Crimson Keep [Ch. 4] [introspurt]

Crimson Keep [Ch. 4] [introspurt] Crimson Keep [Ch. 4] [introspurt] Crimson Keep [Ch. 4] [introspurt] Crimson Keep [Ch. 4] [introspurt] Crimson Keep [Ch. 4] [introspurt] Crimson Keep [Ch. 4] [introspurt] Crimson Keep [Ch. 4] [introspurt] Crimson Keep [Ch. 4] [introspurt] Crimson Keep [Ch. 4] [introspurt]
You control a half-human, half-incubus named Soriel, who is the son of Nen. While he would like to just wreak havoc with magic and slay any enemy that crosses his path, his Mother has other plans for him.A story told in RPG format with lots of cute girls getting fucked and filled with cum.​
Thread Updated: 2020-05-08
Release Date: 2020-05-01
Developer: introspurt NewgroundsHentai FoundryPicartoDiscordTwitter
Censored: No
Version: Chapter 4
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Voices: English
2DCG, 2D game, Voiced, Animated, RPG, Male protagonist, Creampie, Monster girl, Vaginal sex, Group sex, Turn based combat, Fantasy, Virgin, Mind control, Futanari, Oral sex, Teasing, Lactation, Internal view, Ahegao, Harem, Titfuck, Groping
Chapter 4
UPDATE 5/1/20
Cinder mage / skipping Cali scene / bugging game out to make Soriel invisible has been fixed. UPDATE 4/23/20
Cinder stalker shield bug fixed (if you load in with Pinna equipped, flame shield does not show up until you switch covenants). UPDATE 4/14/2020
Beta testing over! Thanks for all of the bug reports. Please let me know if there is anything else and I’ll get on it right away. Fixed waiting variable glitch (game freeze after fighting nyx if you tempt an ancestor) UPDATE 4/7/2020
Persistent green glyph when loading into badluck route fixed. Fighting Nyx after starting Sylica’s quest makes no Honored Ancestors spawn until you talk to Sylica again – Fixed Lan tutorial slightly misplaced – fixed Body types are now displayed in Elucidate screen. UPDATE 4/6/2020
Load function has been edited to remind you to STAND ON THE GREEN GLYPH WHILE LOADING IN FROM THE PREVIOUS CHAPTER OR IT WILL NOT WORK! Vitrea bugs out when you talk to her then talk to any other imp Caustic venom usable even when on cooldown Nazta and Nyx scenes now display "COVENANT OBTAINED" for those of you less observant folks. Laryn’s animation touched up to remove wonkiness. Flame Syphon’s duration has been increased from 7.4 to 12 battle seconds. Chapter 3 Full
The following changes have been made since the CK3 beta:
3 new animations; every enemy now has an unlockable animation. Adjustable autosave function that will save the game at 1 to 20 minute intervals. Quest Log which tells you where the imps are and how many you missed in the lowtown/midtown quests. Attribute chart to tell which elements are weak/strong against which Guaranteed drop rate on quest related items Bugfixes for every reproducible glitch that people encountered in CK3 Interactivity in fullscreen mode
Chapter 3 Beta
– Stats
– Multiple endings
– Bigger gallery than chapters 1 + 2 combined.
– Merchant NPC with whom you can barter/buy/craft goods.
– Moves obtainable from Glyph Gems which can be received, bought, or found from enemies.
– Quest Log
– Quick Saves with 6 save slots and lot more shit I can’t even remember! Chapter 2 Full
– Fixed vexing claw bug where you can use it on cooldown.
– Fixed problem where the long scroll doesn’t show up in gallery after you unlock it.
Previously, the load function would not work if there were any extra characters (spaces, new lines) after the text block, which probably frustrated a bunch of people. I wrote a script to delete any extra characters, so now as long as you don’t alter the numbers and letters and their order, it doesn’t matter how much extra space between them you put. It should still load.
– Random encounters are now based on distance traveled rather than time. That way, you need to travel a certain distance before the next encounter happens, which lowers the encounter rate by a lot.
– Made the battles quite a bit easier. I tend to like playing on hard-mode but I realize that may be difficult and frustrating.
– Fixed the bug where you can retrace your steps after the Sia battle (this should not be possible until after you go to floor 1).
– The large image scroll can now be moved with arrow keys.
– Fixed the bug where you can’t end the game after defeating Yil. There’s not much gameplay after defeating Yil, but you can at least get to the endscreen for completion’s sake.
– Fixed the steam potion switched descriptions
– The function that was preventing incorrect movements (going to the cave early) was not working, fixed that.
– Spaced out the encounter rate so its not too obnoxious.
– Fixed Bat Harpy run (not supposed to be able to run)
– Fixed bug where you lose all attacks if you die or load after Bat Harpy battle.
– Altered Save + Export so that it doesn’t make your comp crash (hopefully), but you will have to manually save that text block into a .doc or .txt file. Chapter 2 Beta
First of all, let me address a few concerns that were raised:1. NO save function
There is now a save function. Chapter one is essentially a tutorial, so you still can’t save during the game, but afterwards, you can export a file with your stats to load into chapter 2.Chapter 2 is structured differently and you can freely save and load from anywhere in the chapter – this will be the structure of the game going forward. This will also allow you to resume a game immediately from where you left off if you need to close your browser.In order to save a game, press the save + export button, which will generate an encrypted text file.
In order to load a game, simply copy paste the text (without adding spaces or line breaks) into the load box and hit the load button.
Beware that it may require you to exit fullscreen mode to paste.2. Boring battles
Yes, I know, chapter 1 only had 3 different moves and you didn’t even get to use the covenants you obtained in battle.
There are 4 bosses in this chapter as well as 6 new moves/abilities.Covenant system
Kind of like equipping different armors, covenants let you use different abilities in battle, as well as helping you navigate certain environmental hazards.
If you are having trouble switching covenants, make sure you are away from any environmental hazards (boiling water, lava).In addition, I’ve added non-temptable enemies, as well as enemies that use more than 1 move.I’ve also added critical hits and status conditions (like slow and blind) into the battle system.4. Repetitive Music
There are now multiple tracks of music (all created by me in LMMS)
3 different map BG music themes
2 battle themes (one regular, one boss)
1 sexy time theme
1 death theme
1 victory fanfare5. Not enough story related sexytime
The random temptable enemies will make a return in future chapters, but in this one all of the good stuff is with main characters. There are 4 fully animated scenes (each with 2 animated parts and a static image), as well as a long scroll which you may or may not have seen already.Additionally, I have changed the scaling of the battle system in this and in chapter 1 as during the testing, I was already hitting 1k + damage, which is a little early for a starting incubus.
Chapter 1 Full
Raised walk speed again
Added diagonal movement, fiddled with bumping to improve collisions
Added 2 types of battle starting, on-screen enemies to encounter and randomly generated encounters.
More detailed mapGRAPHICS:
Added multiple graphics and tempt animations (each enemy sprite has 3 static art and 1 animation to unlock via successive tempts)MENU:
Added Menu with following features:
Independent controls for BGM, Non-sex SFX, and Sex SFX.
Toggle Full-screen mode
In-game unlockable gallery
Status screen with detailed move explanations
Covenant screen (more on this in ch2, basically ladies that you can psychically ‘equip’ for different stat boosts)
9 slot inventory for useable items (potions, powerups, etc).BATTLE:
Post battle screen with exp, HP, and MP gain
Items gathered after battle
Can use items during battle.
Can run away from random encounters.STORY:
Many more main characters! Chapter 1 Beta
Initial release
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