Almastriga [Build 26] [Taboolicious]

Almastriga [Build 26] [Taboolicious] Almastriga [Build 26] [Taboolicious] Almastriga [Build 26] [Taboolicious] Almastriga [Build 26] [Taboolicious] Almastriga [Build 26] [Taboolicious] Almastriga [Build 26] [Taboolicious] Almastriga [Build 26] [Taboolicious]
Almastriga is a classic metroidvania game where you play as Jane, a cursed woman at odds against a great evil that wants to use her as a vessel to cross into the world’s dimensional plane and take it over. However, Jane quickly realizes the curse isn’t all bad.
Do you have what it takes to help Jane withstand evil’s lure and rid herself of her curse before it’s too late?​
Thread Updated: 2020-05-10
Release Date: 2020-05-07
Developer: Taboolicious Patreon
Censored: No
Version: Build 26
OS: Windows
Language: English
2dcg, side-scroller, fighting, monsters, tentacles, dungeon crawler, violence
Build v26
-New weapons!
-Map and minimap!
-new Jane moves!Build v24
When jumping to a platform from beneath Jane transitions animations from ducked to idle.-Valerie NPC
Farm: Extract materials from monsters (sex scenes).
Materials extracted go to Valerie’s stock.
Store/stock: Buy materials extracted from monsters.-Clock
NPCs have a time to be idle, you can interact with them during this time.
NPCs also have a time where they leave their store to have sex.
Cycle (day/night) takes 1 hour real time
NPC sex time table:Vanessa and Josh–11pm to 12amGina and Andy—–11pm to 12amJeff and Valerie–11pm to 12amKaren and Adam—-04pm to 05pm*Other mechanics will work based on the clock (yet to be implemented)-NPC manager:
Checks what the NPCs are doing, when they are doing it, were they are doing it and for how long they will be doing it.
This is to avoid NPCs omnipresence.-Text update
All text has been updated so that it doesn’t lose quality in low resolutions and improves game performance.-Quest indicator
When an NPC has a quest, there will be an indicator on their head.-Enemies
Enemies from library have been removed, all the sex now happens in the farm/extraction, at Valerie’s shop.Bug fixes:
Modifications and bug fixing on quest system.
Jane no longer gets stuck during jump and attack jump animations.
Spider enemy improved (needs further tweaking).
Pop-up platforms behavior-animator conflict is fixed.
UI resetting fixed.
Exterior stage entrance collider was remade.
Some Camera colliders fixed.Build v21.2
-whats new?Brand new stage with over 30 rooms to explore, covering a forest and caverns! (and growing)
new enemy too! annoying little critter-Focus of buildthe main focus was just the new areas for more exploration, its still in development and needs tweaking, but it should be very save to explore!build v18.0
-What’s new?More NPCs with animation, and audio!
14 New shield!
Fist combo improved!
More NPC on NPC action!-Focus of build
this build focuses mostly on expanding the gear you can craft and make the UI more intuitive, still needs work but we are almost there! not to mention, add more eye candy, if you know what I mean -Small teaser into build 19
Optimization is the name of build 19, we want everyone and their mom to be able to play the game in any rig!
Build v16.0
New NPCs (Adam & Jeff)
Added VA for:
ValerieAdded conversation menus to NPCs (only Josh’s menus work)
Added base Vendor options (buy/sell), but nothing to buy or sell yet-Arena stage:
Added treasure chests all over the place, with crafting materials and new weapons
Small renovation to the whole Arena map (new rooms)-Gear upgrade/forging/crafting (Josh NPC)
When recieving Josh’s quest he will give you 5 free weapons of your choice-Misc
UI manager modified a bit to ease the navigation in menusBuild v14.0
Complete Hub overhaul
Hub exterior added
added new room (player room)-Arena stage:
The flow of the Arena has change-NPCs:
Josh and Gina moved to new location in HUB exterior
-Added new NPCs:
Each new NPC has dialogue, dialogue portrait and sprite animation-Jane:
Jane’s speed gone up to move a bit faster-Save system
brand new and still in progress, as it is right now the game only autosaves in the checkpoints-Bug fixes:
block pause input during dialogues to prevent pause menu overlap
block pause input during dead/gameover screen
block pause input during sex scene to prevent various problems
block pause input during shop menus to prevent Jane from moving around while still in shop menusJanuary 2019 Build (Build 13):
-UI changes:
Upgrade system has control support.
Quest menu improved.
Fixed a bug in the weapon sub menu, where no weapons where displayed.-Succubus:
Audio cooldown so it doesn’t spam dialogue.
Teleport is now also by time.
Is vulnerable during whip attack.
Will no longer spawn an extra succubus.-Fixed a bug while picking up a weapon in mid air (jumping).
-Fixed a bug with "drowned" enemy where he falls slowly.
-Visual overhaul, implemented lights for a more moody feel.Build 10
-Quest systemAdded quest system, currently we have 2 quests​​Josh: Gives you smith quest which will allow you to upgrade weapons​​Gina: Gives you a kill quest, no reward for this at the moment​
-Upgrade systemAdded upgrade base system​​Pike: iron ore​​Halberd: crystals​​Partizan:iron ore​​Glaive: gold​upgrade materials are dropped from enemies​
Hub:​Shadow demon is now in the library, to trigger scene​Build v9.0
SFX added for several moves​when falling at terminal velocity, Jane crouches on ground​
New shields​
-Stage​Arena:​Ambience SFX added​Tresure rooms added​Portal room finished​Hub:​Gargoyle is now in one of the rooms, to trigger scene​NPC dialogues have voice over​
Basement has been added, you can access a new game section from there-Enemies
Gargoyle:​Animations are all clean and finished​some bugs have been corrected​SFX added to spirit and Brute​​Build v8.0
[to be added]Build v7.0
Dash was changed, now its done with RB/R1 plus direction.​When knocked down, Jane is pushed on the opposite direction of the hit.​When killed, the game fades out, instead of the abrupt transition.​
Gargoyle fly stance clean.​Parabola attack tweaked.​general fixes to the behaivor.​
each weapons deals different damage​
Menu overhaul​
Sex scenes: Cum shot, can now be skipped​HPBar also has text display​Checkpoints​Some new platforms added ingame​All polearms animations are clean​Build v6.0
[to be added]
Build v5.0
[to be added]
Build v4.0
[to be added]Build v3.0
-UI changes
Ingame menu
character menu
inventory menu
*gear change is now done through the character menu-Ingame ChangesJane
knockdown animation cleanup
double jump (wings) cleanupRoxy (ally)
Agressive mode onlyThoggua red variation
parabolic shotBrute (enemy)
basic behaviourSpirit (enemy)Damage UI score
damage numbersseveral visual FX and particle systemsSeveral enemy and general bug fixesArena stage
Size increase and more visual assets addedBuild 2.0
[to be added]
Build 1.0
[to be added]