Acme of Abyss [v0.14 public] [CheepySnake]

Acme of Abyss [v0.14 public] [CheepySnake] Acme of Abyss [v0.14 public] [CheepySnake] Acme of Abyss [v0.14 public] [CheepySnake] Acme of Abyss [v0.14 public] [CheepySnake] Acme of Abyss [v0.14 public] [CheepySnake] Acme of Abyss [v0.14 public] [CheepySnake] Acme of Abyss [v0.14 public] [CheepySnake]
Rpg wich lewd scenes. Fantasy creatures, magic, quests and some humor included.​
Thread Updated: 2019-09-10
Release Date: 2019-09-10
Developer: cheepySnake PatreonTwitterDiscord
Censored: No
Version: v 0.14
OS: Windows
Language: English
3d game, 3DCG, Anal Sex, Creampie, Handjob, Lesbian, Sex Toys, Vaginal sex, Fantasy, Rpg, futa
v 0.14Fixed BDSM outfit quest Some fixes in the game texts Scene selector now available in the public build v 0.13New lewd scene Fixed bug with outfit color
v 0.12a
Blush Zoom scale bar in lewd scenes More convenient display of alchemical recipes during cooking. Fixed bug with outfit color
v 0.11
Few fixes New lewd scene Finish of "Three potion" quest
New quest New market New outfit for Elf Updated camera contrl in lewd scenes Fixed few bugs v.0.9
New feature: now you can change make-up color New lewd scene. Just use bed in you room. New outfit: stockings for Witch A lot of minor bug’s fixed v 0.8c
Few minor bugs fixed Ksmaah and Vespa now available in the dressing room. New outfits for Ksmaah New page in the journal: "Characters". It’s contains a short description about characters and sexual statistics. New feature: now you can change color of the outfit’s in the dressing room.
Small plot movement New Scene with Succubus (creampie included!) A little new (and not new) clothes for the Witch. Fixed a couple of minor bugs. Few minor interface changes The first stages of the "explore the dungeon" quest is a little clearer.
Journal redesign New mechanics: alchemy And the associated with it quest. v 0.5a
Fixed bug with Zesthara’s outfit quest Re-desingned Spell Book Several minor interface changes v 0.5
Fixed a lot of minor bugs New lewd scene: teaser of "Afterparty with Dark Elf" A small quest associated with it.
v 0.4
Now you can sell and bue items New quest New outfit for Witch
Fixed many little bugs Added poup-up explanation for the lockpicking mini-game Added Main Menu screen Added categories to the inventory Added link to the walkthrough to the "About" section Added barier chains map. It’s located in the one of bookshelves in the library
New ability: lockpcik and new mini-game for it. New outfits for With and Elf Now you can change Zesthara’s outfit in the dressing room Few new quests Three new sex-toys for scene with Zesthara
New character: Succubi And new newd scene with here New quest New game mechanic: now you can cast spells! Two active spells Now you can save and load the game! Some face-expressions per dialogues Many little fixes v 0.1a
Re-worked lights
Added help meassages to minigames You can disable help meassages in game settings Autoplay options for minigames added New quest: open the door to storeroom Minor fixes in quests and helpers descriptions Several bugs fixed New dress for Witch (you can find it in the storeroom) …and some more minor fixed
Developer Notes:
What does it look like?
I realy love flash-games like Queen Hunt or The hill filled with full-blown flowers and tried to do something similar in 3D. I also like role-playing games, so I added quests, dialogs, etc. Unreal Engine opens a lot of room for creativity, so expect many experiments with game mechanics in the future. Fighting, in the usual sense, is not planned! Of course, I would like to make a new Blade of Darkness, but already a lot of bad action-RPGs, why produce new ones?