Sexy Gun 1&2 [Brremaud-Reynes-Vernay]

Sexy Gun 1&2 [Brremaud-Reynes-Vernay] Sexy Gun 1&2 [Brremaud-Reynes-Vernay] Sexy Gun 1&2 [Brremaud-Reynes-Vernay]
Sexy Gun books 1 & 2 by Brremaud, Reynes-& VernaySoftcore sexy adventures set in the old west. Sadly, despite being made this century it has a pretty problematic depiction of minorities that I dont understand how is still a thing in Europe. I realize this is a cartoon and all of the characters have an exagerated look but holy shit hes a monkey.
Updated: 2005
Developer/Publisher: Solei / Recerda
Censorship: None
Language: English
Resolution: 1200×1800
Pages: 111
softcore, wild west Collection Contents:
Book 1: Mack the Knife
Book 2: The Squaw