Astros - A Cosmic Love Story [v0.01b Demo] [biZZler and Sake-Man]

Astros - A Cosmic Love Story [v0.01b Demo] [biZZler and Sake-Man] Astros - A Cosmic Love Story [v0.01b Demo] [biZZler and Sake-Man] Astros - A Cosmic Love Story [v0.01b Demo] [biZZler and Sake-Man] Astros - A Cosmic Love Story [v0.01b Demo] [biZZler and Sake-Man] Astros - A Cosmic Love Story [v0.01b Demo] [biZZler and Sake-Man]
Overview:​MC is an Astrophysicist. He has published many research papers and was part of various major discoveries in this field and is currently working on a new theory which would revolutionize science as we know it.
: Overview continued He is in his early thirties and is not particularly close to his family nor does he have any active relationships.He was an introvert during his school and college days and so never quite mastered the art of socializing. He partly blamed his family for this, due to the way he was influenced by them from a very young age, to stay away from “bad company” which according to them were most people around. He is a brilliant scientist, however due to his shortcomings he is not able to form meaningful connections with people. This has also led to him being sidelined by his co workers and superiors on many occasions so that they can seize the spotlight and enjoy fruits of his hard work.After the most recent breakup with Felicia and quitting his job, MC decided it was time for a change of scenery and moved to a different city where he spent a few days wandering from one bar to another, trying to drown his sorrows. After a few nights of bar hopping, he happened to bump into an old friend Samantha. After a quick catch up and understanding MC’s current situation, she mentions that there is a teaching position available at the university where she currently works and convinces him that this is exactly what he needs right now. And so he ends up taking the teaching job with this well known university where he will also be continuing his research.Emily is a brilliant student who will be attending MC’s class. She is really excited by the fact that a famous scientist such as MC will be teaching her and is looking forward to it.
Thread Updated: 2019-09-29
Release Date: 2019-04-15
Developer: biZZler and Sake-Man
Censored: No
Version: v0.01b Demo
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: EnglishGenre:
3DCG, Male protagonist, School setting
First Release/Demo
Developer Notes:
GameplayAlright, so this game will use Ren’Py visual novel engine. The gameplay will be mostly linear (at least for now) with a few choices. As we add more characters, and as the story progresses, each decisions that you make will have more and more impact on the direction of the story. The character progression system will be point based. Each character will have their own progression bar which tracks how far you have gone with them.(Note : This will only be implemented in the later versions, so it will not be available in the demo release.)
That’s all I’m saying right now. Stay tuned for more info!