Infernus: The Descent [v0.0.15] [Team Infernus]

Infernus: The Descent [v0.0.15] [Team Infernus] Infernus: The Descent [v0.0.15] [Team Infernus] Infernus: The Descent [v0.0.15] [Team Infernus] Infernus: The Descent [v0.0.15] [Team Infernus] Infernus: The Descent [v0.0.15] [Team Infernus]
In this erotic RPG, you play a succubus fighting to reclaim her power after 3000 years of slumber. Fight and fuck your way through the levels of Hell to collect power and rebuild your house until you are the strongest demon in Hell.​
Thread Updated: 2019-09-23
Release Date: 2019-08-02
Developer: Team Infernus
Censorship: None
Version: 0.0.15
OS: Win, Mac, Linux
Language: English
2dcg, Female Protagonist, Female Domination, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, BDSM, Simulator
New Features:
Added Fountain FurnitureChanges:
Player movement modified
Fire Giant’s aggro and leash range adjusted
Fire Giant movement speed increasedBug Fixes:
Fire Giant could move out of boundsv0.0.14
New Features:
Added Throne AccessoryChanges:
Expanded Hell map
Fire Giant
Shoots fireballs Increased aggro radius Spawn point moved to the bottom of the map Bug Fixes:
Couldn’t go to Hell after dying unless save was reloaded v0.0.13
New Features:
Added Fire Giant Enemy
Added Television ItemBug Fixes:
Fixed wall object placement and positioning v0.0.12
New Features:
Added Fireplace House ItemBug Fixes:
Fixed equipment manager popup
Fixed weapon rebinding
Canvas had layering issues and caused some tooltips to not be visible
Animations sometimes did not load
UI became less responsive after switching scenes v0.0.11
New Features:
Added House Editor items
•Lewd Plants
•Treasure ChestBug Fixes:
Item and UI tooltips now work properly v0.0.10
New Features:
Added House Editor items
•Sexy Vase
•Striped Wallpaper
•Booby Wallpaper
World map window now saves state when traveling between locationsBug Fixes:
House Editor randomly stopped working
Sometimes items would not spawn when moving between locations
Could not move after closing map
Could not open map in Hell if last autosave was in Hell
Home button would not work sometimesKnown Issues:
Item and UI tooltips do not appear v0.0.9.0
New Features:
Park location added to Earth travelChanges:
Randomly generated humans now spawn in different locations
Bug Fixes: Fixed UI scaling issue in human tracker menu v0.0.8.0
New Features:
Combat Ability Sound EffectsChanges:
Adjusted player movement speed and walking animation v0.0.7.0
New Features:
Sex Scene Animations
Incubus x Wandering Dead Female
Succubus x Human Male
Added Sabine idle animationChanges:
Updated Succubus x Wandering Dead Female animation v0.0.6.0
New Features:
Incubus animations have been added (including shower animations)
New day cycle animationChanges:
House Editor UX improvementsBug Fixes:
Fixed Wandering Dead animation issues
Human Tracker UI now scales properlyKnown Issues:
Incubus walk animation gets stuck v0.0.5.0
New Features:
Wandering Dead variations with different skin and hair colors
Random NPC Generator for the human world with cosmetic differences (personalities are in progress)
Quest system implemented, with two sample quests
Day system to replenish healthChanges:
Player animations now support equipping a single one-handed itemKnown Issues:
Wandering dead variant’s clothing has layering issues
Human tracker screen does not properly scale for 4:3 aspect ratio v0.0.4.1
Patrons get a special shower sceneChanges
House editor now zooms out while in use
House editor now hides menu barBug Fixes
House editor now works after opening equipment manager v0.0.4.0
Action Bar and ability slots
Set your ability slots and customize where each ability goes (custom keybinds are on the way!)Equipment Manager
Equip and unequip your items and see what they look like in a live character preview.House Editor
Customize your house appearance and add decor to make it your own (right now there’s only a wallpaper but more collectible items are coming soon)Changes
Made enemy attack range and accuracy more consistent
Adjusted block ability’s hitboxBug Fixes
Walls no longer disappear when close to the edge of the camera
UI interaction no longer triggers attack bound to left mouse button v0.0.3.0
New Features:You can now travel to Earth and there is a cafe environment you can walk around
Development of an equipment manager where you can swap gear and set custom keybinds for your abilities is in progress. You can take a look at in game but it’s a work in progress.
House tileset resolution increased to match other environmentsBug fixes:
Proper character apperance now displays during animation changes
Fixed large seams between limbs on player character
Correct combat animations now play when abilities are usedKnown Issues:
You are able to clip through the corner walls of the House and Cafe and escape the map’s boundary with some effort v0.0.2.0
You can fuck things now
Combat with all three starter weapons
Animations are in for the succubus, but not the incubus yet
Travel between your house and Abaddon, the first circle of Hell