Aunt Debby [Ep. 2] [SerialNumberComics]

Aunt Debby [Ep. 2] [SerialNumberComics] Aunt Debby [Ep. 2] [SerialNumberComics]
Damien is 19 years old, smart and a little rebel of a character, but so far he still plays by the rules. Will he changes? no one knows, let’s see how the story unfolds in the next version.
: Dev text Hi everybody, and thank you for visiting my page.
This is SerialNumberComics, after playing so many 3D games and Visual Novels, I decided to make my own.
Please bear with me, as I come from a totally different background, so for this reason, I would appreciate your constant feedback in order to improve my games and visual novels.
So that’s all about me, Welcome to my page.
Oh and by the way, I do the music too.Supporting me:
If you’d like to support me, I will be very thankful, and this means I can buy more assets (clothing, characters, locations) upgrade my hardware and improve the games I would be very thankful also if you decide not to support me, in fact just having you here, sharing my page, commenting and giving your feedback is great. Thanks.
Updated: 28/09-2017
Developer/Publisher: SerialNumberComics
Censorship: None
Version: Episode 2
OS: Windows
Language: English
3D Animation, 3DCG, Incest, Milf, cousin.