Dungeon Girls [v0.2] [Shadik]

Dungeon Girls [v0.2] [Shadik] Dungeon Girls [v0.2] [Shadik] Dungeon Girls [v0.2] [Shadik] Dungeon Girls [v0.2] [Shadik]
You – the boy who managed to get into an unknown fantasy world. You sheltered friendly Uncle Goblin and you have a month you have lived away from home. But once he told you about the mysterious magical forest that is far away. You immediately wanted to see him and so a lot of training to go through the monsters that stand in the way. However, the monsters were not as you expected. All your opponents – sexy girls for every taste. So what would a true gentleman to hit a girl and even a sword! The answer is simple: Spank them!​
Thread Updated: 2019-05-03
Release Date: 2019-04-03
Developer: Shadik Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.2
OS: Windows
Language: English
ADV, RPG, All Sex, Male Protagonist, Monster Girl, Point & Click, Spanking
Changelog: 0.2
– Demon Mommy came back and now you will be able to fight with it to open it.
– The level system has been updated and now it’s easier to play
– Small bug fixes
– The correction of the complexity ofgold miningprices on upgrades
– Cosmetic changes – new interface, text shadow during scenes and all that.
– Updated combat system, which includes "special slaps" scale "Lust" for new mini-scenes during the battle, updated movement of enemies and their condition.- Updated sprites- Added settings window and some necessary buttons.- One extra mini scene for each girl!- Some bug fixes and slightly easier gold mining.- In the location "Home" can now restore health after the battle. ( I’d like to add something special in the future) – Boss event temporarily removed. In the next update will be completed, fixed and inserted back- Also added the following parameters for the player, which can be pumped:
*Defence – Reduces the damage received by the player.
*Lust – Increases the speed of filling the enemy Lust-scale
*Mana – (and whether it is necessary to explain why it is? Okay, okay) the Energy needed to create special slaps. Completed 1 unit per second during the fight