Become Alpha [v.0.2.8] [Grave Mercutio]

Become Alpha [v.0.2.8] [Grave Mercutio] Become Alpha [v.0.2.8] [Grave Mercutio] Become Alpha [v.0.2.8] [Grave Mercutio] Become Alpha [v.0.2.8] [Grave Mercutio] Become Alpha [v.0.2.8] [Grave Mercutio] Become Alpha [v.0.2.8] [Grave Mercutio] Become Alpha [v.0.2.8] [Grave Mercutio]
Harry Panuchkin is a cliché kid from the suburbs – skinnier than the lamppost, whiter than bleached asshole, and a mouth full of gangsta rap trivia.
You can say he’s a moron with boring life, but just so happens that he’s on a verge of a great adventure.
: More overview And like every great adventure it’s a great opportunity for life transformation.
So help Harry become the alpha male he always wanted to be. Long story short –
Become Alpha is a porn game with kick ass branching story line, quests, RPG-like experience system, and possibility to have sex with many partners.
It’s also pretty damn funny.
Thread Updated: 2020-05-09
Release Date: 2020-05-08
Developer: Grave Mercutio Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.8
OS: Windows, Online
Language: English
Male protagonist, corruption, titfuck, vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex, male domination, female domination, graphic violence, sandbox, strategy, life simulator, RPG, Real porn, HTML, Adventure, Animated, Gay, Humiliation, Management, MILF, Multiple penetration, Sex toys, Voyeurism, Group sex, Drugs, Alcohol, Landlady
Small changes:
1. Improved bug reporting.
2. Help panel in your room.
3. Some changes and new media in "Versus the Hoarders" quest.Bug fixes:
4. Missing images in "Peeking" and "Enter without knocking" activities.
5. Cleaning the yard after you finished "Versus the Hoarders" now works.
6. Fixed some problems with the way time works.v0.2.6
Small changes:
1. Added settings screen in the left menu.
2. Ability to turn off the Patreon nagging, without turning on the Fap Mode.Bug fixes:
3. Another fix for levelling up when maxed out.
4. Some further backwards compatibility improvement for old saves.
Main changes:1. Another attempt at complete media conversion, this time to MP4. So the previous media conversion to WEBM turned out to be a success in terms of quality and reducing the game size, but it turned out to be problematic for Safari and Edge users. So with a huge help of Zurkei we’ve managed to convert all media to mp4. Please let me know if the issues you were experiencing are fixed, and if the game plays ok.2. Quest "Get to know Alexa" is finally finished. It was actually quite a demanding piece of work, as it required a lot of coding. But it’s finally there. Hope you guys will like it!3. Homework activity with Alexa. So you can now help Alexa in her homework, while she’s in her room.4. 2 new random events. Additionally to homework activity, I added two random events, that might occur when you’re doing homework with Alexa. I think you’ll enjoy at least one of themSmall changes: 5. Additional "knocking" event for Alexa Room. I added it because it was a bit problematic that you’d have to pay her each time you wanna come in and help her with homework. Now it should work that sometimes she wants money, and sometimes she just lets you in.6. "About the game" button instead of "Copyrights". So I changed the "Copyrights" popup into a bigger section with additional info like list of team members and people who helped along the way, as well as the names of Alexa and Daphne.7. Raised the required desire level to have sex for Alexa and Daphne. So as the game progresses and new content appears I’ll be slowly raising the bar in this area, because the game will become too easy. Though I think that old saves won’t be affect by this change anyway.Bug fixes: 8. "Corgis" quest will now progress only once when showing memes to Daphne, not each time. The quest itself is still not ready, but the memes event is what starts it.9. Alexa’s Orgasm yields from anal sex were broken, and now they are fixed.10. I think I fixed the bug where sometimes you get a "limp dick" on the beginning of sex. Hopefully that won’t happen anymore.Watchlist:So additionally to the above, I want to publish a list of bugs that were reported but I wasn’t able to recreate them. If one of those bugs happen to you – please send me bug report.- Some users reported that sometimes when you knock on the doors, and you get a positive outcome, the game doesn’t let you in the room anyway.- Double events – one user reported that when he was peeking on the girl in the shower, and finished it, the same event started all over again. v0.22
Bugfixes and support for Mozilla Firefoxv0.20
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
Current state of affairs:
Become Alpha is currently in an early access version. This means that it’s not finished, but I’ve spent a lot of time making sure there are no huge bugs, and the gameplay works. The main things are there, and there are 2 fully featured characters you can dateThe future:
– Multiple routes for the main storyline,
– Individual sex clips for each character,
– Strikes system that penalizes bad behavior towards a character,
– Weekly dad conversations with bonuses depending on your behavior during the week,
– Minimum 10 fully-featured characters with individual quests and storylines (currently 2),
– Additional features for player screen (wheels, crew),
– Minimum 30 quests (currently 2),
– Minimum 60 activities (currently around 15-20),
– Minimum 20 fully featured locations (currently just Daphne’s house),
– NPC system.
And much, much more…