Download Overview: Most of SSOCRATES/DaPolarInc’s patreon content, some are missing due to rewards being sent only through PM, there are more rewards but some are missing and if any patron of SSOCRATES’s has the 2018 and 2017 and 2016 missing PM rewards please send it to me so i can add them on the MEGA …

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Jay Naylor Patreon

Download Overview: All of Jay Naylor’s patreon exclusive content including HD files and exclusive ones hidden behind paywall. Also includes all the comics (from 2007 to 2018 )​ Developer/Publisher: Jay Naylor Censorship: No Language: English Genre: jay naylor, bunny, bunny girl, catgirl, cat, anthro, furry, anthropomorphic, netorare, ntr, cuckoldry, cunnilingus, watersport, facesitting, dogs, mouse, pregnancy, …

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Zaush Patreon

Download Overview: All of Zaush/Adam Wan’s patreon content, includes video progress, HD artworks, Mystic Tantra complete edition (with additional bonuses), stream doodles, and more.​ Developer/Publisher: Zaush Censorship: No Language: English Genre: furry, cuckold, zaush, adam wan, patreon, patreon exclusive, patreon content, patreon rip, patreon collection, interspecies