Choker Change [v1.22] [bamboozlr]

Your boring job and your boring life are only interrupted by the occasional weekends with a prostitute that has become your friend beyond her profession. You use her services regularly, when she decides to change things up. And things certainly start changing.
Developer/Publisher: bamboozlr
Censorship: text based
Version: 1.22
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: MM, MF, M2F transformation
1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "Choker Change 1.22.html" to start playing.
Update 1.22:One passage didn’t yet have the reworked breast variables. Of course. Fixed that (though the bug made for much better writing). Update 1.21:Three broken if-clauses fixed. Of course. Update 1.20:Bimbo Sister Mode finally has content on the Plastic Fucktoy path. It runs until the end of Week 2, Day 3 and sports roughly 40,000 words. Breast/Lip implants are no longer mandatory if you have above 7 Brain Drain/Addiction, unless the Forced Genital Change option is activated. Drop shadow has been added to dialogue for Cumsluts, Désirée and Alternative Random NPC. Reworked how some incremental variables are handled (breasts, lips…). Cheatsheet added.