Coming Of Age [v1.3] [Crazybat]

Coming Of Age [v1.3] [Crazybat] Coming Of Age [v1.3] [Crazybat] Coming Of Age [v1.3] [Crazybat] Coming Of Age [v1.3] [Crazybat] Coming Of Age [v1.3] [Crazybat]
You play an 18 year old girl named May who has a mother, step-father, step-brother, and an older sister. She needs to get a job, attend college, and either become more corrupt or remain pure. Fortunately, you are in charge of her decisions.​
Thread Updated: 2020-03-29
Release Date: 2020-03-29
Developer: Crazybat ULMFF95zone
Censored: No
Version: 1.3
OS: Windows
Language: English
3DCG, Corruption, Female Protagonist, Nudity, Striptease, Lesbian, Incest, Straight, Blowjob, Boobjob, Handjob, Watersports (optional), Vaginal sex, Sex toys, Exhibitionism, Threesome
Added:- Version 1.3 contains about 2469 CG (1.2 had around 2286 CG)
– Added a new event for the old-neighbor.
– Added a series of small exhibitionist events. (5 total)
– Added a new event with the science teacher.
– Added the 4th exhibitionist contest. This event consists of 3 separate events!
– The mini-events after the 5th modeling event have been added to the recollection room.
– Added a the 3rd small event while working at the strip club while wearing the piggy outfit.
– Added a small event with the old neighbor in front of his house during the morning.
– Added an option to disable the night shadow effect during at night.
Disabling it might help if you’re experiencing slowdown problems in the city at night.Changes:- Removed the trigger for the outdoor exposure quest from the balcony exposure events.
The event is now triggered after the 1st exhibitionist contest has been completed and May’s exhibitionism is 18 or higher.
– Changed the exhibnist values needed for the outdoor alley exposure event slightly.
– You can now start the library job on the first day right after the introduction instead of day2.
– 5th modeling event can now only be started during the morning or the afternoon.
– Added some lines to the final "Homework" scene with Daniel. Mostly about losing her viginity and possible pregancy.
I also fixed a dozen of spelling mistakes and fixed a small error when replaying the scene in the recollection room.
– replaced 2CG of the May showering at home that had the wrong resolution.
– Replaced the standing picture for the pink towel and the gym outfit at college by less ugly ones.
– Reduced the number of work-outs needed to trigger the weightlifter event at the gym from 4 to 2.
– Reduced the number of work-outs needed to enable push-ups in the gym from 2 to 1.
– added a message to each exercise in the Gym when May’s confidence won’t be raised any longer.
(Each exercise will only increase her confidence twice!)
– Both events in the bathroom with May’s mother now triggered automatically instead of having to walk inside
the bathroom.
– Made some changes to event triggers of Daniel homework events. Play can now choose to postpone event and give him
a call later. Waiting too long and you will no longer be able to trigger the events!- A lot of changes has been made the way some of the earlier events are triggered.
Instead of a fixed time/date they are now triggered by combination of shame level and/or other parameters.
Affected events:2nd photo shoot, Spying on sister, Spying on brother, Sister balcony event, Balcony expose event,
Clothing store job start, Cheerleader event, Christmass event.- May no longer has to talk to Mike to get her pay after finishing her job at the clothing store.
– Added a hint at college for the first Janitor event when the proper conditions are met.Bug fixes:-Fixed: May should no longer get stuck inside the photo studio when starting the 5th or 6th event during the afternoon.
-Fixed: 6th modeling event can now be triggered during the evening.
-Fixed: Leaving the adult shop should no longer result in be a repeating message after the cam toys quest has been completed.
-Fixed: When going to the toilet at college while one of the Janitor events is active and choosing to keep the door locked should now show the right event.
-Fixed: Replaced wrong CG that was displayed during the 2nd training event with Jack/Sister
-Fixed: Players should no longer be able to skip a stage of the balcony exposure event when May’s exhibition is high enough but hasn’t got the new outfit yet!
-Fixed: Quest tracking of the balcony expose events should now work properly under all conditions. (I hope.)
-Fixed: May’s avatar should now change into the right outfit and back even when the standing picture has been disabled under settings.
-Fixed: May’s avatar will now be changed back to the correct one after finishing the 3rd fly-er job.
– Version 1.2 now contains around 2286 CG. (1.1 had around 2078).
– Added several new mini events that can be seen when May is watching TV during the evening wearing the 3rd outfit. (New CG:30)
The are 4 events (2 with Blake and 2 with Jack.) There’s also a 2nd variant of 2nd events when certain conditions are met.
– Elder neighbor event has been reworked and expanded. It can now be repeated. It now contains 3 stages:
1) an Introduction stage based on previous event with added content.
2) Reworked/expanded version of the event that was added in the last version.
3) A new stage after completing stage2 (Combined New CG:44)
– Added several mini events after the 5th photo shoot at the beach.(New CG: 7)
To be able to see these mini event will require you to replay the 5h modeling from the start.
– Added the 6th modeling event. (New CG:48)
– Added a small exhibitionist event that triggers after the 3rd stage of the exhibitionist contest has been completed (New CG:12)
– Added 3rd stage of science teacher events. (New CG:16 including the CG used for the animation)
– Added 4rd stage of science teacher events. (New CG:19 including the CG used for the animation)
– Expanded mini event at the store at beach for the 3rd outfit.
– Added two small events with the neighbor outside in the morning. Can be triggered after stage1 of the community services event. (New CG:7)
– May’s lust May will now increase slightly during the night depending on her corruption level.
(This was something that someone had suggested a long time ago and I finally got around to implement it.)
– Added 2nd stage of job at the strip club with 2 mini events so far. (New CG:16)Changes:
-Removed some objects from some maps to make walking less bumping into things.
-Added an option under settings (Inventory item!) To permanent disable the overlay picture.
I shouldn’t pop back anymore after changing clothes or walking on certain parts of the map
-Removed a few CG from the game directory that weren’t used anymore.
-Made some changes to the tiny clerk spy event at the beach store. The event is now optional.
-Swapped the priority of the sister fetch quest and shaving event.
This means that in case both quests are active the sister fetch quest will be processed fist, before the shaving event.
This also means that the sister fetch quest will need to be completed before the shaving event will progress!
-Saying no during the 1st science teaching event will mark the quest as failed, but you should still allow you to trigger the next stage!
-Saying no during the 2nd science teaching event will mark the quest as failed, but you should still allow you to trigger the next stage!
-Changed the color of the "Events stars" to red so that they are visible better on bright backgrounds.
-Changed some values at which shame is not lowered anymore during the library job and the 1st and 2nd stage of the clothing store job.
This allows for a slightly bigger window in which both jobs can done on the same day and still both lower May’s shame thus allows the players to lower May’s shame a bit faster.
May shame will now be lowered until it reaches 77 or below during the library job, or when it reaches 58 during the 2nd stage of the clothing shop job.
-Watching TV event at home can now also be triggered during the afternoon.
-Added missing CG for toilet scene at home for the latest outfit and the black underwear.
-Added missing CG for mirror scene for sexy black (with bra) underwear.
-The 1st modeling event now lowers May’s shame by 1 and increases her confidence by 1.-Bug fixes:
-Fixed: Bug that left players stuck inside the library during the library job when the 2nd outfit became available.
-Fixed: Having to pressing D twice to temporally remove the overlay picture. Pressing D once should now be enough.
-Fixed: May’s exhibitionism is now raised correctly when she masturbates outside on the balcony if the cap for this event hasn’t been reached yet.
-Fixed: Can now buy stuff at the beach store even when May has "lost" her panties.
-Fixed: Saying no at the start of the 2nd science teaching even should now work as intended.
-Fixed: One of the CG displayed during the first modeling event had the wrong resolution.
v1.1.3 Bug-fix: Corrected CTD during the 3rd nurse event and Gina sleepover hallway event if you said no during the previous event.
Corrected an inconstancy in the weightlifter event when May isn’t wearing any panties.
Properly closed the new modeling event so that it won’t loop anymore and might conflict with other modeling events.
Replaced the jiggly animation of the new photo shoot event.
v1.1.2 -Corrected names of 3 more CG that resulted in CTD.
-(Gym at school, Event at clothing store and the last event with Mia.)
-Bug-Fix:Game should no longer crash at start of the library job.
-Bug-Fix:Corrected filename of the panties steal event which led to crash.
-Removed debugging NPC from May’s room.
v1.1 -Game resolution has been increased from 1087×768 to 1280×960.
-Around 180CG have been added in 1.1. Game now contains more then 2000 CG.
-Added new event involving the science teacher.
-Added 2nd stage of the gym instructor job. (Will need to replay at least 3 times to see all variants)
-Added 3 new mini events for the waitress job at the strip club.
-Added new event with May’s Mother (see Event guide on how to see this event if you’re using old saves!!!)
-Added new event in which May will have to perform community service. (I Don’t want to spoil too much!)
-Added new photo shoot event.
-Added a tiny event at the end of Celia class event on Mondays. It changes slightly depending on your progress in the teaching assistant event chain.
-Added the 3 "Homework" events with Daniel to the recollection room.
v1.01 -Bug fix: players should now be able to trigger the 2nd and 3rd exhibitionist event.
-Replaced all 4 CG of the sunbathing with Gina event.
-Replaced 1 and Added 2 CG to the sister kissing event.
-Added both gym college spying events to the recollection room.
-Added all event with may’s sister Mia (5 events) to the recollection room.
-Edited the text the balcony exposure scene with Mia. (mostly grammar and rephrasing)
Older saves may not show all the Mia and spy events unlocked in the recollection room!
I’ve added an option to unlock all the Mia events if your relation with Mia is 4 or above.
For the gym spying event the option to unlock the events will appear after 6 weeks.
If you have fulfilled the condition the option will appear when interacting with the tombstone of the particular event.
v1.0 Added:
– 190+ CG have been added (inc 4 animations). Total CG count for 1.0: 1850+
– Added a few more small npc interactions when May is wearing her new outfit. (note: Some of them may not be human!)
– Added new sleepwear and some small events while wearing them (during breakfast).
– Added new event with the Janitor!
– Expanded/reworked the sleepover event at Gina’s house with one big event and a smaller one. (You’ll need to replay the sleepover event to see this!)
– Added a small exhibitionist event. (This will be available after reaching a certain exhibitionist level.)
(Includes 3 variants (normal/with bush/and shaved. If you’re using existing saves you’ll might to load older save with no panties day triggered to see all variants.)
– Added CG/variant for the library Job, Clothing store job (Both stages) and the Cafe job for May’s latest outfit.
– Added a small event at night when May can walk naked around the house.
– Added 3rd stage of the exhibitionist contest! This event is bigger then the previous 2 stages.
– Added a new event at college (this one is placed between The 2nd and 3rd event of the teaching assistant events)
– Expanded the 4th webcam event with another option.
– Added all the Exhibitionist contest events to recollection room.
– The new event during class, while may’s wearing her new outfit was expanded so that it can now be triggered during
all classes instead on Monday only.
– Replaced all 7 CG of the changing event at the beach together with Gina with less ugly ones.
While I was at it I overhauled the text and fixed a bug which caused the wrong picture to display during this event.
– Reworked the way the exhibitionist TV events are linked into the game.
They will now becomes available shortly after the exhibitionist contest has started.
This way I feels it’s integrated into the game more logical.
– Made some changes to the way the Janitor events trigger.
It should now be possible to trigger the next janitor event even if you skipped (said no) in the previous one.
(This won’t work if you already said no before in an old save!)
I also changed the event so that the choice to keep the door unlocked is grayed out when the requirements are not met yet.
This way the players knows they can trigger an event when certain requirements are met.
– Quest change of clothes should now finish properly in the quest log. Only works for new games.
– Fixed bug 3rd Janitor not unlocking in recollection room properly when you choice was facial.
Bugs Fixed:
– May should now be able to leave her room again wearing a towel to take a shower after day2.
– May now get her allowance again on day1.
– Game no longer freezes after entering the recollection room after the 2nd Janitor event has been unlocked.
– Background sound no longer heard when taking the bus from the beach to east side of the city.
– May now will get dressed automatically when wearing the 1st sleepwear outfit also!
– Stepbrother events should now trigger properly after the hand job event!
If your current game is bugged it won’t show the hand job (2nd) event in the recollection room after seeing it.
To fix this for your existing save: Go to the 1st stepbrother event in the recollection room and aswer yes when asked to apply the bug fix!
This will only be asked once!!!
– Added the beach,Shower and 1st of the cheerleader events with Gina to the recollection room.
The 2 part I’ll add later since that one is a lot more work and needs proper testing.
The events should unlock when you say them when playing version 0.9.x. For older saves the events will unlocked after the Gina Sleepover event.
The 2 part I’ll add later since that one is a lot more work and needs proper testing.
Fix the looping in the college hallway bugs.
-Around 190+ CG have been added (inc 2 animations). Total CG count for V0.9:1663.
-Added new event involving the Janitor.
-Added 2nd event during gym instructor job.
-A New outfit had been added included a small event.
-Added a new teaching assistant event.
-Added a new job for May+ several small events.
-Added a new stage to the webcam event. (You’ll Need to play it several time to see all content!)
-May will now get dressed automatically when she wakes up. It’s still possible to use the dresser.
– Following events are now made compatible with May’s new outfit:
-Going to the toilet at college.
-Masturbation at the college toilet.
-Event during class. (Only on Monday for now….)
-Breakfast in the morning.
-Teaching assistant events have been added to the recollection room
-Janitor events have been added to the recollection room
-Gym instructor jobs events have been added to the recollection room.
-Gina sleepover event has been added to the recollection room.
-Added a very basic items which displays May’s sex stats. (They are not 100% accurate yet!)
If you’re using an old save pull the lever in May’s room to receive it!
-Replaced 5CG for Toilet masturbation event at college for the 2nd outfit (Bush variant)
-Replaced CG+ added 1CG for Toilet use at college for the 2nd outfit (Bush variant)
-Slightly reworked the teaching assistants events added 1CG to the first stage of the event.
-Fixed: Wrong picture was show during the 2nd part of the Christmas event.(Bush variant)
-Lowered the lust requirement for masturbation at the college toilet down from 80 to 70 to make it a bit easier to trigger it.
-Removed the nickname question from the webcam event and added an option to the webcam events menu to change May’s nickname.
More option will be available bases on May exhibition level
-Reworked the shame level at which several events are triggered (Massage/Dinner events/weekend at Gina/Teaching assistant) (see guide for details)
-Quest log was updated/Expanded.
-Combined music box and color box items into one item called settings.
Mostly bug fixes and some changes/optimizations:
– Know Issue’s:
Some user have reported that May gets stuck in bed right after the 4th pantie steal event.
It seems RPGmaker skips part of the code when that happens. I haven’t been able to reproduce this with any of my own saves.
I have no clue nor a solution yet what causes this. I suspect using cheats in combination with older (0.5) save game might cause this.
Workaround is to use one of the provided save games.
– Bugs Fixed!
– Fixed bug where you were not able to enter college after the latest Event with Gina in version 0.8
– Fixed bug where you can’t leave college after 4th nurse event in case you use cheats to lower May’s shame with a massive amount.
– Fixed bug You can now no longer go sleep directly after excepting your sisters last training offer which messes up the game.
– Added/changed!
– Added 1st stepbrother event to recollection room.
– Added nurse events to recollection room.
– Added additional cheat item to increase May’s shame.
If you already have taken the cheat items from the box use the lever in May room to receive it!
– Added 2CG+text for toilet event at home while wearing the sexy underwear. I forgot to add that earlier.
– Added a option to disable the cars on the city map. This may increase performance on some systems.
For now this option can be set by using the Colorbook item!!!
– The sport swimsuit should show up in the store earlier, but you can only buy it when May’s shame is low enough.
– I’ve expanded the game guide to include controls and general information/explanation of game play and more detailed guide for first two weeks in game.
Use savefile4 if you have already played version 0.7. or use your own save game. ( I recom using a savegame in which May’s shame not lower then around 44)
If you have already played the first part of the Photo contest the quest log will be messed up and will not be properly updated.
So you might miss the location hints. (For the first one go the the gym dressing room at the college!) The save I’ve provided will not have this problem. This is due to how the Questlog script saves it’s data in savefiles.
– Version 0.8 contains around 1468CG (Approx 178 new CG where added in version 0.8 including the ones used for the 2 new animations)
-Added shaved variant for the 4th modeling event (The swimsuits).
The event has also been slightly expanded with a few more CG for both variants.
Both version can be seen in the recollection room after you have completed either of them.
-Expanded/edited the "Christmas" event with more naught stuff.
The event is now been split-up into two parts. I’ve also added a shaved variant for this events.
Both versions van be viewed in the recollection room once you have finished the event.
-Completed the first stage of the Exhibitionist photo contest that was added in last version.
-Added a small event during the gym instructor job.
-Added a small event during the cafe job.
-Added new event with Gina
-Added the first stage of the Exhibitionist photo contest that was added in last version.
-Added the Second stage of the Exhibitionist photo contest that was added in last version.
-Added a recollection room. Not all events have been added though!
– Added a cancel option to all bus stops. (Escape key now works at all of them too which is faster.)
– Corrected inconsistency in text during event with your sister if you have viewed a certain scene at the college gym before.
– Fixed a small bug which showed the wrong picture at the end of 2nd scene with your stepbrother.
– Changed the text to be more consistent during the TV event with step bro if he has stolen your panties that morning.
– Fixed a bug during the event in class on Thursday which displayed the wrong picture.
– Rewritten part of the 3rd modeling event. This event also no longer increases May’s corruption.
– Modified triggers for a couple of events. Mainly dinner events and shaving event is now triggered at 53 shame.
– Changed the Cafe event so that you can no longer skip the latest dinner event in the first outfit.
This prevents the 2nd stage events not triggering when you didn’t finish all the stage1 events yet.
– Fixed bug not able to buy the batteries for the your mother.
– Fixed bug when choosing no at the 2nd Janitor event
– Fixed Should no longer be stuck between 1st and 2nd training event if you used cheats to lower your shame with massive amounts.
– Going to the toilets at college no longer lowers lust to 20 when May has not masturbated.
– 160+ CG added (2 animations) Total CG a few short of 1300.
– Added a new optional event with a family member at the bathroom.
– Added new event with the Janitor.
– Added more outfits (+shaved state) for Toilet event at home during the morning.
– Added small event with Gina at the college showers.
– Added 2 new events involving a massage.
– Added new Teaching assistant event.
– Added new Nurse event.
– Added 2 new event for outfit2 at the Cafe job.
– May can now walk naked in house during the night after reaching a certain shame level.
– Added another small exhibitionist event which can be triggered when May is not wearing panties.
– Expanded "Panties Steel event" will now be triggered a 4th time. Also slightly expanded the event.
– Added a skip event option for limited amount of events.(Library Jobs+ webcam stage2&3.)
You’ll be able to skip stage of those event after completing it at least once.
You’ll need to activate this feature by using the scene skipping item in your inventory!
– Added the introduction of a new quest line of exhibitionist events.
Quest will Players with old saves that have exhibition level of 10 or higher should receive this quest automatically.
– Added message to most event when May’s stats no longer increase/decrease from that event.
– Fixed panties steal events to correctly reflect your choices the next morning.
– Changed a lot of triggers on some of the events during the first 2 weeks of the game.
– Reworked triggers for events at the college Gym showers. Should be bug free now.
– Fixed several bugs on some events when you choice was "no"
– Fixed bug which allowed you to walk on the wall near the bathroom.
– Fixed bug which allowed you to leave while the Gym instructor job was in progress.
– Reworked some of the text of the TV events at home + added a shaved variant.
– Fixed crash when using the sound box to enable the background music.
– Fixed bug about not able to complete Cafe Job In waitress outfit once you have the option to put on the bikini.
– Rewrite/Fixed grammar of Kissing event.
– Made some changes to flyer job. The 1st outfit change requirements were changed to shame instead of confidence
– May will now be transferred to the right spot automatically during the 3rd and 4th stage of the flyer job after she has finished it at least once.
– Fixed a bug during the June event when working as a lifeguard. (Game will no longer be stuck if your shame is still to high to "help" June out.
– corrected spelling of the Principle events + small rewrite.
– Added additional standing picture of May when she’s nude. Will only be shown after a certain event.
– Fixed bug causing may shame not being lowered 1/3 of the time on the 2nd stage of the cafe job.
– Added "shaved" variant for library event during a no panties day.
– Fixed a few bug and added a few tweaks for the Gym job. Gym job will now also raise confidence.
– More events have been added to the Quest log. (Christmas event, new jobs etc..)
– Up skirt event during class also added to class on Thursdays
This should take care of the crash during night visit and stuck at the gym on Friday and remove the unwanted invader in May’s bedroom.
– 190+ CG added. Bringing the total to 1130 CG.
– Added new event at college (See event guide on how to trigger it!)
– Added new Photo shoot event.
– Added new stage of webcam event.
– Expanded panties "Steal" event. (There will now be two more occasions for May to "loose" her panties.
– Added new spying event at the gym. (Triggers in week6)
– Added event in which May gets to meet the principle.
– Added 6 small events at the first stage of the beach bar job.
– Added 2nd stage of Cafe job
– Added two new events at college
– Added new masturbation scene at home
-Changed some key assignments: Ctrl key is now used for skipping text and Alt to hide the textbox)
-May only has to take a shower on the first day now. The rest is optional.
-Did some grammar/text correction/changes for both library jobs.
-Replaced several CG (with bad lighting) from the library job with new CG.
-Replaced several CG from after the night visit with less shiny ones.
-Replaced several morning wake up CG. In the one added in the last version it looked like May was floating.
-Reworked 1st Gym spying event. Corrected grammar+ slightly edited text.
Changed the animation so text will be displayed during the animation making it skip-able.
-Reworked text for parts of the cheerleader events.
-Fixed a bug that broke the first scene with step bro if you changed into your sleepwear manual before the event triggered.
-Made some changes to the status screen. Can now also be viewed from the menu.
-Added experimental status screen in the menu. I "borrowed" a script someone had made for Officer Chloe.
-City East map now also has a bus stop.

– Do NOT! click on the May avatar at the gym entrance. It removes your membership card!
I forgot to remove this debugging event.
– Fixed a few typo’s
– Fixed event so you can now enter the gym when you accept the job but hadn’t visited the gym before.
– Fixed the flyer job event at the park.
– Fixed bug that made you get stuck when you work-out at the gym and afterwards go to the dresser and select work before you took a shower.
– Expanded/Finished the new outdoor exposure event bringing the total CG to 940.
– 190+ CG added. Total CG 930+
– Added 2 new stages to the Webcam event.
– Added new event with Daniel (With animation)
– Added new event which triggers during he night.
– Added 2 new events involving your sister Mia. (1 of those has an animation)
– Added new outdoor exposure event.
– Added a few small outdoor (repeatable) exposure events.
– Added new item books of bonds to keep track of relationschip levels.
– Added a small event with Gina at the gym showers.(You need to meet the conditions!)
– Added New job at Beach cafe (Still in early stage)
– Added New job at the gym (Still in early stage)
– Added New stage for the events at toilet at college.(Trigger only afer last event!)
Extended notes:
– Reworked+Expanded the first webcam event all CG have been replaced and text has been revised/modified.
– Changed max saveslots to 50.
– Added bus stops to College and beach. You’ll need to click on each of the bus signs at least once to unlock that location.
– Replaced all the CG from the breakfast events by slight beter/more consistent CG and added missing breakfast event when wearing pjamas.
– Added some banter with mom when wearing your sexy underwear.
– Added proper avatar of May when is walking around in her sexy underwear.
– Corrected spelling/revised all the shower events at the school gym.
– Replaced some of the CG used when may looks in the mirror (In the previous CG May’s skin looked unnatural shiny.)
– added new CG for exsisisting events to correctly reflect May’s condition.
– Changed event when May goes to bed. May will now automatic change into her proper sleeping atire. (Old method should still work tho)
– New map (city East) is now acessable. It’s still a bit empty for the moment.
– Change the way the events at the gym showers at college are triggered. (Hope it doesn’t introduce new bugs with old saves)
– Added/removed/changed music on a few maps.
– Did a lot of work on optimizing the code changing how certain events are triggered.
There are 2 saves included in the save directory:
Save1 => Start of version0.4 content
Save2 => Start of Version0.5 Content (There is some overlap with 0.4)
To use them copy them into the main directory!
-If you played 0.4 It’s recommend to use the save game2. (69 shame just before 1st webcam event.)
Or use a old save from before triggering the 1st webcam event!
-To get the book of bonds using an old save game use the red lever in May’s bedroom
-The small box in May’s rooms contains cheat items.
Be aware that lowering your shame with large amounts might bug the game!
Some event will only be trigger after a certain time no matter the shame level!
-Old save games in which the 1st webcam even has already been trigger mess up the quest log!
If you still insist use a save game in which the 1st webcam event has already been trigger then use
red button in may room 11 exh needed! I didn’t test this extensively! Use at our own risk!
I could have dumped it sooner, but I wanted to add a special Christmas event.
I didn’t have much time left and I’ve been working this last week to get that event done.
It’s a bit less polished then I’d like, but considering the time I had left for creating it I think it turned out pretty well. I’ve used quite a few CG for it and It’s even a bit longer then I original planned. I ‘ve extended it a bit with a naughty ending, which I came up with in the last 2 days, so I hope you will like that part.
Short change log:
+240 CG
+4 Animations
+Expanded lifeguard job and added 1 repeatable events to each stage
+Expanded balcony exposure event with 3 stage with the new outfit+ 2 small final events of which one is optional
+ Added 2 events at nurse office
+ Added quest log (Press Q)
+ Added new exposure event (1 Stage only so far)
+ Added new training event. (last one for now)
+ Added Two Events with Daniel
+ Added new sleepwear stage +masturbation stage at home
+ Changed/added breakfast events
+ Added Special Christmas event! Yeah!
+ Bonus Created some Christmas themed Full HD wallpapers! Look in the wallpaper directory!
Old save can work in the sense that they shouldn’t crash, however might contain old bug like looping event at the showers and quest log not working properly. I didn’t test it with old save so use at your own risk.
For those who have played the previous version I’ve added a save game which you can use to continue where the new events start. It’s in the saves directory just copy it to the main directory.
You will start at 74 Shame on Tuesday evening in week 4. I suggest going to the beach next morning doing the lifeguard job to view the first new event. Using the save game is recommend.
There will be one new (very optional) event containing water sports. Those which have no interested in
this content what so ever can use the book of fetishes to disable this and it won’t show up ever.
Even when enabled it’s still very avoidable if you pick the obvious choice!
v0.3 bugfix2
More bugs killed.
v0.3 bugfix
It’s a bugfix version that solves a "hang" bug in the gym in week4 Thank you.
– Fixed reported/unreported bugs (thank you for reporting them)
– Corrected lots of spelling mistakes in all the events
– Replaced lots of u by you/your and lots of mine by my.
– Added a small alternate event with Lucy at the library
This event will trigger the 2nd time you go work a the libary after Lucy changed her clothes!!
– Added a repeatable exposure event at night with 2 stages so far.
This event will trigger a few days after you have agreed with your sister on the previous event.
Will change when certain level has been reached. So repeat it a few times.
– Added a new event with a small quest during week3.
– New costume has been added!!! Yeah
You will be able to buy it at the clothing store if your shame level is low enough.
Most of the existing events will be slightly changed when you wear this outfit!!
– Added a new "training" event which has some animation.
– Added 2nd stage for the clothing shop job. It is now considered completed!!!
There will now be a total of 4 One time events!! and 2 smaller repeatable events.
They will trigger based on your shame level.
– Replaced casual clothes standing picture by a new one.
– Added new repeatable event (Watch tv) in the evening at home.
Different outcome with different costumes.
Also added some randomness in it so keep repeating it a few times.
More options will appear when your exhibition level is above a certain level.
Made it optional to forward time from evening => night.
– Added 2 small events with your best friend.
– Added another event with your best friend.
– Added a optional follow-up event with your best friend.
You will only be able see this if you didn’t refuse any of the previous once.
– Added conservation picture for Mom and Gina.
– There’s is now a working toilet at school..
– Added a small "Easter egg" in the photo studio after a certain event.
– Added a lot of polish to a lot of events
– Added new Script for conditional choices. Old saves won’t work!!! Sorry!!!
– Added new system Script from Yanfly in menu
This will add auto dash (default enabled)
You can customize window color.
Change volume of music sound effects etc…
– Changed default window color to purple.
– Added item "Color-book" in inventory which you can use to change the window color to 1 of 4 present.
(One of the presents includes the "old" window color.
– Added some small talk to mom and old neighbor who comment on May’s outfit
– You can take a peek at the new map which is WIP. Nothing to do there yet.
I also tweaked the conversation pictures in the scene with sister a bit. There are 2 variants.
1) Both are visible regardless who speaks and the picture changes when the mood changes.
2) Only the picture of the person speaking is visible. Picture will alternate depending who is speaking.
I’d like some feedback which one you prefer. You can view this scene directly after you load savegame3.
Total CG count: 501.
To see all the Current content shame must be 69 or lower to trigger latest even in shop.
In my test run that was about the end of week 4/Start of week 5.
Old save files won’t work!! This is due to adding a new script sorry.
I have added some save files from my test run:
The save files in the save files directory to skip ahead to day 5/6/7 day of the 2nd week or day 1 of week3.
SAVE 1 => Friday night week 2 (Will trigger scene with sister next morning)
SAVE 2 => Saturday night week 2
SAVE 3 => Sunday night week 2 (Will trigger scene with sister)
SAVE 3 => Monday Morning day 1 of week3
– New job at the clothing store (available after 2 weeks)
Can work at afternoon and evening during the week
Any time during the weekend expect night.
– New job Lifeguard (Available after meeting requirements)
Can work during the afternoon during weekdays
Mornings and Afternoons during the weekend
– New location Gym
Gym opens up at the end of week2.
May can train 3 different ways there to increase her confidence
comes with 1 small en 1 mini event so far
– added 1 small event to the library job and a lot of small changes
– Flyer job expanded to 4 stages. (4 slightly different costumes in total)
– Added series of small event with new npc. Meet him at school after class
– Added new event with sister with a part which is animated required a certain progress of event mention above to trigger
– Added new event after gym at school
– Added new event involving sister in public kind off ��
– Added new event with sister and well u will find out.
– Added new events to the photo studio events.
I couldn’t make a choice regarding a certain piece of clothing to wear during this event.
the good part is u get to choose. i implemented 3 variantions
– Introduced corruption stat (It’s a corruption game after all)
(the idea is the player will be able to choose what to do raising her coruption or not..)
– Added 2nd stage of masturbation at home (Only available after certain event)
– May can now “relief” herself at school if she is horny enough. (available after certain event)
– Allot of text was revised and adjusted.
– standing pic for all jobs, Expect for a few which i didn’t find worth the effort since they would be barely visable.
– Music can now be switched on/off by a key item u recieve with a new game. Or get it using the lever in bedroom.
– reduced “Forced” shower to 3 days only.
– Status screen slightly changed. (Pic changes also after a certain condition) Also displays day and time of time now.
– When stats are increasedlowered it will now show the amount.
– Change skip text key to space bar!!!
– Changes to a Lot of stuff i have forgotten already ��
Old save games might work. But will probably mess certain events up. So i wouldn’t advice using it.
Added 2 saves game for previous players to skip the first 5 or 6 days you choose.
Warning Old Saves:
Using old save files should work. If you played 0.8 I’d recommend using a save file in which May’s shame is around 42 though.
Provide save games:
SAVE1 => Start of 0.4
SAVE2 => Start of 0.5
SAVE3 => Start of 0.6
SAVE3 => Start of 0.7
SAVE4 => Start of 0.8
SAVE5 => start of 0.9