Bonfire [v0.38.1] [Hogswild Prasetto]

Bonfire [v0.38.1] [Hogswild Prasetto] Bonfire [v0.38.1] [Hogswild Prasetto] Bonfire [v0.38.1] [Hogswild Prasetto] Bonfire [v0.38.1] [Hogswild Prasetto]
Bonfire is a free interactive erotic adventure with events and narrative focused on the bonding relationships that develop between the player-controlled protagonist and other characters found in the story, as he explores a realm where magic and sexual intercourse are tightly interlocked.
: Extended The game will feature a dynamic story line where the goal of the player, in the role of a male individual, will be to unlock new story sequences and discover new characters by exploring or questing around the environment. The adult scenes will not just be described, but actually delivered as interactive animations!
Thread Updated: 2020-02-13
Release Date: 2020-02-09
Developer: Hogswild Prasetto
Version: 0.38.1
Censorship: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Adventure, RPG, Fantasy, Gay, Masturbation, Orc, 3d game, Anal sex, Animated, Male protagonist, Oral sex
1- Extract to desired location
2- Run "Bonfire"
Critical memory leak during 69 caused by infinite bone collider scaling on certain parts of the body Horns disappearing and removing part of the head after some fusion scenes Eve’s curse not properly evolving the affected character into genie form after applying enabling buffs Amateur camera mode going crazy after sex scenes Bolt appearing naked and out of place after current version’s alchemy quest Additions suggested by the community:
Added the new wait button to the action bar: lets you quickly reload the scene in-place for events that require so (although currently, the first use will teleport you to the start circle by mistake) Oriol can give you all the grapefruits you need for Bolt, if he is next to the tree and not corrupted, allowing you to skip waiting for those lemons to drop. Inventory sorting tabs New hawkspawn command, which lets the player character spawn wherever the camera is located after using hawkvis "Genetic" keywords on interface elements changed to "Essence", in order to better suit the lore
More Bolt dating: take him for a walk around the Outback, bond some more and get him to experiment on exotic transforming magic. A vault cabinet can be found at the Inn, which will allow different player characters to store and share items across profiles. A preview of an orc’s "love" sample can be seen by left-clicking on its respective inventory item. Furthermore, orc juices can be used in alchemy for specific transformation targets. TF magic can be obtained from corrupted samples and used without the side effects of Eve’s gift. Alchemy panel now shows more detail about items and descriptions. Eve’s corruption will slowly overwrite a character’s original shape memory if they indulge too much into it, or keep it for too long. Added blue grapefruits, which will attempt to restore a character’s original form over time, provided Eve’s curse hasn’t already overwritten the former. Bo now has a more suitable hair style (rasta bun) and face paint. Two long dwarf-style beards added. Some more landscape improvements made to the Outback. Added a ton of console commands that aid on creating character scenarios. More info on them will be added to the Wiki. Tips:
Bolt needs two of each type of grapefruit (sans the blue kind) for his remedy. All can be harvested from the tree near Oriol’s circle. You can peek into the bedroom through a hole on the wall; click on the aperture and a prompt will show up for a dedicated camera mode. You don’t need to actually pick up his glasses from the floor near the end of the new quest segment Use goel console command to skip through all the initial quests and get right away to Bolt’s. Known issues:
Some sky effects can be seen through mountains: this is a partially intended effect of the new fog implementation. Bolt’s linen robe is a WIP, as well as many animations featured in this new line of dialogues. You can no longer feed other characters using Ctrl+click. A proper speech-trade based system is in the works for that. Unsolicited feeding is impolite anyways. Bolt’s quest lemons are a bit hindered by their random drop rate. Mac version still suffers from Gatekeeper restrictions.
v0.37A loud and clear request that’s been made too many times, and one I am now resolute to answer with topmost priority: more story content on your favorite core characters. This version features:
More uncorrupted Bolt dating. Also lays the foundation for an upcoming alchemy system that’s so far only missing the interface. Edible items may now appear to have slightly different duration and stacking.v0.36
Underground caves and a modular cave system, for either staging, shortcuts or sheltering. A sample can be found in the form of a tunnel leading down into a smex burrow, with an entrance in the start circle and a secondary exit somewhere near Bo’s circle. Oriol can again be invited into the bathhouse, now featuring extra dialogues and interaction once he’s in there. You will need to find the bath house before that option shows up in his dialogue, similar to finding a place for Bolt. This also exposes the new implementation of dialogue choice conditionals. Inventory QoL improvements on item deletion, scroll casting/editing and direct item color customization. Item shaders rewritten using Amplify. Z-targeting camera: lock onto characters or elementals using E, disengage with R. What will it be for? You will see it in the future. AOE (Area of effect) buffs. More info on that soon on the wiki. New items: Wrestling leather mask, basic pauldrons and buckler-less gloves. Totems brought into the new Outback, with updated names and slightly modified visuals based on their tier. Amateur (or absolute trash) camera mode, Modern Family style, for cinematic and interactive scenes. Can be found and enabled in the options menu. Waypoint tracking restored: you will need to approach their respective stones in order to memorize their location. Console command alltps will grant you all of them immediately. Commands dory (full reset) and goel (all basic quests completed) now work as expected. New commands cbt and cbtrem for altering specific parts of the character (bones). More info on the wiki. Lua script iterating processes can now be injected into characters in a similar fashion to timed macros. Furthermore, objects spawned by the player can also execute process loops. More details on the wiki, for the tinkerers out there. Some important fixes:
DualShock camera rotation bug solved. Genie lamp scene can be retriggered after rejecting his offer and reloading the scene. Celik will no longer loose his speech after using commands like dory. v0.35.1
>Landscaping changes made to high-rising areas of the Outback.
>Added edible mushrooms and a small mushroom valley area. The effects of the mushrooms can randomly trigger a warp-forward if you jump while under their effects. Mushrooms will stack on your inventory automatically as you travel through the mushroom valley.
>More lines added to Bolt’s "good acquaintance" dialogue branch, where you can help him find shelter. This also introduces the ability to change an NPC’s spawn location to a different scene and set of coordinates using the command setchrscene scenename,x,y,z which will get a more detailed description on the wiki
>Chob’s sequence reimplemented and reworked using the bab system and a new musical theme. The scene can be triggered by walking near his totem found on the island scene.
>Post-speech of Bo’s dialogue now back in place.
>Added a (temporary) map overlay to the map screen, and moved the map item to a more visible location.
>More changes and additions were also made to the console commands and the lua wrapper; more detail on the matter will be added to the wiki ( ).
>Remember you can hold down Q in order to quickly skip through dialogues!v0.32.0
Introducing Levi, the 2nd genie fragment. Can be found in the also new area, the Levant Tower Library. He will give you a fetch quest that rewards you with empty scrolls (and, in theory and given that you avoid using the console command window, teaches you how to write and use them). This means that scrolls can no longer be obtained at the Inn. Levi can also cure you of Eve’s curse to some extent.
Detail added to the north-western area of the Outback (outside the central crater): points of interest include the Evening Gate trail and forest areas.
Eves now reveals more detail about his (and his siblings’) origins. Furthermore, his dialogue lines will change if you already carry the curse upon first encounter.
Go to "Self action" and click on your character’s face after having them grip their attributes. If he is large enough, self sucking happenis. Do it.
Oriol will detect if the player character changed shape since last time they encountered. If cursed by the player, he will turn into a mindless incubator, and will actively search for clean orcs to turn. This is an experimental AI test made entirely using the NPC and macro editors.
Genies and Ghosts are now immune to transformative buffs
Waypoints brought into the new Outback. Currently, and for a short time, all of them are available in the waypoints menu.
Adapted all of Bolt’s dialogue cutscenes to his new location on the new Outback. His dialogue lines are mostly intact, however.
Inventory window now has a scrollbar.
Created some fallback shaders for people who insist on running this game on 20 year old kitchen appliances. v0.16.0
This modding-centered release features an all new NPC editor interface, which will allow players to create their own NPC orcs with their custom dialogue lines. Additionally, a command console was added, which will let you input some cheat codes.
NPC Editor
On the main menu, click on Mods>Character editor.
The NPC (Non Playable Character) editor will show up, displaying the current character profile and their location on their respective scene, on the left section of the interface. The section on the right shows a hierarchical arrangement of the interactive dialogue this character will trigger.Character Profile View
For a profile, you can import any of the characters previously created and used in-game. The editor will copy their physical characteristics and attire into the new NPC, which will then be saved together with their respective dialogue.
Items can be created or removed for this NPC (besides the ones they came with, if they were imported).
A scene must be specified. By default, the editor uses "World1", which is the internal name of the Outback. By clicking on the scene button, you are taken to a list that will let you choose a different scene.
Likewise, you must input the exact coordinates where your custom NPC appears. In order to know these, the game now comes with a console command that lets you read them while in game as a playable character, as described in the console usage guide below. Make sure your NPC appears on the right spot!Character Dialogue View
The dialogue view shows each line as nested small windows, where different settings can be made.
Dialogues come in two flavours: Simple and Choice. Simple will mean the line is just text and clicking it away (in game) brings you to the next line, if any exist. Choice means that the line will show both text and an array of choices under it, representing the branching dialogues that derive from it. In game, clicking on their choice brings you to their respective dialogue branch.
Actions can be triggered upon dialogue line entry or exit (when a dialogue line changes to the next, etc). Actions are used to setup custom things that happen during a conversation. For now, you get to trigger an interactive scene (…sex) with your conversational partner.Use mouse wheel or middle mouse button (pressed) to pan either of the panels into view.
Once you have created your fancy bab, saving will store the file to your local appdata, which you can easily open by clicking on the "Open File Location" voice in the main/mods menu. Feel free to share your creation with the player community!
In order to have your new NPC appearing in game, their file must be enabled under the "Mods Manager" main/mods voice.
Command Console
A no-frills command console will let you do some fancy things, get your character unstuck from some situations, or provide functionality for features that currently lack of a graphical interface. The console can be opened by pressing F1, and the commands are as follows (make sure you type them in the exact case):dory
Wipes your character’s memory entirely, essentially resetting quest progress back to zero, but keeps your items and waypoints. It works best when used on scenes that are not the Outback.hobo
Wipes character inventory.goel
Gives you full quest progress on all main orcs and all waypoints.refpos
Saves a reference to the coordinates (XYZ) of your character on the scene. Can be pasted into the NPC editor later, as a spawn position.coord
Displays your character’s
Saves your progress.rel
Reloads the current scene. Can be used to unstuck the game.natty
Returns your character to their last known naturally achieved shape, in case you abused shapeshifting a bit too
Simillar to natty, but returns you to the shape your character had upon creationsplice
Turns your character into an average fusion of every character you’ve creatediguapify
Gives Iguapi (Gorilla) features to your characterpurify
Removes Genie’s cursedorf
Turns you into a cute little dwarf. Only then, you will see how animations really orcname
Will switch target character for most (that means not all of them) of the commands above, next time you type them in. Make sure you type their name with the exact upper/lower
Lists all these commands right on the consolecls
Clears the text in the command consoleexit
Closes the command consoleThere were more commands, but they are .·º*·. a well preserved secret .·*º·.Now onto other technical changes:
Fixed serialisation of dialogues
Profiles menu can now scroll up or down
Reworked slim shape
Improved teeth model (right now untextured)
More armpit hair
New sub surface scattering shader (experimental, causes some particle issues). Can be enabled under graphics settings
Moon aubergines for temporary longer (yes, even longer) dicks
Main menu can no longer be triggered while on character creation mode
Oriol can be dismissed from the bath house. No more awkward stares, as much as it suits him…
This time I didn’t work overnight. Kind of. v0.15
This version features the works in progress of a bath house complex (right now only one room). An idea suggested by a highly intelligent satyr scientist and then largely approved by the rest of the community. The place can be found northeast of the Island portal.
Bath house comes with a new interactive handjob pose for two characters.
Oriol can now be invited to the bath house by first discovering the place, then coming back out to inform him about its whereabouts. The other NPCs will follow on a patch version.
Raised the limits for shaft girth (yes, some people want even bigger), as well as lowering them for other things such as testes size: gotta please both ends of the spectrum.
Hands can now be chunkier.
Asses can now be rounder.
"Drool totem" patron reward. Can be found on the trail that leads to the Stargaze circle, and can be placed anywhere at will, once acquired.
Pose mode now allows panoramic camera mode (same as on the sex poses). Press C to recenter the camera, if you go too far with it.Now onto some of the fixes:
Interactive poses can no longer be triggered during foreplay, which would cause a really weird mess between the characters.
Orcs now properly distance themselves from one another during foreplay, giving them the necessary room to snog without spinning their heads like crazy.
Braided beard texture now shows the right colors.
Eyebrow animations have been smoothed out.
"Derpy" eye occurrences reduced thanks to an all new piece of code handling it.
Singlet-Fat clipping problems around the chest now solved
I haven’t had sleep in 30 hours.
Fantasies list can now be brought up by clicking on it’s buff icon on the left of the screen. F still works like before.
Aubergine spawn rate increased.Known issues:
Skin shader has been modified in order to allow more accurate color picking for your dudes, but this means that all your previous BABs will now look discolored (even the NPCs saved with them)
Strange "full hair pants texture" bug likely still occurs as I have no way to test it on any of my development machines (it simply does not happen to me at all…) v0.14.1
A new version is now available, which allows you to preview an introduction cinematic for a character whose Braces you’ve been toying with for a while now. For now, you can watch it directly and without needing any special character progress, by exploring the Island scene, which has received a few tweaks in order to accommodate and stage the cinematics.Things look weird without music and sound. I know.I may have gone a bit wild with particle count for the effects on this one, so I really need you to tell me if your computer sustains the scene just fine.
Most of the highlights for this version were preparations and polish made during November in order to update the dated public build, with those changes being logged as 0.13.X. First implementations of a new dialogue system that will allow more than two participants to interact. Added toe bones to the orc’s skeleton, which will allow more detailed foot animation for future intimate interactions. (Yes, of the type you are thinking of) Fixed a bug where the AI for characters would make them do nothing when switching roles during doggy style. You can now quit an interaction scene by pressing Esc, after switching. v0.13
Highlights include:
NPCs (Non Playable Characters, such as Oriol, Celik, Bo) and any physical changes done to them will now save, and every player character will keep their own respective NPC data. NPCs now notice and react to changes caused by the Genie’s braces. Right now in the form of dialogues and animations coming right after a sex scene (given you do not fuse with them). Genie’s Braces will now give you a perma-buff if you use its runes more than three times to alter your form, forcing the transformation effects to remain without the braces. The buff can be transmitted to other characters and illusions once triggered. New animations added to Chob’s quest, before and after his closure cinematic. New prototype bodyhair effect, as seen on the post’s image, as well as hair tufts added to the forearms when a high coat value is in check. Cock ring, can be found in the area between Celik and the big avocado tree. Sundial stone circle now changes the time of day.
Now for the fixes:
More procedural animation corrections made to all of the intimate interaction scenes in order to prevent clipping and misplacement of the characters. Model fixes made to the orc’s feet and calves. Fixed a bug that would not allow players to get the three trinkets needed to finish the Iguapi/Chob quest. Fixes made to the camera code in order to allow smooth transitions. Other than the new and the fixed, other types of work have been made that do not necessarily appear in this version, such as the writing and scripting of two new quest lines: one regarding a famous white cube, and the other giving some more depth to the origin of the Genie Braces.Known issues:
Wearing the Genie Braces and the Chob trinkets at the same time causes a transformation conflict that chokes the game’s processing, as two counter transformation spells battle to turn the player’s shape one way or the other… hey that sounds like a nice idea for a story. Feet IK break during the stargaze minigame. Braces’ "Beastly" rune doesn’t work on NPCs and will make them change towards "Erotic" all the time. Chob’s trinkets are disabled and hidden in your inventory right after Chob’s quest is completed. Crash related to out of memory issuesThe 32bit version of the game has so far been creating too many issues given the limited amount of memory the bitbase is allowed to access.Since the game is currently not optimized and is quite needy on memory resources, it tends to crash the moment it requires more than 3GB of ram.Until an optimized version becomes a reality, I suggest avoiding the 32bit version and go directly for 64bit (and if your OS does not allow that, I also suggest you get on with the times and get a 64bit computer)"Stuck on Patreon disclaimer screen" bugThere is a possibility that this problem is caused by an old cache file saved on your computer’s Application Data directory. If you experience this problem, I suggest removing the aforementioned files located on:
(Windows) C:UsersYourUserNameAppDataLocalLowPrasettoBonfire (Mac) Users/YourUserName/library/cache/prasetto/Bonfire These files contain all the characters the player saved so far. You may want to salvage some of those and bring them back into the folder after the deletion process.