Ancient world Gods and Men [v1.7a] [Project63]

Is an adult historical/fantasy sim game set in the Ancient Roman times
Updated: 2020-03-03
Thread Updated: 2019-01-19
Developer: Project63Patreon
Version: 1.7a
Censorship: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Other Game: Overlord
3DCG, 2D game, Male protagonist, Pregnancy, Slave, Fantasy
//what’s new*Appearance mirror added where player can groom characters.
*Player creation updated, base face models changed
*You are now able to "talk" to defeated leader after combat.*GLADIATORS
*Gladiator class added. You’ll need to reasign existing characters already working as gladiators for this to take affect.
*Added gladiator minigame. Player can now send gladiators to fight challengers for additional gold and rewards (by selecting billboard in training grounds).
*gladiators now have to be assigned to training dummy in order to passively increase combat experience.
*Injuries reinstated.//changes, minor updates
*Player now receives small amount of Denarii when winning in arena. (At least enough for resting)
*POV view removed. Until further notice.
*Information/market display modified. You now select object for information instead of hovering over.
*Idle animations added when character is doing nothing.
*When assigned as gladiator class you can no longer assign character as a prostitute. The same will happen with prostitute proffesion when brothel management is implemented.
*Males earn more money then female as a gladiator. Female earns more money then male as a prostitute.
*Some starting hair meshes have been remodeled. Hair textures are temporary disabled.
*Weather system. It can rain during combat (Light rain, Heavy rain, with thunder). Rain is based on combat location.
*Unlocked maximum breast size for normal game. Example: Big girls will have no size limitation, while the thin girls will be capped at medium size. Basically bigger chance for bigger boobs overall.*Updated some of the tutorials, tooltips.
*Cum/milk effect changed.v1.6b
*Added 1 new female cloth item
*Added ragdoll death physics on humanoids, decapitations
*1 new quest for priestess
*2 New talents
*Added new map, Oasis, Desert combat map
*Improved day cycle visuals, morning, day, evening, night.
*Added sex positions
*Fixed character positioning
*known bugs: When purchasing character for the first time, sometimes cloth clips with body. Restarting the game can/should fix that.v1.6
Added difficulty setting. (Due to complaints the game was too difficult. It’s advised to play this game on easy, until your servants or equivalent will be able to acompany you)
Added terrain for player home base and implemented build/resource/upgrade system.
Resource gain is based on character sex/loyalty/strength/status.
Changed villa look, to match the upgrade system in upcoming updates.
Servants are no longer in villa but in their own building.
Further developed pregnancy system. (No incest, for now until I bypass this patreon rule with historical accuracy, Roman/Egyptian "pure blooded")
Chat replies are now based on characters personality/status.
In order to sleep you now select 3D object (bed) instead of UI.
Characters in market now resets daily.
Blowjob scene animations improved, added sounds.
New feature Action Points. Action points are used daily for sex initiation, combat, etc… Energy is now primarly used only for combat.
Fixes a bug that caused characters nonselectable.
Fixed a bug that caused player to start with 20 morality instead of 0.
Fixed a bug that did not save patreon codes.
Fixed a bug that caused game freezes when exiting town.
Fixed a bug that caused saving talents to fail. To fix this without starting a new game, use RESETCHAR code to only reset your main character stats to level 0.
(If your character has the same amount of talents points as his level you do not need to do this)
… and various tiny bug fixes.v1.6
What’s new

Game redesign.
Name changes, moved from historical to fantasy settings. Fantasy roaming map implemented.
Map/mage mechanics. You now travel on map and trigger encounters.
Resolution/quality settings has been disabled. Now you can set it up on start using unity settings display. Full screen supported now using 4:3 resolution ratio.v1.5d
Codes will change in next minor update, with felatio positions.
– Quest indicator now shows in chat when quest is available by NPC (Quest engages when selecting quest bubble, made more space for dialogue).
– Start of the build system.
– Background story added, intro explanation (it should start after loading, only once, after that you can review the intro in journal)
– Companion room with some dialogue
*Removed flee button in combat
*you can no longer enter arena until you healed.
*minor fixesv1.5c
-removed hand job icon when looking at player
-removed assign button when selecting farm worker
-execute throw now works with all weapons
-sometimes resting did not restore energy
-can now remove comments during sex by selecting bubblev1.5b
-Hopefully fixed most of the combat issues
-fixed armor not scaling properly if you character was strong.
-added timers in combat arena to increase combat/game speed by 0.5.
-added force exit button in case you still experience turn not showing up, acts as flee.1.5a
– Game breaking bug that caused going into arena to not display proper animations
– Fixed spear error (you could not use spear without game breaking)v1.5
-increased character slots to 5
-added two handed combat weapon + animation (Strength: Increased damage. Weakness: Can not block)
-story continuation – companion added – hello magic world!
-group on group combat
-dick size / butt thigh size added, character redesign (busty, tits, fat, skinny)
-face meshes changed, before were just different features of the face, which made characters look much the same. I’ll be creating different face shapes from now on to diversify character more.
-I have reserved slots for new features. So there will no longer be character wipes each update. (You do gain more money now if you fight two or three enemies)
-handjob scenes added.
-you can now assign character to positions
Mac users please contact me. I need testers for mac version of the game.
minor changes/fixes
*Texture for eastern clothing fixed
*Draggable developer window
known bugs
*if you quit the game before buying 5 slaves you’ll need to capture two slaves for slave market to take affect, or just visit slave market prior to visiting arena.
*Slave will not appear in villa if you buy him faster than it loads up in slave market. 1 second timer. If that happens (buying when she/he disappears) just restart the game and slave should appear in your villa the next day.
*If font is scrabbled at start of the game, restart the game.
Starting from patch 1.5 each time a new feature is developed it’ll be released(combat, clothing, sex positions.. etc). So no longer 45 days wait time period. Starting with continuation of the story (farmers daughter)
Hopefully with this updates will be more regular.v1.4
*Strength talent changes appearance.
*Busty size increased.
*Old sex system and animations removed. New animation, and sex system implemented. Partner orgasm.
*Comments implemented during sex scenes based on loyalty.
*Two new scrolls for all patrons.
*You can now promote slave to Doktore.
*Female clothing shop only for now. 3 tiers. Traveler – Free 0$/ Citizen – Patreon 1$/ Royalty – Patreon 5$.
*The Royals can also buy lower tier items.
*The same goes with Temple/scroll shop.
*Pubic hair – for the moment you can toggle through pubic hair in view mode, but will later be moved to makeup artist/hairdresser workshop.
*Male gladiator clothing changed.
minor fixes, changes:
*cursor now becomes transparent when info hovering
*information tooltip now offsets when hovering near edge of screen
*field of view from POV view is now adjustable with arrow keys or middle mouse button. Nose vision removed. (Again, game was not intended for such closeup for now, POV is optional)
*Player can now search for next opponent in arena 3 times/day. Or until 18:00 game time. So it’s easier to find your preferred slaves.
*Player can change character names.
*Background is now visible in sex scene.
known bugs:
-Sometimes character goes off contraption in dungeon and you need to reassign them. After a quick check I could not find conflict causing it. Will adress this issue thoroughly when there will be more content in dungeon.
-Combat turn timer not showingv1.3
What’s new:
– Title has been changed to Ancient world: Gods and Men
– Additional slave slot has been added
– Reputation has become more important. therefore you will no longer gain reputation by winning or losing in local arena.
– Dungeon room improved, you can now assign character as prisoner.
– Affinity stat has been renamed to Loyalty.
New stat Fear.
– More interraction with characters in LOOK/SEX modes. When nude you can now slighty manipulate tits/asscheeks/penis and belly if pregnant with mouse drag.
– Whipping (atm just adds whipped skin), can be done in dungeon on Wood contraption.
– Sex scene system and positioning will be changed, as seen in dungeon you will be able to assign character to certain position and the characters will no longer switch on their own. Giving player full control. Doing this will fix bugged positioning of character models when engaging in sex scene.
– POV view from both characters in sex mode. (Please note this game was not intended for such closeups and is purely optional) use ESC to exit pov mode.
-New sex position, unlocked in Look mode when character is working as none/prostitute and is standing near wall. Titjob – will slowly implement this system to all positions and will depend on location.
-Guard System has been postponed, as it caused (atm very expensive) slaves to run away, even at very low chances (0.5% – 1%). This will be enabled at later stages when you’ll have an option to find free slaves.
known bugs that will be addressed in next versions:
-Light does not fade at evening.
-Mesh stretching when positioning characters.
-when loading game sometimes (if you did not capture 3 characters at beginning) you will need to capture 3 characters for slave market to take effect.v1.2A
Armor/health damage was fixed. If you or enemy had 1 armor left and 100 hp even the strongest hits were negated by that 1 point of armor.
Now any hit greater than armor left, will result in 80% health point deduction. (As armor still reduces some of the blows momentum, even if it gets destroyed in the process)
-enemy has 5 Armor/100 Health
-you do 15 points of damage
-you hit enemy for 5 Armor damage(100%), and 8 Health damage(80%).
…and enemy vice versa.
Implemented Journal and quests have been fixed (Quest stages/kills are saved even if you quit the game)
Now only 1 wolf per pack at starting area
Odds have been implemented. each time you miss, your default chance of hitting next hit will increase, shown as bonus percentage.
To counter frustrating chain misses.
Rage talent bonus has been reduced from 5%(max 25%) to 2%(max 10%) to compensate for the odds.
WebGL version cursor fix. Cursor is no longer oversized. (Did cover 50% of hovering information)
Loading improved. Inventory cells that do not contain items no longer load.
You can now use UP/DOWN arrow keys for zooming with laptops.
Temporary disabled quest/chat cursor indicators.
Map exit trigger distance has been increased.
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Citizen: TUTOR
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Citizen Patreon Code: PERSONA
Royal Patreon Code: LANNISTER
Developer Notes::
known bugs*sometimes character overlap eachother when idling. Using star + remove (or repositioning in any other way, sleeping, etc…) should position that character correctly.*Alot of stuff has been modified in the core of the game, and new bugs created. So feel free to report them if any is found!Also feel free to read technical sections and plan list on my dev blog.