House Chores [v0.2] [Siren's Domain]

House Chores [v0.2] [Siren's Domain] House Chores [v0.2] [Siren's Domain] House Chores [v0.2] [Siren's Domain] House Chores [v0.2] [Siren's Domain]
House Chores is a visual novel where you experience the story of a young man on his summer vacation. Problems arise when he begins to see someone close to him in a much different manner. To make matters worse, two unexpected guests barge in and complicate this messy summer even further!
Can you score it big during your summer vacation? Or will you start the school year empty handed?​
Thread Updated: 2020-03-20
Release Date: 2020-03-19
Developer: Siren’s Domain PatreonItch.ioTwitter
Censored: No
Version: Beta 0.2
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
Other Games: Zombie’s RetreatTown of Passion
2DCG, Male protagonist, Incest, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Milf, Mobile game
v0.2 Beta
New Busts:
‘not’ Aunt – Julie
‘not’ Sister – EmilyScenes added:Fap (Chibi) Scenes Added:
MC + Linda sex== New Engine ==
The main focus of this update is moving the game to a brand new engine which effectively requires re-making the entire game so far.
The engine went from Visual Novel Maker to RPGMaker. Most of the VN elements have been kept as well as a few new bonus features
have been added.Ultimately, this engine swap allows for more flexibility with mini games, more fluid & consistent sex scenes (with sound effects),
and the easier ability to port to Android!== New Activities ==
Unlike Beta 0.1, the game now has a functional day/night system with activities to pass the time. In future updates, I plan to add
several more activities so don’t worry about there being few things to do at the moment. You can also re-experience most events
in the game now such as the bath peek scene and asking Linda for a ‘favor’.== Other Misc Changes ==
-A bunch…
v0.1 Beta
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
== Roadmap/Plans ==In case you weren’t aware, House Chores is the third of three game projects that I am working on simultaneously! Because of this, it’s a lower-priority project and it’s designed to be a little less demanding compared to Town of Passion & Zombie’s Retreat.I want each update/build to feel meaningful but this will not be the lengthiest visual novel out there by any means.My plans are to finish this visual novel in a year so roughly the late summer of 2020. I also intend for this game to be just an hour or two from start to finish if you quickly play through it. If enough people enjoy House Chores, it’s possible that I will increase the scope of the project slightly to include more content!