Forbidden Fruit [v0.6.3] [Magic Fingers]

Forbidden Fruit [v0.6.3] [Magic Fingers] Forbidden Fruit [v0.6.3] [Magic Fingers] Forbidden Fruit [v0.6.3] [Magic Fingers] Forbidden Fruit [v0.6.3] [Magic Fingers] Forbidden Fruit [v0.6.3] [Magic Fingers] Forbidden Fruit [v0.6.3] [Magic Fingers] Forbidden Fruit [v0.6.3] [Magic Fingers] Forbidden Fruit [v0.6.3] [Magic Fingers] Forbidden Fruit [v0.6.3] [Magic Fingers] Forbidden Fruit [v0.6.3] [Magic Fingers] Forbidden Fruit [v0.6.3] [Magic Fingers] Forbidden Fruit [v0.6.3] [Magic Fingers] Forbidden Fruit [v0.6.3] [Magic Fingers] Forbidden Fruit [v0.6.3] [Magic Fingers] Forbidden Fruit [v0.6.3] [Magic Fingers]
Would you like to be on a bright island full of adventures, secrets, funny characters, exciting story, of course, a bunch of friends and scary monsters? Then discover the Forbidden Fruit!
Maya and Leo – brother and sister, the main characters of the game, around which the events unfold. The most interesting part of their story begins when, after graduation, they decided to visit their parents. But on arrival home, they were surprised that the whole family will not be able to get together as before…​
Thread Updated: 2020-05-20
Release Date: 2020-05-09
Developer: Magic Fingers PatreonDiscordWeb
Censored: No
Version: 0.6.3 "Agon"
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English, Russian
2DCG, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Multiple protagonists, Adventure, Furry, Animated, Monster, Puzzle, big ass, fantasy, handjob, loli, humor, monster girl, oral sex, titfuck, vaginal sex, tentacles, anal sex, ahegao, turn based combat, incest, lesbian, sleep sex, mobile game, RPG
– 3 new cool animated scenes!
– 4 additional scenes!
– New costume for Maya!
– 2 New characters ( + rebuild of the previous character)!
– More than 14k words of a storyline!
– New language Portuguese! (thanks to GodDreams – our fan and friendv0.6.2.5
– Fixed bugs with saves
– Fixed bugs with animations
– Fixed bugs with black screens
– Fixed bugs with mods
– Added part of 0.6.3v0.6.2 OA
– 2 new animated scenes + additional variant to the previous scene. ( don’t look that this is
just an additional variant, you will like it
– 2 New characters!
– Continuation of the story-line!
– New additional scenes
– New outfitsv0.6.1 OE
N/Av0.6.1 Bugfix Public
– All scenes in the game now are free in public builds! (example – when we will upload 0.6.2 at the same time we will upload 0.6.1 public build with all scenes)
– We opened animations and animal dicks for everybody.
– Inside links to the 0.6.2
3 New cool scenes! Continue with the storyline! New outfit for Maya New colors for the outfit for Maya! New items for the dungeon! Additional variants to 3 new scenes A new mode with feral dicks that change all scenes and characters. New scenes with animal dicks:
Raj dialog (without bondage) now with animal dick too ( in the mode) Additional scene Maya-Alf ( from Kenshi, 50$ patron)
v0.5.3 Public Version
1. We added 2 modes to the game: Feral dicks, Human dicks. At the main menu, you can change mode, and all the content of the game will change to your choice. (Still for 20$+)
2. We made variants of animal dicks to all scenes with animals. Now sprite of Raj and other animals in scenes have animal dicks.
3. From the next update, the additional variants of scenes and other stuff of 50$ Patrons will be only for 50$ patrons.
4. We changed the shell system because patreon can’t give correct information about current patrons because some people can donate only ones but not get monthly subscriptions. Now we will count patrons by their lifetime. For example, we will add additional content for the golden shell when we will have 3 patrons who donated 150$ (each) for the whole time. The other shell will have a small figure of donations but the bigger amount of people.
5. We tried to fix the save system. From the update (0.6.1) you can save your progress and upload it in 0.6.2 and other future updates.
Also, we made a lot of bug fixes, added a lot of items with new stats, and make a lot of small things (like change sprites near the fire, etc)v0.5.2
– More than 200 points changed in the gameplay ( with quests, marks, mini-games etc)!
– 3 animated scenes.
– 2 previous scenes now animated too.
– New location.
– New character.
– Continue with the storyline.Dungeon:
– New wild characters in the dungeon.
– Now you can catch wilds and trade them.
– New levels of the dungeon.
– New items for the dungeon.For 10$+:
– A new outfit from ( Anthony Sanchez, 50$ patron).
– Items with a higher level for the dungeon,For 20$+:
– Additional variants for 2 new scenes.
– Additional variants for 2 scenes with animal dicks.v0.5.1 Bugfix2
– Now we show you the way through the storyline by marks. Now you will not have any questions about where you should go, or what you should do.
– Now you can open the gallery in easy mode, and now this is not only the pictures or animations but it’s scenes from the game with text.
– Added a lot of small things for comfortable playing. For example, we added tips to riddles, also if you don’t want to read the text, you can skip it. Made mini-games easier
– Added explanations of the new mechanics when you will find it for the first time in the game.
– Fixed crashes, bugs, Russian text in some spots, etc
– Now you will not see animations in public buildv0.5.1 Bugfix
– Sort quests. Now you will not have questions about quests.
– Moved clothes for main characters from box to shop.
– Changed sizes of characters.
– More items after combats.
– Now characters will arrive with 1 hp, you win a fight.
– Changed combat system.
– Added quest mark to locations on the map. Now you can see with whom you should speak on the map.
– Made mini-games easier
– Now you can skip combats.
– Now you can use tips in riddles.
– Made small things for quests ( like numbers) more visible.
And a lot of small things.Also, we know that you have some problems with your antivirus and auto-update in the game. So we decided to add the button "update" to the menu. When you will press it, you will get the last version of the game.v0.4.3 Christmas build
!!! The correction in English of the whole game !!!
– New quests!
– New scenes! ( we will not tell you how much, let it be secret
– Continue with the storyline!
– New outfits!
Combat system:
– Huge spiders!
– Angry wolfs!
– 2 floors with monsters!
– New locations!
– New items for characters ( weapon, armor etc)v0.4.2
– New location!
– 3 new animated scenes!
– 2 new outfits + 2 costumes that you can’t use after (it is part of the storyline)
– Small stuff for characters
– New quests and riddles.
– About 70 pages of storyline.v0.4.1
In this update you will see:
– new mini-game.
– Some small stuff for main characters ( lipstick, flowers, gloves etc)
– 3 awesome scenes with Maya.
– about 80+ pages of storyline.
– 2 new characters.
Also, we added a loot box system. You can buy boxes in the Shanas store, open it and get scripts with our old arts, small items for characters.
And! For our 10$+ we made additional build, with additional content inboxesv0.3.3
We changed all the scenes to animations.
In this update you will see:
– 1 new outfit
– 3 cool scenes
– 1 new wild animal character.
– new mini-games.
– About 70 pages of storyline
– Riddles!!!v0.3 + Halloween
– Fixed bugs with Shana.
– Added new Halloween eventv0.3.2
In 0.3.2 we fixed some bugs, change the difficult of mini-games and added
– 2 mini-games
– 4 new characters
– 3 new scenes
– 2 outfits for main heroes
– more than 50 pages of storyline.v0.3.1a
We added 2 mods in the game: normal, hard.
In normal mode, you can go trough storyline and skip riddles, and mini-games. But you will not have access to extras, you will see the scene once.
But if you want to add scenes to extras you should play in hard mode.
* we understood that you don’t want have ant difficulties in the game, so this update for you*v0.3.1
We added so many changes, so we don’t want to waste your time reading them all. It’s just like a new game.v0.2.1
In this update, we fixed bugs and made localization for Russians. We are from a CIS country, so we cant leave our bros.
(For Russians) We translated all storyline, didn’t translate the quests and characters. We will do it in future updates.v0.2
– We should upload the 0.2.1 into 0.1.1 and this update is 0.2. So don’t think that we just upload the old version.
– Freedom of moving.
– Talk with monsters
– Take quests
– work for characters
– 3 riddles
– 1 mini-game
– 11 +- animations
– 2 new characters
– 40+ pages of textv0.2.1
In this update, we continued the subject line. But so far the magazine, tasks, and other functions are blocked. They will not be necessary for you in this updating. In the following version, we plan to add the main mechanics therefore now just keep following the main storyline.v0.1.1
We tried to correct our mistakes with a bad translation into English, so you can try to play it again.
And we have considered your wishes for future versions and are already working on the next version of the game.
Thank you for your activity.v0.1
In 0.1 version of the game we have focused on the introduction, because without a good start will not be a good continuation. So you can enjoy only the introduction.
In the second version of the game the slope will go into the interactive component.
The next version will already appear: }
-character corruption,
-moving between locations,
Developer Notes:
This is 0.5.1 build for everyone with new bugfix. Because the next public build (0.5.2) will be in the next month, but maybe some of you you want to play the game with changes, we uploaded this build (0.5.1) for you.
Also, if you are our patron on patreon, you can find the 0.5.2 episode on the patreon.Guys, we had a bad start with a lot of bugs, without gameplay, with mistakes. But now the game is pretty cool.
Probably we have not perfect English because we are from Russia, but the text is understandable now.
Just try the game. We hope that you will like it