House [v1.20] [Stager4]

Download About the game: You play as ghost that can control a family that just moved into a house. You can play as the father, mother, and daughter. The current content stops at remodeling the guest room and choosing a housekeeper. Original and English qsp files are included.​Developer: Stager4 – Patreon Censorship: None Version: 1.20 …

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Angels & Demons [v0.8] [Darkpassengergm]

Download Overview: About this game: (I edited the dev’s translation) The main hero of the game is a 20 year old guy who is trying to find out the reasons for his father’s disappearance while revealing his family’s secrets, roaming the city and fighting his inner demons and angels.​ Thread Updated: 2018-03-25 Release Date: 2018-03-25 …

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Son Of A Bitch! [v0.29] [Avenger]

Download Overview: The protagonist of the game is a young man who just graduated from school and has to choose a way of life. You write his history. He lives with his mom and elder sister. And there are a lot of girls and women in games world!(Click on First Option to start a new …

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Secrets That We Kept [v0.6] [DoubleA]

Download Overview: The protoganist of this game is a young guy Leonard Lineker, who recently entered a local university and lived his usual life. However, life does not always go as smoothly as one would like and sometimes presents surprises, for sure those letters with threats that our hero recently began to find can be …

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Familiarity [Kosmos Nash]

Download About this game: This is an internet dating simulator by the same russian dude who did Bright Future.​Updated: November 17, 2016 Genre: QSP, Videocams, Stripping, Voyeurism, Real life pics, gifs Censorship: None Version: 1.1 Developer: Kosmos Nash Platform: PC / Windows Language: English / RussianInstructions: 1- Extract to desired location. 2- Click on "START.exe" …

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FemSim [v0.24.2] [Jarwellis]

Download Overview: Player starts as male, clerk working in Medical Science Center. Due to one of incidents he got TFed to woman.​ Updated: 30/12-2017 Developer/Publisher: Jarwellis Censorship: None OS: Windows Language: English Genre: Vaginal Sex, Transformation (Male to Female), Oral Sex, Anal Sex, HandjobChange-logs: 0.24.2 – fixed newly added bug with stuck at coming home …

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