Gnome'n Titans [v0.2.3] [SrMagal Creation]

Gnome'n Titans [v0.2.3] [SrMagal Creation] Gnome'n Titans [v0.2.3] [SrMagal Creation] Gnome'n Titans [v0.2.3] [SrMagal Creation] Gnome'n Titans [v0.2.3] [SrMagal Creation] Gnome'n Titans [v0.2.3] [SrMagal Creation]
Gnome’n Titans is about the story of Guffus, the Gnome. He likes big tits and fat asses.
The age of Titans has just begun. You will guide the path of Guffus challenging semi-impossible battle against Titans.
Make them your lover or slave in a bullet-hell gameplay with a lot of violence, comedy, blood and anal sex.
: More info The Titans, eternal giant beings with incalculable powers, once considered mythcal creatures, but lately reports of the appearance of some became more and more frequent in the magical kingdom of Guba, brave warriors, curious magicians and thieves thirsting for fortune began to search for them. Guffus, the strangest gnome you’ve ever seen, has always been fascinated by great things, in fact, gigantic things – big boobs, big butts – and how great his desires were also his bravery. Someone said that all the titans are females and Guffus did not resist the urge to see an immense ass. Rumors of the dead raising from their graves in the anciant cemetery near the village Golfindoia of the Frogs can only be the work of the profane and erotic spells of a Titan!
Does a stinking gnome be able to defeat these powerful creatures?
Thread Updated: 2019-06-24
Release Date: 2019-06-24
Developer: SrMagal Creation
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.3
OS: Windows
Language: English
2DCG, Platformer, Bullet-hell, Male protagonist, Animated, Big tits, Parody, Fantasy, Side-scroller
-Tutorial Dungeon! Now it’s time to learn how you should play this game with Seal! No more rage quit!
– Small bugs fix.
-Gnomic Enchants (At Config Menu): Activate cheats, special events and teleports to specifics maps! All Gnomic Enchants are taught for who are Gnome Supporter Tiers or more at Patreon page.Enchant #1: Nude Seal and few additional dialogs.
Enchant #2: Heal 1 Heart per second.
Enchant #3: Heal 1 Pink Mana per second.
Enchant #4: Heal 1 Yellow Mana per second.WARNING: Healing Enchants should be avoid, it’s too OP!v0.2.2b
– You can throw while walking! ( but you walk slower than normal!)
– At the titan battle if your pink mana is lower than 50 there’ll be a spawn of Heartberry bouncing somewhere in the map. This spawn occur only once per minute.
– Changed the titan LOVE and RAGE bar, Now it’s more intuitive.
– The stone do more damage now, same damage as the Orb of the Star. And it’s the best damage dealer agains the Titan’s Armor. Remember you can carry up 3 stones at once!v0.2.2
– Changed the aiming system to Mouse!
– Increased initial pink mana pool: 100 -> 150
– Punch Attack is directioned by mouse positioning on the screen
– Boss: Cast Blue Fire spells more often
– Boss: Reduced the Kissing Orb pleasure point on “soft spots”
– Boss: Destroying upper and lower armor increase more Rage [Boss attack change]v0.2.1
First release
– Fixed some audio overlay.
– Fixed indestructible upper armor bug.
– Rised Guffus’ Life Points, Red Mushroom heal 2HP now.
Developer Notes:
The core gameplay is pretty solid, so… It’s time to develop the GAME! what is my schedule?
Major update order:
-> 2° Titan’s Battle scene (The Anal Battle)
-> World Map
-> Shop & Enemies dropping currency
-> Optional Dungeon for farming currency and collecting Sacred Relics [Permanent Buffs]
-> "Special Service" with the shopkeeper <3
-> Golfindoia of the Frogs Village and its NPCs.
-> Second Titan…
Guffus like every gnome, has magical powers. He can create magic orbs to play with friends, but can be used to hurt when needed.
– Kissing Orb: Soft, does not do much damage but when hit in "delicate" parts provides much pleasure.
– Orb of the Stars: able to do considerable damage, is basically a stone with explosive thornsCONTROLSA,D = Walk: Left, Right
Space = Jump
Q,E = Change Attack Type
Mouse = Aiming
Mouse Left Click = Attack/Throw
Mouse Right Click = Special Attack
W= Pick upPRO TIP: Use alot of Kissing Orbs (purple), you have plenty!
EMERGENCY BAR [If you’re having a really bad time, try some here]
Light – Golden Orb do 3x more damage than Purple Orbs on ENEMYS.
– Shining spots are good hidden itens, try to hit it. Medium – On starting of the game, there is a shining spot on the top of tallest tree, you almost cant see it.
– At the Boss’ battle map. walk until the rightest edge of the map, then a Red Mushroom spawn at leftest edge of the map.
– When the boss spawn go to starting point when Guffus was at begining, some zombies will spawn, but a shining spot will spawn too at a tree near the boss. Boss: Light – Stone do 7x times more damage than Purple Orbs at her upper armor locker, it’s the best thing to break her locker!
– Purple Orbs do low damage at armor.
– Golden Orbs and stones hitting her skin make her get angry! avoid it! Boss: Heavy Upper BAR -> LOVE: It fills rising her pleasure, to win the battle your must throw a purple orb at her puzzle, it must be the LAST hit when this bar is full!
Lower BAR -> RAGE: Try to keep it low, Higher Rage means her use strong attacks and attack more often!