Goss_IP [v0.6] [Basilicata]

Goss_IP [v0.6] [Basilicata] Goss_IP [v0.6] [Basilicata] Goss_IP [v0.6] [Basilicata] Goss_IP [v0.6] [Basilicata] Goss_IP [v0.6] [Basilicata] Goss_IP [v0.6] [Basilicata] Goss_IP [v0.6] [Basilicata] Goss_IP [v0.6] [Basilicata] Goss_IP [v0.6] [Basilicata] Goss_IP [v0.6] [Basilicata] Goss_IP [v0.6] [Basilicata] Goss_IP [v0.6] [Basilicata] Goss_IP [v0.6] [Basilicata] Goss_IP [v0.6] [Basilicata] Goss_IP [v0.6] [Basilicata] Goss_IP [v0.6] [Basilicata] Goss_IP [v0.6] [Basilicata]
The story is about Ted Matisse, a 19 yo male student, who had his reputation ruined by a misunderstanding and now he has a hard time at school and home. He uses his computer hacking skills to get even with classmates, professors and anyone who gets in his way. His allies in this adventure are his new friend, Ivan Romanov and some other characters he meets on the way.
Futa/Trans Content
A random, ingame avoidable screenshot at the end of chapter 4.
Gameplay Advice
Goss_IP is a complicated game with various storyline paths. For example, the story takes different paths in chapter 2 and 3 depending on Ivan’s answer on Mrs.Parker’s invite. So, play more than once. Don’t miss out.
Suggested storylines to advance in Chapter 4 are:
Ted- You can advance in the same game the following: Kirsten’s, Ashley’s, Kanakis’ and Nurse’s (Maybe only partially). Jensen’s takes a lot of time out of coding. Jenny’s, Lee’s and DaSilva’s are unimportant for now.
Ivan- You can have sex with all three women in your house (Although with Monique there’s no penetration). Suggested storylines to advance are Kanakis’s and at least one visit at the nurse.
At the end of chapter 4 is advised to have perfect score 10/10 in code and basketball but it’s not necessary to advance the story. Failure results in different progress in chapter 5..
Some elements are random. It’s not always your fault. Sometimes, it’s just bad luck.
This is not a sandbox game. Your choices matter.
Have fun.

Thread Updated: 2020-05-01
Release Date: 2020-05-01
Developer: Basilicata PatreonSubscribestar
Censored: No
Version: 0.6
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Male protagonist, 2DCG, Anal sex, Adventure, Multiple Endings, Masturbation, Milf, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism, Lesbian, Funny, Multiple Protagonists, Blackmail, Humiliation, Futa/Trans
Extract and run
Changelog: v0.6
-Chapter 5
– Old saves will work
– The roll back function will be blocked in Ivan’s matches
– His opponents’ skill will be random (within reason) so maybe it will be a good idea to keep your initial save
– Some minor things from the previous chapters have changed: Bruce, Coach Sanders, Diana (Including Ivan’s wet dream) and a little of fine tuning of the storyline points.
– Minor graphic violence is present.
– Two new sex scenes
-Various different endings, depending on choices made in previous chapters.v0.55
-Second and last part of Chapter 4 from Ivan’s point of view.
-Ten days time management with multiple choices and storylines to choose and advance
-Introducing Margot
-Storylines to advance are: Kanakis, Jensen, DaSilva, Lee, Nurse, Rachel, Monique, Margot.
-Added Android portv0.5
-First part of Chapter 4 (It’s called Ted’s POV). The second part is Ivan’s POV.
-Ten days time management with multiple choices and storylines to choose and advance
-Introducing Mrs.Lee and Nurse
-Storylines to advance are: Kanakis, Jensen, DaSilva, Lee, Nurse, Jenny, Kirsten, Ashley, Megan.
-Changed graphics for Dad and Jenny
-Removed bully chase and gameovers from previous chapters
-Added Android portv0.4
-Complete Chapter 3
-Two major story paths based on choices from Chapter 1
-Updated storyline point system
-Introducing Mrs. DaSilva and Rosav0.35
-Short tutorial
-Introducing storyline point system
-Polished Chapter 2
-Added better images for Clara and Ivan
-Previous saves will not work (sorry again…)
-A little new content from chapter 3v0.3
-Completed Chapter 2
-Two new sex scenes
-Random encounters in Ted’s bathroom
-Storyline based on actions taken in Chapter 1
-Introducing Jenny and the "Snakes"
-Saves from v0.2 will not work (sorry…)v0.2
– Removed the age test from Prologue1
– Improved Prologue2
– Chapter 1 with 2 different storylines to choose