Hypnosis [Ep. 9 v0.7.2] [Expanding Universe]

Hypnosis [Ep. 9 v0.7.2] [Expanding Universe] Hypnosis [Ep. 9 v0.7.2] [Expanding Universe] Hypnosis [Ep. 9 v0.7.2] [Expanding Universe] Hypnosis [Ep. 9 v0.7.2] [Expanding Universe] Hypnosis [Ep. 9 v0.7.2] [Expanding Universe] Hypnosis [Ep. 9 v0.7.2] [Expanding Universe] Hypnosis [Ep. 9 v0.7.2] [Expanding Universe] Hypnosis [Ep. 9 v0.7.2] [Expanding Universe] Hypnosis [Ep. 9 v0.7.2] [Expanding Universe]
You moved in with your best friend and his family under one condition:
That you don’t hook up with your friend’s cute little sister Leah who seems to have a crush on you.
The game begins with Leah complaining that her boobs are too small, so to make her feel better you pull out your grandfather’s pocket watch and wave it in front of her, telling her that her boobs will grow. This somehow works, and soon all of Leah’s friends are asking you to hypnotize them also.
Choose between being the nice guy and the asshole with each girl. It is possible to date multiple girls at the same time, but you will find that girls in small private schools tend to gossip.
There are five main girls with storylines to explore romantically.
Thread Updated: 2020-05-02
Release Date: 2020-05-01
Developer: Expanding Universe Patreon Itch.io Game Jolt Official Website
Censored: No
Version: Episode 9 v0.7.2
Language: English
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
3DCG, Mobile Game, Anal Sex, Big Ass, Big Tits, Breast Expansion, Harem, Lactation, Pregnancy, Oral Sex, Teasing, Titfuck, Transformation, Virgin, Vaginal Sex, Male Protagonist, Mind Control
v0.7.2 EP9
This version includes the first real ending of the game.
It is over half the length of Episode 9 and has a decent amount of content, especially if you hooked up with Brittany in Episode 7.Find it near the beginning of Episode 8.
Choose Laura when you first get to Laura’s house for the pool party.v0.7.1 Ep9
This episode is about the fallout from Episode 8v0.6.2 Ep8
Fixed a couple wardrobe inconsistencies and issues with dialogue names being wrong in certain scenes.
Added more to the Leah/Ashley sex scene toward the end.
40+ fixes on grammatical errors and mistakes throughout the game.v0.6.1 Ep8
Pool Party! Take all the girls and put them in one place. Add ice, booze and stir. It’s going down.v0.5.3 Ep.7
The Episode is called Wingman because Cory corners you and calls you out for not sharing your recent streak with him.
You agree to take him out to the bars and have the chance to take him to Jenn’s party. Catch up with Jenn and Haley and meet a few of their friends.The alternate Leah storyline is now updated and begins in Episode One.
You have the option not to kiss her initially, and this starts an alternate (possibly better?) storyline where your relationship with Leah begins slower and is encouraged by Ashley.
It also avoids making the girls angry at you for trying to date them at the same time, but you still end up with both girls.
It took longer than I hoped, as some of the days got moved around and a lot of dialogue needed to be rewritten on top of the new scenes.
I tested it, but I’m sure I missed a few things. Let me know any errors on Discord as you spot them.v0.4 Ep.6
This release mostly focuses on Grace and Laura.
Expect hot tubs, s and…v0.3b Ep.5

Taking Ashley out on your date and the aftermath is the main focus of the update. Click to expand…

Once again I also went back to update a lot of animations and pictures. Click to expand…

The vote for whether to add hints to the game came out close so I added it as an optional choice, both at the beginning of the game and the beginning of the episode. Click to expand…

The game is now divided into episodes, this update being episode five. Click to expand…

If you start from the beginning you will find the submissive route for Jenn (which is more fun, in my opinion.) Click to expand…

You won’t be able to keep everyone happy this time around, but that is what happens when you try to date five girls that know each other at once.
Developer Notes:
What to expect in the game:
School girls, dating, virgins, harem, breast expansion, lactation, pregnancy.
What not to expect:
You won’t find NTR, anyone under the age of 18, incest or anything non-consensual.