A Usual Day [v0.7.1 Full] [nullifygames]

A Usual Day [v0.7.1 Full] [nullifygames] A Usual Day [v0.7.1 Full] [nullifygames] A Usual Day [v0.7.1 Full] [nullifygames] A Usual Day [v0.7.1 Full] [nullifygames] A Usual Day [v0.7.1 Full] [nullifygames]
You wake up on an unknown island and can’t remember anything. A few girls find you and tell you about the island. It’s a private, more like hidden island for a special all-girls dorm. You are allowed to stay 14 days. Make friends and enjoy your time.​
Thread Updated: 2020-04-16
Release Date: 2020-04-16
Developer/Publisher: nullifygames Patreon
Censorship: No
Version: v0.7.1 Full
OS: Windows
Language: English
2dcg, male protagonist, masturbation, oral sex, vaginal sex, adventure, big tits, lesbian, bdsm
Bugs Fixed: Freeze bug in the kitchen; Mara’s progression bug; You can enter the city now after donating 100k to Lucky.v0.7
Mini Game added: Slut Dancer (Early State)
Inventory added, Item Icons added
New, more detailed storyline for: Sarah, Mara, Claire (only about 33% content yet)
New "Map" (NOT the final map, just a filling tool to have something visually "pleasing")
Minor UI changes
Quests & Hints got merged since most of the quests from v0.6 are now important to get more into somebodys story.
Affection Meter / Heart Display got reworked.
There are now 3 mini steps in each heart level.
Hearts: 4 -> 6
CGs: 20 -> 22
Some bug fixing (like the donate bug in v0.6’s public)v0.6
A Usual Day v0.6 is about to get released and it’s a huge, huge update.
v0.6 is the biggest update yet and will be the initial part for some other major bugfixing and UI/HUD-related updates.My goal is to fix all bugs, to make the entire user interface visually appealing (including shop and other ugly lists) and to complete all main features in v0.6, v0.7 and v0.8.Free Mode got replaced with Easy Mode. You can now choose a difficulty level when starting a new game. You can choose between "Easy & Fast" and "Original". The Easy Mode will multiply all earned money and stats by 3 and trigger events by visiting the right place at any time of the day.
Major UI & HUD changes for Messages, Leveling stats, Your Room, Quests, Hints.
Your Room’s design got completely updated.
Quests list’s design got completely updated and has a responsive design now.
Hints’ design recieved a minor upgrade.
All quests have their own description page now.
Claire’s Maid path got temporarily disabled and will get some upgrades and return in v0.7.
New Place: City
New Character: Emma
BDSM content got implemented with Emma.
Emma has a mood and an obedience level which will be needed to unlock new features and scenes.
Quests: 3 -> 6
CGs: 18 -> 20
Major and minor bugs fixed.
Version: 0.7 (July 6th, 2019)77701 | +$1,000,000
87645 | Set all your stats to level 100
51039 | Unlock all pictures in the gallery