Stefano Mazzotti Collection [Stefano Mazzotti]

Download Overview: Collection of comics by Stefano Mazzotti. The anthologies "Dear Little Secrets", "Metamorphosis" and "The Baroness Swallows It All" each contain a number of short comics, while "Velvet Love" volumes 1 and 2 are art books.​ Updated: N/A Developer/Publisher: Various Censorship: None Language: English Resolution: Various Pages: 252 Genre: vaginal, oral, lesbian, group sex, …

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Kingdoms of Lust CG-Rip [Nutaku]

Download Overview: Kingdoms of Lust is an Adult MMO from Nutaku. Much like Crystal Maidens the identity of the artist is unknown.​ Updated: 02/11/2018 Developer/Publisher: Nutaku https://www.nutaku.net/games/kingdoms-of-lust/ Censorship: none Language: wordless Resolution: 1920×1080 Pages: 110 Genre: oral, anal, vaginal

My Private: Trainer [Olympus]

Download Overview: My Private: Trainer is the second choose your adventure style visual novel game in the My Private series. The first is HERE. This time your personal trainer will be taking care of your body. With over 30 animations and 150 images your private trainer is sure to be satisfying all your needs.​ Thread …

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Vile College [v0.1] [SneakyPanda]

DownloadDownloadDownload Overview: Barry was always bullied because of his short size. He was smaller than the other kids in his age. In his childhood he had a really hard time, especially when he entered the middle school. Over the years the bullying became less and less. Recently he has even gotten his first girlfriend called …

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Party With Friends [Lesson of Passion]

Download Overview: Classic adventure game with a lot of choices, paths to follow and sex scenes to complete.​Updated: 18/Jul/2018 Developer/Publisher: Lesson Of Passion Censorship: None Version: Complete OS: Win Language: English Genre: Adventure, Animated, Threesome, Group sex, Lesbian, Oral, Vaginal, Party, Female Protagonist. Additional Info: 2 adorable girls and their handsome boyfriends arousing adventure game …

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Oda Non manga collection [Oda Non]

Download Overview: Oda Non mangas. Note that there are a few by this author on all the usual sites that are definitely rule 7 material, I deliberately did not include those.​ Updated: n/a Developer/Publisher: Oda Non Censorship: yes Language: English Resolution: various Pages: 191 Genre: full color, milf, big its, vaginal, oral, exhibition, corruption Collection …

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DNA: Dicks Need Attention! [Supro]

Download Overview: Elizabeth is looking for a quiet place on campus to fuck Adrian. Thankfully, the lab room is empty outside of Liz’s friend Catherine, who fell asleep during her research. While Elizabeth tries to wake her up, Catherine unknowingly swats a beaker full of liquid directly onto Adrian. The three soon find out that …

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Mugen - Sailor Sex [FireAmethyst]

Download Overview: This version of the MUGEN fighting game is completely devoted to the anime "Sailor Moon". The game carefully selected the best hentai-character versions (there are 66 of them, including the main characters of the series), as well as the best erotic arenas for battles (there are 35). You will have to fight off …

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Io and Louise's Netorare Adventure [Wandowando]

Download Overview: Robin the protagonist meets a girl by the name of Io from the slums. She was carrying a book that she said was handed down from her high-born mother. Robin hears Io’s pleas, and with the help of his senpai Louise, they begin to decipher the book. They look to find out the …

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The Birches of Desire [Muratori]

Download Overview: The Birches of Desire by Muratori​Updated: N/A Developer/Publisher: Bede X Censorship: None Language: English Resolution: 1300×1800 Pages: 46 Genre: Sex, Oral, Anal, BDSM, Whips Installation: 1- Extract to desired location. 2- Open with desired image software or convert to .cbr for CBR readers Change-log: n/a ​