Chronos [v0.01 Release] [Milki Labs]

Chronos [v0.01 Release] [Milki Labs] Chronos [v0.01 Release] [Milki Labs] Chronos [v0.01 Release] [Milki Labs] Chronos [v0.01 Release] [Milki Labs] Chronos [v0.01 Release] [Milki Labs] Chronos [v0.01 Release] [Milki Labs] Chronos [v0.01 Release] [Milki Labs] Chronos [v0.01 Release] [Milki Labs] Chronos [v0.01 Release] [Milki Labs] Chronos [v0.01 Release] [Milki Labs] Chronos [v0.01 Release] [Milki Labs] Chronos [v0.01 Release] [Milki Labs] Chronos [v0.01 Release] [Milki Labs] Chronos [v0.01 Release] [Milki Labs]
You play as college student going through your everyday life until one day, you discover something (What could it be?!) that gives you a special power that will change your life. What you do with that newfound ability is up to you as the player, but it seems like you’re not the only one who knows about this power. Someone else is out there to take your new gift for personal gain. Do you use your power for your own personal gain or for the greater good?
Thread Updated: 2020-02-09
Release Date: 2020-02-09
Developer: Milki Labs – Milki Labs
Censorship: No
Version: 0.01 Release
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
3dcg, Big tits, Male protagonist, Adventure, Superpowers
v0.01 Release
We have added 1 H-Scene with Stella. (We have a few more already added but not in this version. But there are a few chances to see a few characters nude.)New Locations Added:
Elise house
OfficeNew Characters:
Added more quests
Time stopping is now used a mechanic to finish quests.
Scene Changes (Just changed the look of some locations. Too many to list)
Quest Notifications
Character Locations
Character Cards(Still a WIP but it gives more a little more info about characters and where they can be found.)Side Note:
There is currently no Android version as the save is not working on mobile devices and the game is roughly 1.5GB+ in size. Until we can find a better way to compress the images we won’t have a mobile port just yet. Alias and I (Oppai Kitty) are currently looking into our options for this.We also have noticed we have a strange UI bug. If you play this game on a 16:10 resolution screen the UI elements will be scaled in an odd way. We are currently refactoring out scenes to deal with this issue.
v0.01 Preview BugFix
– Fixed the bug where you tried to apologize to Claire.
– Sped up the dialogue text.
– Saving is now possible at any point of the game.
– Increased the amount of starting money and how much you make from working.
– Removed player stats. (We’ll replace this with NPC relationship levels)
– Added a help button in the menu.
– You can now select the window resolution in the beginning and resize the game window.Preview Version.
Developer Notes:
This is a post about the difficulties we faced as a team and the long delay between releases.We finally released the final version 0.01. The time it took was way longer than expected, which was not planned at all. There were a lot of unseen issues that hit us as a team.First there were a lot of changes we did to the base game. Alias and I refactored a lot of the core base game to be more scalable. As our vision for the game would not hold up with the current design we had.JF left the team which was a big blow to the team. Naturally development slowed down after this. However I wish her the best in her future endeavors and the best of luck.Yung Slug had some personal issues going on. There was a a few months where her living situation was not the best. She was scared of going home as her roommate was causing a lot of issues. However she has moved out and in a better place.Alias, didn’t have too much going on besides some family issues. His father had open heart surgery so he to tend to those matters. However his father is doing well now!Now for the biggest hurdle, me. Oppai Kitty. Shortly before the first release I just got out of a four and a half year relationship. I was prepared to start a life together but all of sudden our paths hit a crossroad and we went our separate ways. Everything that I knew for the past six years (2 years of friendship and 4.5 years of dating) was gone. All was fine except for a few months after the first release I went on a dark path. I became isolated from my friends, family and everyone around me. People would try reaching out and lend support but pushed them away even more. I even destroyed some long term friendships I had. I became depressed and could barely even bring myself to work on Chronos. There were days where I would make very little progress while other days I would just open the game and just couldn’t bring myself to do anything. I just went through the motions. I tried a lot of things to distract myself but alas nothing could really take my mind off of what I had lost. It took time to rebuild myself and become a person. After six months I started to realize what I was doing wasn’t healthy and I slowly opened up to those who I had pushed away and slowly was making a little progress crawling out of the dark place I was in. Fast forward to today and I’m a little better than I was a few months ago but well enough to work full force on Chronos.Apologies once again for the long delay in release.
Aditional Info:
Choose your own adventure-style visual novel Branching story lines with choices affect the outcome of future interactions. (You can miss certain events and quest through a play through.) Timestop mechanic Stat progression system Mini-games Planned Features:
Animations Music and sound More mini-games HD renders Launcher/patcher system CG gallery