A Drow's Life [v6.4] [conqueror3]

A Drow's Life [v6.4] [conqueror3] A Drow's Life [v6.4] [conqueror3] A Drow's Life [v6.4] [conqueror3] A Drow's Life [v6.4] [conqueror3] A Drow's Life [v6.4] [conqueror3]
"A damsel-in-distress RPG about a junior adventurer who gets in way over her head as she stumbles into a mysterious conspiracy. The tone is generally light-hearted, while the content heavily revolves around bondage, usually involving two women. The gameplay features a mix of relatively simple puzzles and standard turn-based battles, but failure is always an option; if you can’t figure out how to get free or keep losing your fights, someone will always let you out eventually."
thanks to @05841035411Thread Updated: 2020-01-10
Release Date: 2020-01-10
Developer: conqueror3
Censorship: Good question.
Version: v6.4
OS: Windows
Language: English
Female Protagonist, 2dcg, BDSM, Fantasy, Lesbian, Groping, Female Domination Change-Log:
No changelogv6.2- 2 new scenes: try visiting the inn in Minor or Zukin’s house in the Fetish Forest
– The encounter with Alicia is now guaranteed to happen if you’re captured by the imps after finishing chapter 7
– You’re no longer locked out of the Fetish Forest at the beginning of chapter 8 (if you still are, try leaving Lua’s house and going back in)
– A number of other fixes