Corrupting The Intern [v0.19] [LambdaDude]

Corrupting The Intern [v0.19] [LambdaDude] Corrupting The Intern [v0.19] [LambdaDude] Corrupting The Intern [v0.19] [LambdaDude] Corrupting The Intern [v0.19] [LambdaDude] Corrupting The Intern [v0.19] [LambdaDude]
In this game you get a new job at Lambda Corp and your goal is to corrupt a young intern.​Updated: 2018-July-31
Developer / Publisher: LambdaDude
Censorship: None
Version: 0.19
Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Corruption, Humiliation, Outfits, 3DCG
1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "Corrupting The Intern.exe" to start playing.
Progression changes
The progression/sluttiness system has received some improvements, particularly in pacing.New event
A new event involving you, Clem and her mother on the phone has been added… I hope you like it!More background improvements
I’ve rendered a shitload of new backgrounds, seeing Clem float up in the air was probably a big immersion breaker and now it’s fixed!v0.16:
New grope scene
The grope event has been moved to the second class of the 4th course and has been remade with beautiful new images!More UI changes
The clothing store, book store and vending machines’ buy menus have been improved.New textbox, click to continue icon and new backgrounds!v0.15.2:
Anal V2 The anal scene was due a remake.
It used to be a two-frame animation, an ugly one at that, the graphics were flat and boring and it had no sound whatsoever.
The new anal is beautifully animated, has pleasing graphics and sound effects.
Improved text readability and minor UI changes The text now has a nice shadow that will make it easier to read.
Some of the UI elements have been improved a bit such as the choice buttons.
Courses improvements The courses now have proper names and better descriptions, this is the first step of the school system rehaul, in 1.16 I will remake every school class event (especially the outdated grope scene…)!
Bug fixes A lot of bugs have been fixed, a huge thank you to those who reported them!v0.14.1:
New Clem graphics As you can see from the preview image Clementine has been given a new subtle but important look, the lighting I used before was way too aggressive!
The new lighting is softer and more pleasant.
Some of the expressions have also been improved.
Blowjob V2 The blowjob has also received some love; the new animation has four frames instead of two which makes it a lot smoother, and it now has sound effects!
Leather jacket and Fashion dress Many of you have asked for new clothing options so here you go!
New clothing mixing I didn’t stop at just adding new clothes; you can now mix EVERY upper body and lower body pieces!
My favorite combination is probably the leather jacket with the school skirt.
Bug fixes Obviously I’ve fixed a bunch of bugs, most notably one that sometimes caused double Clems.
Version 0.14.1 also fixes some ugly bugs that were present in 0.14.v0.13:
Work events V2 First of all, for those who don’t know, work event is what can happen to Clementine at work, they get more interesting as she becomes sluttier.
In this version I’ve made some changes to the old events, which should be a bit more pleasing to read, and I’ve tweaked the amount of money Clementine can earn.
Along these changes come FOUR new work events; handjob, blowjob, sex and gangbang!
Book store and new items A new location has been added; the book store.
It can be found outside, there you can buy all kind of books for Clementine.
If Clementine is slutty enough you can gift her an erotic book and a dildo which she will sometimes use in the intern room.
Removed "Orders" and maid job Orders were a bit underwhelming so I removed them.
Don’t worry, I plan to replace them with a much more interactive "Homework" system!
The maid job is also gone for now, I will add it back but it needs some tweaking.
Credits screen I finally added the credits screen to the game for +$10 patrons.
Minor changes The "Settings", "Save" and "Load" menus have received some love and they look a lot better.
The clothing store is a little bit more pleasant to the eye, the clothing icons now have a white border instead of black to fit better with the new UI.
The boss no longer calls you "Mr" because it doesn’t make sense.
I’ve also fixed a bug with the handjob scene jumping to the blowjob one if Clementine wasn’t slutty enough.
Thanks to Chuck Hagle for reporting the last two issues. v0.12:
Added Clem handjob favor Added the "Intern room" with a new event Reworked the blackmailing system Orders moved to talk menu Removed "Skip Day" Clothing icons borders are now white Money screen hides properly Wardrobe now loads faster Clem is centered at the end of the day v0.11.1:
Added new Gloria scene v0.11:
Added new Clementine scene Added new Gloria scene Tweaked UI v0.10:
Added a new character Added new spanking event Demoted boss and mad slight changes to the backstory Fixed some bugs v0.9.1:
Added new dancer job Completely redesigned the UI Added model for the boss Fixed bugs v0.8:
In this version I added a public humiliation event, you can try it once you reach the 5th course. Kaylee got some love as well; she now has pubes in the shape of a heart and her sex scene is now smoothly animated with dialogue. v0.7:
In this version you can fuck Clem at the vending machines/bathroom and you can also be caught doing it. v0.6:
Here’s the anal update for everyone to enjoy. v0.5.1:
You can now give Clem a creampie. You can now give Clem money to help her with her debt. You can use that to blackmail her into doing stuff. You can order Clem to do things at work (Just flirt with a coworker for now). New shorts. New panties. Improved the gambling system. Other improvements. v0.4:
Added sex scene with Clem Added sex scene with Kaylee Added upskirt scene (If you want to see it early in the game buy the classy dress.) Improved clothing store UI and prices Other small improvements v0.3.1:
This update adds Kaylee; a naughty new character as well as some small tweaks. v0.3:
This update adds a blowjob scene and some other stuff. v0.2:
The main new features are the new maid job and a new scene with Clementine. I also improved the school system a little bit and I changed some small things. v0.1:
In this game you get a new job at Lambda Corp and your goal is to corrupt a young intern. Before you