The Dossier Series [04-2017] [Epoch Arts]

This is a series of comics by Epoch that focuses on individual "dossiers" of various heroines.​
Updated: May 2017
Censorship: None
Version: Collection of 1 through 14 with expansions
Developer / Publisher: Epoch Arts
Platform: PC / Windows / Mac / Linux
Language: English
Genre: Comics, Spy series, Monsters, Anal Sex, Varied Heroines, Vanilla Sex, etc. : Collection Contents Contains JPGs of these following Dossiers –
The Dossier 001: Ember’s Game
The Dossier 002: Wish You Were Here
The Dossier 003: House of the Paramours (With bonus folder)
The Dossier 004: The Medjai Mistake
The Dossier 005: One Who Smiles
The Dossier 006: Fire In The Ice
The Dossier 007: Legacy Of The Batatut
The Dossier 008: The Boggarts of Loughcrew Cairn
The Dossier 009: Into Ruin (With Expansion)
The Dossier 010: Under the Finery
The Dossier 011: Siren Song.
The Dossier 012: Grand Horizontal
The Dossier 013: The Order of Lilith (with DCV added)
The Dossier 014: The Deserted
The Dossier 014: The Deserted Expansion
DVC viewer here – WindowsMacOS (Unzip and read "How to Run DCV.txt" then run dcv.exe)Collection