject to change.​
Thread Updated: 2019-10-04
Release Date: 2019-09-27
Developer: Repulse WebsiteFacebookTwitterDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.31
OS: Windows
Language: English
Voices: English
Other game: HERE
3D Game, Male Protagonist, Virtual Reality, Voiced, Adventure, Combat, Fantasy, No Sexual Content, Romance,
​ Build 5.15.20​
Better Boob Physics – We have made changes to the boob physics to make interacting with them feel more real.New level art – The two levels after the tutorial have new art and are starting to take shape. The last level also har art improvements, including lighting, particles and landscape.NPC changes – Sewell, Ewald, Gintas, the Tavernkeep and the Lone Soldier now have facial animations and the Group Soldier will soon follow. Most NPCs have new idle animations and their interactions are viewed from new camera angles.New tutorial – Part of the combat and controls tutorials are now at the start of the village level. You will have to break destructables, jump over an obstacle and dodge attacks from wolves. The spell tutorial is still after the village.Sounds – There are new sound effects for the lightning spell and for the destructable stone walls.New start, last level – To make the transition between levels feel better, we made the last level start with the ending cave of the previous level.Improved jumping – Jumping in third person has been changed to feel less “floaty”. Also, when you jump from a high place, the ground will now shatter beneath you.New Erika hair – Erika has a new haircut with a bow on it.Build 4.30.20​
New spell selection – The spell selection menu has been made way simpler and hopefully easier to use. Previously we had a weapon wheel that you select from with the mouse. Now you just click “Tab” to switch between spells. A small icon at the top left of the screen shows you what spell you have currently selected.Intermediate Level Changes – The first combat level after the tutorial is now split in two and has some changes in the landscape and overall design. The first part ends in front of a great big mountain and the second part starts you on top. The second part also ends with you entering a cave and jumping down a big hole.New look for the NPCs – The NPCs in the village and tavern have new faces, new hairs and different hair colors. Hopefully this, combined with their different armors and heads, will make them unique and distinct enough.Enemy sounds – The enemies now make sounds when swinging a weapon, dying and getting hit.VR Intro – The flythrough scene from the very beginning of the game has been implemented in VR. However, we can’t have you flying around in VR because it might make you dizzy. So we just teleport you to a few locations of the village.Build 4.12.20​
New interactions – There is now a third interaction with Erika in the camp.Introducing April – April is a girl that you meet in the combat level. She casts ice spells and helps you out. And now, you can find her in the camp along with Erika.Hard skip – We added a “hard skip” for some conversations, for those of you who have already heard it and would rather skip it completely. Holding the left mouse button will skip to the next choice or to the end of the conversation, if there are no choices.No more mannequins – All the generic mannequin NPCs have been replaced. They are now either wearing armor or a variety of three different outfits.New chests – The chests got a rework. They now look different, shake around while unopened and there are more of them in the world.New hands – We have added new hands in VR. That includes new models and textures.Lip syncing – We have added lip syncing to the recruiter from the beginning of the game.Damage text – Landing a hit on an enemy will now display the amount of damage that you dealt above its head.New tutorial – With the new combat systems we needed to make new tutorials and here they are.Build 4.3.20​
Skip button – You can now skip dialogue just like you can in a regular visual novel.VR spell levels – All spell types now have different effects with each level. For example the first level fire spell just shoots a fireball. The second level causes the fireball that you shoot to split into smaller fireballs after it hits an enemy. And the third level does all that and causes a fire to start where the spell landed, damaging enemies in that fire.Third person combat – We have started reworking the third person combat system so that it reflects the way it works in VR. The spells are changing both in functionality looks.Art for combat level – The combat level is starting to take shape. Art has been added to most of the level, including the guard tower at the start.NPC short hairs – Our modular NPCs now have the option of having very short hairs. Most of them are not very flattering. (added in functionality but not yet in the build so you decide if you use this)Voice acting – Since some parts of the story are mostly final now, we have started getting actual voice actors to record the lines for some NPCs. The recruiter, Sewell, Ewalld, Gintas, the Tavernkeep and the two soldier NPCs in the tavern now have new voices.Tutorial music – The tutorial level now has music accompanying it.Village lake – The last bridge before the village now goes over a lake that leads to a big waterfall.New loading screens – There are three new loading screens. One with two girls in a suggestive pose, one with a soldier and one with a skeleton.Build 20.03.20​
New VR Combat System – The combat system in VR has been completely reworked. Spells now hover in front of you and you grab them with your hands. Then you can throw them at your enemies. Melee weapons have a better overall feel to them and they can be holstered to your sides. Throwable knives are also holstered to your arms. Health is now restored with collectables. Your enemies will also behave differently to fit in better with the new combat system.Erika’s new outfit – Our lovely Erika has picked out a new outfit. You can find her wearing it in your second interaction with her in the camp. If she likes what choices you make when talking to her, you will also get to experience the new animations and sounds for her progress bar.New main menu – The time has finally come. Our simple placeholder main menu has been replaced with a new and improved one.Village – The Village level is reaching its final stages. There has been more art implemented, some new rock textures and some new signs. Although the signs still don’t have materials and textures.NPC changes – The soldiers now have a variety of skin colors and new hand textures.Script Changes – There have been a bunch of changes to the script. Some minor, some a bit more substantial. One of the bigger ones is that the Tavernkeep’s tipsy friend Dudly no longer chips into your conversation.Succubus makeup – The succubus has some new makeup that she wants to show off.Flythrough Art – The intro scene of Iragon used to take place in a graybox version of the first level. That’s no longer the case and it is filled with art. Hopefully that helps set the mood for our adventure.Build 06.03.20
More Flythrough Improvements – Some major changes have been made to the flythrough introduction of Iragon. They mainly consist of camera cuts that aim to give it a more cinematic feel.NPC Facial Hair – To add more diversity to the NPCs in Iragon we gave them facial hair that is unique for each and one of them.More Village Art – We’ve continued making improvements to the first playable level. More art has been added, especially around the village itself, to give it more life. Small things like gardens, plants, fences and others can now be found when exploring it.Tavern Art – The fantasy tavern you enter after exploring the village now has art. It has interior decorations and the new armoured soldiers are now there too. You can find them sitting in the tavern and talking.Love Progress Bar – When you interact with Erika you will now notice a love progress bar. It will fill up gradually after every correct choice you make when you talk with her.Build 21.02.20
Village Art – The first playable level of the game finally got some art. We settled on an autumn look complete with lots of fallen leaves, mushrooms and everything you have come to expect from autumn levels. It still has some graybox elements, but this is, no doubt, a big step in what we think is the right direction.Village Skybox – Apart from the Village level itself, we also added a new skybox. It shows a sunset over some distant mountains.Paige rename – The pink haired damsel in distress that you meet on your adventures has a new name. We decided that Erika would suit her better than Paige. So from now on, don’t be confused when we mention the name Erika.Erika, a lover and a fighter – Erika now fights alongside you after you find and help her. You can instruct her to either draw her sword and face the enemies with you head on, or use her ice spells to support you from a distance.New interactions with Erika – There are a few new intimate interactions with Erika in the camp. Not only will you get to have a conversation with her, but if you make the right choices you get to kiss her. You will also get to Touch her in a few places and see how she reacts.Erika, animations & emotes – With the new interactions with Erica, it’s no surprise that she has quite a few new animations. She also has two new emotes that pop up over her head to show you that you can interact with her.Build 07.02.20
Flythrough Improvements – With every build we try to make the intro of Iragon more and more pleasing and cinematic. We make camera adjustments until we get the result we want. For that we also wanted to improve the overall feel of the village by adding a new skybox that is still work in progress.Bridges Rework – The very first area that the player starts his journey in has been reworked. The bridge from the Military academy that goes to the village has been reconstructed and textured. Another one of the bridges you will have to cross further in the game has also been reworked.New Art – The first level for our cutscene – the interview room in the Military Academy now has Art and looks much more pleasing to the eye. What is more, our lovely boss succubus has a concept art illustration that has been added as a Loading Screen to the game.NPCs and Quest Changes – We added 1 new NPC in the village and 2 new NPCs in the tavern. All of whom you can talk to to get a richer idea of the story and the world of Iragon. The NPC that follows you around further in the game is now able to fight back your enemies with a sword. What is more, there is a new main quest in the tavern as well as a few optional ones that you can attend to after you take on the main quest.New Romantic Animations – It seems like our boy Darick’s luck is on tonight. We have new sexy animations for the lovely girl you meet along the way. Darick might just be able to get to first base, you never know! And when Paige gives him a kiss, heart particles of cuteness explode around her.Build 24.01.20
Saving Paige – The lovely page is now in a more threatening situation when Darick finds her. She is surrounded by soldiers who seem to have some naughty ideas about what to do with the poor girl. Thankfully, you are there to save the day.Succubus – We have a new challenger coming to face Darick and this one is sexier than any other. The succubus is a shapely demon, driven by lust and out for blood. There is also a new cutscene with her where she makes short work of the soldiers that Darick was previously struggling with.New Paige animations – Our lovely damsel in distress, Paige, has some new animations which will be used in an intimate cutscene a bit later on.New kissy faces – Speaking of intimate. Paige also has now facial morph targets that allow her to make kissy faces. You can use your imagination to figure out what we plan on doing with those.Build 10.01.20
Removed Grappling – Starting off the year with a bang. Grappling will no longer be a mechanic in Iragon. We know that this is a big change, but we’ve decided that It often separates the gameplay into swinging sections and everything else and we want it to all feel like one big experience. This change will also free up a lot of time to work on the rest of Iragon and allow us to deliver a better, tighter game.Two new NPCs – Introducing the two new (minor) characters to the Iragon family. First, we have Sewell, a villager in Balmoros who you can find somewhere in the village. He may be a bit drunk and under the weather, but he still has time to help out Darick. Second, we have the Tavernkeep. Unsurprisingly, he is found behind the bar in the tavern. Similar to Sewell, he helps out our protagonist by giving him some friendly advice.New level – After finishing the tutorial you will be treated to a new level. Although it is still in a graybox state, it feels and plays great and we hope that you love it.New intro – After starting your adventure you will now be treated to a flythrough that shows Balmoros better than ever before.New soldier armors – The armor smiths of the world have worked hard to introduce new armor for the soldiers that you will encounter.New Buttons – Lastly, we have some new buttons for that display your choices in conversation.Build 06.12.19General:– Main Menu – We gave the main menu of the game a new background – a pretty landscape of the village. As well as a bit more cinematic fly-through intro to the beginning of the game. – Level Improvements – The interview room where Darick begins his journey has gone through some layout and rescaling changes.– The tavern’s layout in the village level has been improved to fit the world better and it still stays in graybox. After cutscene there finishes, you are free to explore the village some more as it has been extended. You don’t have to worry about getting lost because we added road signs to guide you. And if you feel like practicing your new fighting skills, there are some scarecrows around that you can hit.– Character Improvements – We added new shadows to our characters that look better and are more realistic. Whenever you meet a new companion they will now follow you to your destination instead of running away from you.At the end of the demo you’ll get to fight the new model of the boss mages – the Crow Knight.– Fixes – Some major and some minor bugs were fixed, as well as some texture fixes and others. Build 22.11.19General: – Level rework – For this build we have reworked the demo’s first level. The village area is a lot more spacious and the military academy that Darick wants to join is a fort on top of a hill that looks badass and impenetrable.– Sky Sphere – The village level now has a sky sphere that replaces the skybox with a beautiful twilight sky. Still a work in progress but soon to be finished in future builds.– More Destruction – We have added 3 new types of destructibles because it is just so satisfying to destroy thi ngs. We have also improved them and the already existing ones with sounds and particles upon breaking.– Small improvements – some of the minor but important elements have been improved and added: A new interaction prompt; game cues/signs are better visible now; we paid attention to detail and added more signs that signify some parts of the game like the tavern and others; grappling targets have a new, more noticeable prompt.– Bug fixes and WIP – Some minor and some major bugs were fixed. The cutscenes are constantly being worked on and improved.In Virtual Reality:– Tutorials, all text cues and prompts now pop up from a simple but elegant menu on your VR hands. This fixes the annoying floating text in the air that moves every time you look in its direction.– More bug fixes. Build 08.11.19
General: – The village level now has an awesome military base, which is the place where Darick hopes to get accepted. What is more, we put up a new beautiful skybox that you may notice in the distance.– We have a new enemy that’s replacing the blond-haired peasants. So no more slaughtering of innocent people. Instead, you’ll be fighting against our new pal, the skeleton.– A few changes that you may notice when you set up camp: If you want to talk to one of our pretty girls, a prompt with a key to press will pop up when you walk up to them. You will also notice changes to the dialogue menu when you talk to one of them.– Some adjustments to the tutorial are also in place: Instead of having to break 10 boxes in the combat area, we reduced them down to 5. Also, the final stage of the grappling area has been extended.– Other changes are quite minor and include bug fixes and small adjustments.In Virtual Reality: – The interview room in the beginning of the demo now has a few interactive objects that you can pick up.– We added a vignette effect that will hopefully help some players reduce their motion sickness while moving and mostly while swinging.Build 24.10.19
New level – The demo needed one more level that will be dedicated to the combat tutorial and we made one. It’s between the swinging tutorial level and the level where you fight the mages.New combat tutorial – We felt that the combat tutorial in the demo was not good enough, so we made a new one. It takes place the new level, right after the swinging tutorial level. It will teach you how to fight with your swords in close quarters combat and how to use every different type of spell.Loading screen girls – Our loading screens are slowly becoming populated with images of sexy girls in suggestive poses.Updated Gallery – As promised we have done quite some work on our gallery and it now gives you access to scenes of the girls in а seductive manner.Build 11.10.19
Demo – The past few and the next few weeks are dedicated to making a demo for Iragon. It will be used to showcase what the game has to offer and how it will play. All the other things in this changelog are not for a playable builds that we share with you, but instead for the demo.Interview room level skeleton – The interview room is where the story will start and will show you the beginning of Darick’s journey.Village level skeleton – The village is a calm and beautiful place where the players will first gain control over Darick and will get a feel for the controls.Tavern level skeleton – Some of the more notable new sounds are those of the collectables, the chest opening and the prompt sounds. You might also notice that when you upgrade a spell, you get a sound corresponding to the type of spell.Grappling level skeleton – This is a bit self-explanatory. It’s where you learn to grapple with the help of another tutorial.Combat level skeleton – The combat level is where you will face your first real combat challenge and will have to fight a bunch of enemies.Movement/controls tutorial – As mentioned before, this will be in the village level and will teach you the very basics. Just so you can get a feel for how the character controls in this world.Combat tutorial – The combat tutorial takes place in two locations. First in the tavern and then, later on, in the combat level, alongside the magic tutorial. This will teach you how to fend for yourself when faced with a dangerous situation.Magic tutorial – This tutorial will teach you how to use your spells in a safe environment and how to use them alongside the regular combat, forging you into a force to be reckoned with.Grappling tutorial – As with the grappling level, this is pretty self-explanatory. You learn how to swing freely, from tree to tree without falling into a bottomless pit.Build 27.09.19
Loading screens – There used to be these gaps in gameplay where you just got a black screen while the next level loads, but there was no indication that you were waiting for a new level. To stop the confusion, we have added a loading screen that has the logo and tells you that it’s loading.Unlock item prompt – Finding an item or person in the world now shows you a prompt that tells you where you have to go to use or interact with what you have found.Gallery – The gallery, finally got some love and a devent design. Now all we have to do is capture some nice moments from your adventure that you might want to look at and reminisce.New sounds – Some of the more notable new sounds are those of the collectables, the chest opening and the prompt sounds. You might also notice that when you upgrade a spell, you get a sound corresponding to the type of spell.Build 13.09.19
Rita – A new lady enters the world of Iragon. Rita can be found at the end of the demo. She is in the company of the other girls. I’d say that’s good company.Paige’s hair – Paige got bored with her black hair and she wanted to stand out a bit more from the others. So she decided that coloring her hair hot pink is the best solution.Entering the camp – Going to the camp at any point though the menu felt a bit off. You can’t do that anymore. Instead you have to find places all over the map where you can set up your camp if you want to upgrade your spells.Upgrade menu – Speaking of spells, we have a new menu. It’s completely redesigned and has icons for all the spells and their upgrades.
Locked girls – The girls in the camp are no longer all there from the start. In their place you get silhouettes to hint that they are locked. To get a girl to appear in the camp, you first need to find her out in the world and then she will grace you with her company.Camp improvements – As for the camp itself, there are some small changes. We moved some things around and scaled things a bit better. We hope it feels nicer over there and that the feng shui is better.Boob physics – We made some changes to the way boobs interact with your hands in VR. Hopefully now it’s a pleasant enough experience that will provide our players with endless boob touching fun.Makeup – The girls from the gang had a ladies night out and came back with some changes. Other than Paige’s new hair and the new girl, Rita, they all got new makeup. We think that they were pretty as they were, but you know, girls will be girls.Build 30.08.2019
Upgrades NPC – With all the new spells and weapons and everything, things were beginning to turn into chaos. Hopefully, with our new friend, who we lovingly named, the upgrade NPC, things will be a bit more structured from now on. Oh, I’m just kidding. That’s not his name. It’s the spell dude, or Dan the upgrade man. Okay, we’ll get back to you with the final name. The point is that you can now go to this particular NPC for all your upgrade needs.Potential love interests – There sure are a lot of girls hanging around in the camp and if you play your cards right and choose the correct approach for each of them, you can get them to show you a good time. That is, do a sexy little dance for you. For now the system is quite primitive, but we will show it some love in the near future and it will become quite an interesting part of the game.Dummy punching bag – Everyone thinks they’re a tough guy but have never proved it to be true. Now the people over at the camp level have it all figured out. They have a fighting dummy that shows you how much damage you do with each hit. That way you can actually prove how tough you are.New Camp level – We really like the idea of the camp level but it was just a bit empty in its graybox state. So, naturally, we added art and made it all pretty and cozy.Build 16.08.2019
Code Name Wildlander – Wildlander is the name we have given to the new costume for Darick. It looks quite different from the last costume he had. Hopefully it makes him look more like the aspiring hero he is.Annah’s kinky side – Annah has always been the damsel in distress. But as the old saying goes “Girls just wanna have fun” and I guess it’s true. She now has an alternative outfit that’s quite a bit more provocative than her green dress.Mana orbs everywhere! – Up to this point we had these big levels with no reason to explore them. Well that’s not the case anymore. There are mana orbs floating around the levels. Now, you may ask “But what do I need the beautiful orbs of pure magical energy for?”, and that’s a good question.Going camping – Oh, what’s this? A camp that you can access from anywhere in the world and use to fiddle around in your inventory. What? There’s more to do in the camp! You can interact with charming young ladies in order to upgrade your spells, health and mana in exchange for the mana orbs from the last paragraph! Well isn’t that convenient?Pause menu – No one is forcing you to go to the camp to take a breather though. You can just hit escape and go grab a coffee, use the restroom, do your daily blood sacrifice to the goat demons, check your e-mail or do whatever you want, without having to worry about the game.Gallery – Here’s another new feature that will definitely get better with time. Talking to the girls in the camp gives you access to a gallery with pictures that will eventually be full of all the girls. So far it’s just the same picture over and over again.Build 02.08.2019
NPC – After you have obtained a good amount of mana orbs you will then be able to exchange those orbs with an NPC. You have two options: you can either upgrade your mana or your health. More mana equals more spells you can use to destroy your enemies. More health is just more health.Mana orbs – While on your journey you will find mana orbs in the levels that you can collect. There is no way to miss them they’re glowing and have cool particle effects. You will be able to see how many orbs you have.Inventory – A traveler should have a place to carry the treasures they find and the weapons they wield. This is why we have added an inventory where you can stash all the goods you get.Collectable weapons – Hidden in the ancient lands of Iragon lie collectable weapons that improve the fighting skills of the owner. One of these weapons is an amazing axe that will grant you melle abilities.Dynamic camera movement – Moving around in the world of Iragon is more immersive. With the new dynamic camera movement fighting, grappling and movement in general looks more realistic.
New tutorial level – We decided to take a new approach to the tutorial to see what works best for the players.Build 19.07.2019
Spells and enchantments – We know that you might have gotten bored of just using fire to slay your enemies. Well guess what. We have a big change for you this week. All four of our current spells are available for testing now. You now have fire, lightning and ice. Unique spells, unique weapon enchantments, unique effects, unique sounds, unique everything. This ought to be a fun one.Darick – After all this time spent playing as a blank placeholder for a main character, we finally added our protagonist. His name is Darick and he is a strapping young lad with blond hair and blue eyes. Like him or not, you have to admit that he is a huge improvement from the blank faceless expression on the placeholder’s face.Page & Lucia – We got a bit tired of Annah being the only girl in the world of Iragon. After many long hours, it’s finally time for a big reveal. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you, Paige and Lucia. Pretty faces and beautiful figures aren’t the only things that these girls bring to the table. They also have some killer dance moves. Mainly because they aren’t yet implemented into the levels properly, but you can find them dancing next to a fire right after the swinging section.Captain – The knights are stronger and cooler than ever but they are simple foot soldiers. That means that they usually have someone guiding them and giving them orders. That burden falls on the shoulders of the captain. Like the regular knights, he is a foot soldier, but he wields a big axe and orders the regular knights around. He also boosts their morale and I assume that their pumped up battlecries pump him up as well.Crow knight – Knights come in all shapes and sizes and it just so happens that some have crow heads. Well, crow helmets at least. For now there is only one and he is stuck in a T pose but he at least he is in the company of the dancing Page and Lucia.Destructibles – Killing bad guys is fun and all, but what is violence without a bit of destruction to go along with it? You may not be able to hit people with tables and tables with people like in a Jackie Chan movie, but we added a little something to satisfy your destructive needs. Barrels! Destructible barrels. With sounds. Hey, it’s a start.Build 04.07.2019
Baby’s first grapple – We noticed that a lot of players were having trouble the first time they encountered swinging and they were dying a bunch. And it makes sense. Players need to learn a new mechanic in an environment that does not give them much leeway for experimentation. That’s why we made the gap that they have to swing over quite a bit smaller. Hopefully this translates to an easier and more pleasant learning experience.Soldier should be able to fight – We think that the armored soldiers in Iragon look pretty cool. However, we also think that they have no clue how to fight. So, we sent them off to knight college and they came back quite more proficient at the art of the blade. They now approach you with their shields up and once they reach you, they will try to surround you and attack you from all directions. They will also divide their forces between you and your companions who decide to put up a fight.Mages – Bulky guys in armor is good and all, but what is a fantasy world without mages? These slippery arcane tricksters will throw fireballs at you from a safe distance and try to teleport away once you come near them.Health bars – Mages and soldiers who can actually fight. Things seem to have gotten a bit harder but don’t worry, we have given the player a tiny bit of help too. You will now see health bars above the enemies. Hopefully this will make it easier to prioritize enemies with lower health and make fighting groups of baddies less of a threat.Sword fighting animations – With our new combat system we needed cool new animations. So we put some in. Fighting with swords looks way better now, regardless of if you are using one sword in one of your hands or dual wielding.Main menu sounds – The main menu of Iragon might still be in a very early stage of its development but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t even have sound effects.Red tree crowns – They are now red. Sounds weird but it’s true. The red tree crowns stand out way more in our snowy swinging level and it makes it way easier to plan your route of swinging. Bushes are also the same color. Hopefully that helps players realize that they can grapple to them to make their lives a bit easier.New rocks – We have made new rocks to replace the old ones, that looked like they were pulled straight out of a game from 2005. The new rocks look way better and go a long way towards making the whole level more pleasant to look at.Swinging level art – The first swinging level has gone through many, many changes and has stayed in graybox for far too long now. Those days are over. It is now almost entirely finished and we hope you like it.Build 20.06.2019
Combat – We decided to spice up the fighting in Iragon by making it a bit more dynamic. Now you can choose between wielding a sword or a magic spell in each hand. If you feel like going full melee, just equip two swords. And if spells are more your thing use both hands to cast.Dodge and Stagger – With new ways to fight we also needed some new mechanics to make things even more interesting. When you hit an enemy it staggers for a second, giving you a chance to reposition. If they do get to you and try to land a hit, try dodging out of the way.Weapon enchanting – If you have a fiery spell in one hand and a sword in the other, you can choose to enchant your sword with the spell. You still keep the spell in one hand but the sword in the other is enveloped in flames.Equipment menu – New weapon/spell loadouts means that we need a new way of selecting what to equip in each hand. That’s why we made a simple menu for each hand, with which you can change your fighting strategy on the fly.Level changes – We have been working on a few levels that are not available in the build that we give to testers. This is not because we don’t want them to be seen. We just need time to make them nice and interesting for the players so that they are not disappointed when they finally get to play them. This time we changed the beginning of one of the levels with a beautiful cave with glowing red crystals that you can grapple to. We might have also added a few secret paths and places in there.Swords – We have some history with swords. We had one when we first started making Iragon. Then we decided that we will only be doing spells and removed it. Well, as you might have read at the start of this changelog, we added the sword back. Not only that, but it now has a fancy new model and it looks great. The soldiers also have two new swords. Your sword also leaves a trail when you swing it.Sounds – Oh boy, there are quite a few new sounds in the game. While walking around, you might notice that there are three new sounds for stepping on snow and three for stepping on stone. When fighting with a sword you will hear three new sounds when hitting an enemy and the sound of blood flying. And if your sword happens to be on fire, you will hear another three new sounds. Spells also have new sound effects.Other sounds – So far I have told you about what happens when you hit an enemy, but what about when an enemy hits you? There are now sounds for Darick taking damage. And if things aren’t going well and you end up with low health, you will hear your own heartbeat and all other sounds will go numb.Ambient – There are new ambient sounds in the cave in the beginning of one of the new levels. The cool thing is that the cave ambient makes a smooth transition into the ambient sounds from outside of the cave.