Familiar Spirit of the Demon Lord [DojinOtome]

Familiar Spirit of the Demon Lord [DojinOtome] Familiar Spirit of the Demon Lord [DojinOtome] Familiar Spirit of the Demon Lord [DojinOtome]
Today is the 2400th birthday of the prince of the demon’s realm (you).
You make a lot of effort in a demon summoning ritual in order to have
your own familiar spirit, but a human girl is summoned instead of a demon…!?Even though you are the expected next demon lord, people may underestimate
your magic ability… You have to prove your ability by making the human girl into a demon! : Features * Seduce to have H! The Love Meter System!
Using the protagonist’s "Power of Seduction", turn her from reluctant to in love with you!
(Basically, you play with her in lewd condition during H)
When she recovers from seduced condition she regains sanity,
but her response would change depending on value of the love meter……?* Not Only Reading Through Scenes!? The "Touching System"
You play this game with a mouse, not a keyboard. Which means you can
touch each part of her body to enjoy the H scenes (and normal scenes too)!
New sex positions may be unlocked if she experienced enough…? Just touch her!* Familiar Spirit’s Duty Is "Service"!
The H isn’t an only duty she has to do! (… Why?)
In order to make her a full-fledged familiar spirit, her "Service Skill" must increase.
Cooking, cleaning, laundry… If her skills increased to a certain level,
perhaps you can get advantage in the game and new things to do during H…?* Endings for Different Parameter!
Total 4 endings are loaded! Her service skill, love meter, loyalty level etc.
affect the scenario of the main story. The story develops differently
depending on her parameters and what actions you have taken!?
Updated: 25/09/2018
Developer/Publisher: DojinOtomeTwitter
Censorship: Mosaics
Version: 1.07
OS: Windows
Language: English
2DCG, Big Breasts, Trainer, Corruption, Succubus, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex